The 3 Best Hayward Chlorinators Reviewed

best hayward chlorinator

A quick intro to the Best Hayward Chlorinators

Hayward is one of the top names in the world of chlorinators. This is the first company you will want to consider. There are a number of reasons for this. Hayward ultimately has a stellar reputation for giving customers reliability and simplicity. These features are often combined nicely with chlorinators that can handle your needs with your specific swimming pool. The best-reviewed chlorinators from Hayward will almost certainly give you what you are looking for.

To that end, we have assembled the 3 best Hayward chlorinators. These products were chosen based on a criterion of having more pros than cons, of having the best prices and features, and of having the best reviews of anything you are going to find. All of these chlorinators are going to produce meaningful results. It is just important on your end to compare those benefits to what you are looking for.

Obviously, in order to get the best results possible, you want to find a chlorinator ideal for your specific setup. Keep that in mind, as we dive into this list of the top 3 Hayward chlorinators.

1. Hayward T-CELL-3 TurbiCell Bundle (Salt Cell + Cleaning Stand)

Everything about this chlorinator is notable. This impressive bundle is a good example of what Hayward has to offer. If you have a swimming pool of approximately 15, 000 gallons, the TurbiCell is going to be a serious contender for your eventual purchase. There are also versions available for 25, 000-gallon swimming pools and 40, 000-gallon swimming pools.

However, keep in mind that Amazon currently only stocks the 40, 000-gallon version of this particular product. If you want this particular set for your 15 or 25, 000-gallon pool, you will need to look elsewhere. It is certainly one of the best-selling chlorinators available.

Let’s break down this first choice for the 3 best Hayward chlorinators:

Features: The bundle combines the in-ground pool chlorination cell with a cleaning stand replacement. It features a digital display of your saltwater levels, as well as eight LED status indicators.

Pros: One of the most appealing things about this product would be its ease-of-use. It works effortlessly to dissolve salt instantly. It also works well with a wide range of automation systems.

Cons: There really aren’t any with this chlorinator. Its reputation for producing results is virtually peerless. The worst thing you can say about this product is that you may have some difficulty in finding the 15K or 25K models.

Pricing: Expect to pay roughly $542 for the bundle. The main component can be purchased on its own for about $519.

To be sure, customer reviews of this product have been extremely positive:

“This is a fantastic salt cell at an excellent price.”

“This salt cell was a snap to install and use. It worked out perfectly.”

“The best thing about this chlorinator is that I got it up and running in no time.”

•“When it comes to chlorinators, I prefer to go with a brand name like Hayward. Their reputation speaks for itself.”

“One of the best things about this chlorinator for me is how long it lasts. I’ve been using mine for over four years now!”

Overall, this is a fantastic chlorinator. Not only are you getting something that is easy to install, but it should start working for you in just sixty seconds from switching it on. When it comes to customer reputations, this is unquestionably one of the best chlorinators on the market. We would strongly suggest considering this one above all others for any in-ground swimming pool. It is a winner on every front.

2. Hayward Goldline AQ-TROL-RJ AquaTrol Above-Ground Swimming Pool Salt Chlorination System

Looking for a chlorinator designed to work with above-ground pools? Not surprisingly, Hayward has customers covered on that front, as well. This chlorinator is specifically designed for above-ground pools of approximately eighteen thousand gallons, so that is definitely something you are going to want to keep in mind. If you do have such a pool, this is a truly ideal solution to that end.

The benefits of this chlorinator can show in no uncertain terms why it is one of our 3 best Hayward chlorinators. Let’s take a look at the benefits, as well as some of the more significant features that you are going to want to keep in mind.

Features: To reiterate, this is an above-ground chlorinator for swimming pools in the 18, 000-gallon range. In that arena, the features alone make this system one of the best. Beyond the simple setup of this chlorinator, you will also want to pay attention to the presence of a built-in clock. This clock is designed to keep track of the pool’s filtration pump. There is also a timer that can be attached to your filter pump. For those interested in return jet mounting, you will want to note that adapters are available.

Pros: In the first place, installing this chlorinator is extremely straightforward. The instructions are crystal-clear. Furthermore, you should be able to get everything set up in about thirty minutes. It should start to produce almost immediately. Seven diagnostic indicators are offered. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about measuring/mixing chlorine.

Cons: The only downside to this chlorinator is that it’s useless to those with in-ground pools.

Price: You can expect to pay between $700 and $800, depending on the seller.

Here are some of the best reviews we found for this Hayward chlorinator:

“Wow! This was so easy to install! And it worked almost instantly!”

“I can’t believe the efficiency of this thing. My pool is fantastic!”

“My family noticed our pool was a lot more fun to swim in. I’d have to credit this chlorinator.”

This is one of the best above-ground chlorinators you are going to find. The price tag can strike you as being a little steep, but we can promise you it will ultimately be worth it. This chlorinator has not only fantastic short-term value, but long-term use, as well. With this chlorinator, you can use your above-ground swimming pool with complete confidence.

3. Hayward Goldline AQR3 AquaRite Electronic Salt Chlorination System for In-Ground Pools, 15,000-Gallon Cell

Despite being available with a bundle that also includes a salt meter, we would argue you’re better off simply purchasing the system on its own. For one thing, you may not need a salt meter. In the second place, the bundle is currently unavailable from Amazon.

This is another excellent example of Hayward bringing a great in-ground chlorinator to market. Hayward promises a luxurious experience with this system. Judging by the reviews, as well as the benefits, it would seem as though they aren’t merely bragging.

As you read on, it won’t be hard to see why this made our list of the 3 best Hayward chlorinators.

Features: The features associated with this chlorinator were definitely built with an eye towards performance. This is one of the most powerful chlorinators on the market today. Note the inclusion of a super-chlorine function. You will also want to keep in mind that this chlorination system features enclosures and connections that have been thoroughly waterproofed.

Pros: Not only is this chlorinator extremely powerful, but it is also clearly built to stand the test of time. Positive reviews note this product continues to help facilitate a pristine swimming pool, even after it has been used over and over again. You will also likely appreciate just how easy it is to install this device. Furthermore, if you are sick to death of the presence of harsh, unpleasant chlorine odors, you will absolutely love what this chlorinator can do. You will never have to worry about the taste or smell of chlorine again.

Cons: You may need to purchase a power center in conjunction with this product. This can add to the final costs a little, but it is highly advised to take a long view of the situation. The long-term benefits far outweigh the initial costs.

Price: If you do not need a power center, expect this chlorinator to cost as much as $900.

Here are some of the top reviews for this particular chlorinator:

“I’ve used a couple of chlorinators. Performance-wise, they pale in comparison to this one!”

“This has been a fantastic investment. I had to buy a power center, but it was worth the extra cost.”

“Everyone in my family feels like we bought a new pool. This thing is incredible.”

Overall, this can strike you as a bit pricey, but we’d say it’s worth it. If performance is important, this is a prime choice.


With so many options on the market, it is easy to be overwhelmed. As one reviewer noted, it is probably best to stick with the proven brand names. In the universe of chlorinators, Hayward is perhaps the king. If you have an in-ground swimming pool, there are two notable options to consider. If you have an above-ground swimming pool, we would make the case that you have just found the best possible chlorinator for it. Of course, this is something that will depend on the size of the pool.

Finding what you need can be a snap with this list of the top 3 chlorinators from Hayward.

Hayward Aquarite Review: Pro’s & Con’s

hayward aquarite

Introduction to Hayward Aquarite Review

The Hayward chlorine Aqua rite generator is one of the simplest ways to turn your pool into a salt water pool. Wondering how this is possible? Well, the generator has sensors that monitor the ph. and chlorine levels of your pool and creates chlorine that is automatically generated from the everyday salts through a process referred to as electrolysis. This is a modern unit that has a lot of advantages compared to the old fashion chlorine generators

Healthier swimming pool

Summer means more time spent outdoors, basking in the sun and cooling off in the pool. Although having a pool guarantees you a fun time during summer, it also comes with a handful of maintenance processes. Leading on the list of obligations is the task of maintaining clean sanitary water in your pool. If you would want an eventful summer time with your pool, then you should be ready and prepared with the equipment necessary to keep your pool at its best. One way to keep your pool clean and safe for use is through investing in a Hayward Aqua rite chlorine generator, which is not only effective, but provides you with a pool sanitization process that does not leave you to deal with the harsh side effects that come as a result of using chemical chlorine as a sanitization method.

How they work

When the swimming pool is used over a long period of time, there are environmental factors and some microorganisms breeding in the water that causes the water to become foggy and unsafe for use. This is why people use chlorine solutions to keep their pools clean and safe. A chlorinator or a chlorine generator converts the readily available salt into chlorine through a process called electrolysis.This process uses common table salt(sodium chloride). The chlorine molecules fuse with the water molecules. After that, the purification process begins.

This modern chlorine generator provides a user with an alternative to monitor the amount of chlorine at refill. Therefore, it minimizes the chances of making mistakes when mixing chemical solutions that could breed hazardous results. Chlorine generators continue to become popular among pool owners since they have proved to be more convenient. A chlorine generator maintains the safety of water by releasing the right amount of chlorine that will not cause damage to clothes or the skin. Using a chlorine generator improves the appearance of pool water by making it less smoggy. Let’s have look how chlorine generators maintain pools.

When using chlorine generators, there is no need to worry about how safe it is to have the chemicals out in the environment. The chlorine that is produced in the electrolysis process is gentle on the parts of the body that may come into contact with pool water.

Chlorine generators are very user-friendly. The whole process of using this tool requires a simple initial exercise of adding sodium chloride to the water and then adjust the settings in order to monitor the amount of chlorine being let into the water.  It, therefore, becomes needless to make assumptions about the amount chlorine is right for a particular amount of water.

A user need not to keep checking if the chlorine is still being diffused in the water. The generator has an automatic ability to process and release the chlorine into the pool automatically. This reduces the rush to add chlorine manually to the pool. Thus, it saves time and is a very efficient system to implement in a pool.

After the installation process, the generator functions for a considerable period of time before requiring any form of maintenance. It is very cost efficient since it is a durable system and it does not require that a user uses expensive chemicals. The raw material, salt, is very cheap. The salt that may be left as a by-product is also used again by the generator to produce more chlorine. It is an environmentally friendly alternative since it reprocesses the salt which eliminates pollution.

Hayward Aqua Rite AQR3

This unit is the smallest of the three most popular Hayward chlorine generators. It chlorinates up to 15000 gallons of pool content. On daily chlorine delivery schedule, it processes a maximum capacity of 0.53 lbs. The T-cell-3 feature at its core improves its functionality. Another rewarding feature of the Hayward Aqua Rite AQR3 is the LED feature which keeps the mark on the amount of sodium chloride and chlorine present on the pool. It has an inbuilt section that allows a user to monitor the amount of chlorine that is being let into the water and is calibrated on a 0-100% scale.


  • Maintaining this system after installation requires little effort.
  • The system has been developed in a way that a user can operate it without hardships.
  • The raw materials needed for chlorine production by the Hayward Aqua Rite AQR3 are cheap and easy to come by, thus it is pocket-friendly.
  • It comes with all the parts that have been standardized to fit it into the existing pool system.


  • With this system, it requires a user to constantly manually add sodium chloride into the water which may become tedious at times.
  • This chlorine generator is expensive at the initial purchase.
  • It is not energy efficient since it is on a working mode throughout.
  • For first time users, instructions may be vaguely interpreted.

Hayward Aqua Rite AQRA9

This particular chlorine generator is used in pools that hold up to 25000 gallons. The additional inbuilt T-Cell-9 feature maximizes the amount of chlorine it produces that can act on such an amount of water efficiently. It is the second largest in the Hayward Aqua rite chlorine generator series. Among the efficiency improving features in it are sensors that monitor the acidity and alkalinity of pool water and releases chlorine accordingly.


  • It comes with a feature that monitors the ph. levels of the water.
  • After installation, its maintenance requirements are quite minimal.


  • It lacks an automatic switch off for when the chlorine reaches the optimum level.
  • It is quite costly.
  • Uses a lot of energy when it is running.

Hayward AQR15

This is the largest Hayward chlorine generator in the series yet. The amount of salt requires to produce chlorine by this generator is quite less when compared to that used with other generators in the same series. It uses less salt to chlorinate the largest amount of water possible, 40000 gallons. Hayward AQR15 can be used in public pools and privately/home owned pools. Chlorine levels in the water are recorded by the T-Cell-15.


  • The amount of sodium chloride required for use with this generator is significantly small.
  • It can be used in any type of pool.


  • The T-Cell-15 requires maintenance and possible replacement
  • This piece of equipment is costly at the initial purchase.
  • It is not energy efficient

Hayward chlorine generators are more convenient since they process sodium chloride which is cost efficient since owners don’t have to purchase chlorine in the form of tablets. Common salt is cheaper than chlorine tablets, In addition to this, the chlorine produced by these chlorine generators is less potent than the one that the user has to prepare manually.

Each series of Hayward chlorine generator comes with specific features. The features on every type of chlorine generator determine the intensity of work after is been connected in the system. Some may require that an owner seeks the help of a professional. Hayward chlorine generators are convenient due to the inbuilt mechanisms that allow them to reuse any residuals of sodium chloride. When using this device, it does not require the use of other chemicals. Perhaps, a pool owner should only be concerned about the condition of water due to spilling over. Hayward chlorine generators are the most recommendable pool sanitizers for those looking to have a fabulous summer by the pool.

The Best Hayward Chlorinator to Buy in 2019

best hayward chlorinator

Introduction to Hayward Chlorinators

When it comes to choosing the best chlorinator for your pool what are the important points that you usually consider? Whatever chlorinator works for one pool might not be as suitable for another pool. Pools are different in that some are in the ground and others are above ground and they may have been built of different materials. It is crucial as well to have all the facts about pool size aligned before deciding on what chlorinator to use in a pool. Considerations about the company that makes the considered chlorinators is important. The chosen chlorinator should be one that fits perfectly with the system that is already in place or the one that is about to be built. Sometimes a customer may be required to buy the parts of that make up the chlorinator separately. Therefore to avoid misunderstanding it, research is key before purchasing the device. One can engage the services of a person who knows more about chlorinators in order to have a proper understanding of which device suits their system best.

No matter the type of pool that a person owns, it is paramount to ensure that they remain clean and free of unwanted micro-organisms. It is smarter to use both a filter and a chlorinator on your pool. A chlorinator works by dispensing chlorine into the pool water. Chlorine is one of the most potent substances when it comes to managing bacteria and germs. In a pool, it is critical that chlorine levels remain at a level that keeps the skin safe. Since it requires that a person keeps watching over the amount of chlorine being released in the water, it is easier to have an efficient chlorinator that one can set to allow out the amount of chlorine that is allowed for a pool.

In that case, an automatic chlorinator is the best one to purchase. Chlorinators come with a variety of features and in various sizes. A chlorinating device works automatically although the substance has to be re-filed manually. Chlorine is dispensable in the form of solid. There are two types of chlorinators; on-line and off-line. The distinct difference between the two varieties is what kind of a system they are being installed into, whether it is a new system or an already existing one. When choosing a chlorinator, Hayward provides some of the best choices of chlorinators in the market. They offer both online and offline variety. Their chlorinators have been made using the latest technology and they come with instructions on how to use them which make them a reasonable option, not to mention how affordable they are.

1. The Hayward CL200 Inline Pool Chemical Feeder

This particular chlorine dispenser can handle a large pool that carries up to 40000 gallons of water without malfunctioning. It comes with an easy to use instruction manual, therefore, an owner needs not to engage a professional to install.This feeder is attached to the ground by screws and is used in above ground pools only.  The fact that this chlorinator is inline means that it has to be positioned after filtration.In order to ensure that the chlorination process follows the correct process, the chlorinator should be positioned in a way that backflow won’t become an issue. That is, at installation, it should be put at ground level.


  • It has the ability to use all sized soluble chlorine tablets
  • The installation process of this chlorinator is very simple.
  • The parts that make up the device are easily detachable
  • It does not require constant maintenance


  • Some technical difficulties such as the O-ring may occur eventually
  • Its application requires that the pump being used have a flowing rate of 50-80 GPM
  • The cover tends to stick as a result of pressure due to the water force
  • It may be susceptible to leaking after using it a few times thus compromising its durability.

2. Hayward CL220 Offline Chlorinator

When securing this chlorinator, it requires the use of screws. Unlike the CL200, it does not require plumbing.Screwing it to the concrete ensures that it is firmly secured.It works by dispensing chlorine tablets into the pool. This particular chlorinator has settings that allow the user to determining the speed at which the tablets are dispensed. Its capacity goes up to 18 chlorine tablets per fill. The convenience of this device is also improved by the fact that its surface is made of a material that can withstand corrosion. Its design ensures that the tablets that are within the chlorinator are easily accessible. It has the capacity to provide chlorination for up to two weeks for a considerably large amount of water.


  • It is very affordable
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It comes with an easy to use dial set that allows the user to control the release rate.
  • The installation process is quite easy


This Chlorine feeder can only be used in addition to a pump with a flow rate of 50-90GPM

Over time its parts wear off and may require frequent replacement.

3. Hayward CL110 ABG Off-Line Chlorinator

The method of operation with series involves using the automatized settings to dispense the amount of chlorine that is required for an above ground pool. Assembling of the parts of this chlorinator is very easy and comes with a one year can handle large amounts of water of up to 20000 gallons. It comes with the full set of hardware that will be required for its installation. It has the capacity to hold up to 4.2lbs of chemical content. The Hayward CL110 ABG Offline chlorinator can be used in a newly built pool or an already used pool.


  • The cost of maintenance for Hayward CL220 Offline Chlorinator is low
  • It requires a simple easy installation process


  • It can only be applied in the presence of a pump with a flow rate of 30-50GPM
  • With this Chlorinator, gas spaces can be formed once air gains access into the dispensing path.
  • The part where the water passes may become clogged by rubbish

Choosing a swimming pool/spa chlorinator

A few things should be taken into consideration when choosing which of the Hayward chlorinators to purchase.One of those things; the amount of water is in the pool.The highest amount that the standard Hayward chlorinator can handle is 40,000 gallons. In addition to this, the condition of a pol whether it is in the ground or above ground should also be considered.

There are a few basic steps to take when maintaining the Hayward chlorinator. Since the chlorine tends to leave a layer behind, it may result in inefficiency due to clogging. The most suitable way to get rid of this is to run fresh water through it. Some parts of the chlorinator such as the rubber O-ring tends to have a tight grip which requires a special wrench to open it. The ring wears off over time and may need to be replaced. Another important point to note about Hayward chlorinators is the method of storage. C It’s important to be attentive since if not washed properly before storage, the chlorine residues produce a gas that may be harmful to the environment. Although it requires that some parts of the chlorinator are constantly replaced, the product can prove very reliable over time.

 There are also some basic precautionary measures to take when operating chlorinator. It is fundamental that an installer ensures that the heater goes first before the chlorinator. When the O-ring gets stuck, the wrench should be used to open it, using lubricants especially petroleum ones can cause a chemical reaction with the chlorine residuals thus becoming hazardous. However, so as to reduce the amount of friction at the cover, a lubricant that is not a petroleum product should be used.

The Best Hayward Salt Cell To Buy in 2019

hayward salt cell

Introduction to the Hayward Salt Cell

Salt water chlorinators are also referred to as salt cell units. Since most pool owners make an abrupt decision to change their pool into a salt water pool without any previous knowledge of the models of salt cells, they usually find themselves at a crossroads not being able to decide which is the best salt cell unit to invest their money in. for this reason, we have come up with a comprehensive buying guide and reviews of the best salt cell units available in the market that will give you some insights on the best available products, the key specifications that you should pay close attention to, and the types of salt cell systems and what differentiates them.

Types of salt cell units

1.      Standard and self-cleaning units

These come in two different types. The only aspect that differentiates them is just like their label states, a standard type, and a self-cleaning type. The standard unit requires regular removal of the cell for a cleaning process which is done using some acid mixed with pure water to dissolve calcium that builds up over time. The self-cleaning models, just as their labeled states, reverse their polarity from time to time to deter the calcium buildup.

2.      Power backup timer salt cell units

This is another type that comes with an in-built power back up timer. All their settings are conveniently stored in these timers to be used in case of a power blackout. This feature acts as a sensor to alert the unit when the water is not flowing normally so that it can automatically power off when there is a fault in the operation.

3.      Built-in PH salt cell units

In recent days, salt water chlorinator manufacturers are coming up with units which come with a built-in PH control. These units have a smart technology that measures the PH level in your pool and automatically adds acid to bring it to the right amount.

Advantages of salt cell units

-installation of these units saves you on pool maintenance money because you spend less time trying to get rid of bacteria and algae.

– the units also generate chlorine using their smart technology so that you are assured of the right amount of chlorine in your pool all the time

– the amount of salt released in your pool is about the same level as of human tears. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the salt irritating your eyes when swimming

– the levels of chlorine releases are very low and will not cause any side effects on your skin or hair.

Below, we are going to look at some of the highest rated salt cell units from Hayward, one of the top leading brands famed for the manufacture of the bestselling salt cell units in the market.

1.      Hayward Goldline T-Cell-15 Turbocell salt Chlorination Cell

This unit is perfectly built for in-ground pools with a capacity to chlorinate up to 40,000 gallons of water at a go. The T-cell series comes in different size ranges that let you choose the appropriate size for your pool. For the most efficient chlorination process in the most cost-effective way, this unit wins hands down. It comes with a 15 feet cable that ensures that the chlorine is evenly distributed to all corners of your pool. The cells are based on a high profile turbo cell technology that makes the Goldline T-Cell-15 one of the bestselling models from the Hayward brand. The cells have a self-renewing feature that automatically produces fresh, new chlorine for clear, soft and safe pool water.


  • Perfect for larger pools with a water capacity of up to 40,000 gallons
  • Comes with a long convenient cable
  • Enhanced with the best-advanced turbo cell technology
  • Cost and energy efficient
  • Available in different sizes for different pool capacities


  • This unit might require regular cleaning to get rid of the calcium buildups.

2.      Hayward T-Cell-3 Turbocell salt Chlorination Cell

The next turbo cell model from Hayward brand is the T-Cell-3 chlorination cell which has been tested and proven by the National Sanitation Foundation. Just like its bigger brother, this unit is famed for genuinely delivering chlorine to pools and spas in the last decade. It is among the highest ranked chlorination cells producing soft, silky water that does not cause any type of irritation to the eyes or the skin. This is atop performance unit that should not be of any worry when it comes to the overall use. Thanks to its overall design and configuration, you will always find its use pleasant and easy. With an easy to view display that allows the user to conveniently check the salt levels, cleanliness of the cell, sanitization output and the water flow, the user can be able to make proper adjustments based on what they see.


  • reliable performance that can only be delivered by a turbo cell
  • independently tested and proven to deliver excellent services for a longer life
  • huge savings of up to 50% or more over conventional chlorine
  • capacity to chlorinate pools with a water capacity of up to 25,000 gallons
  • provides consistent sanitation.


  • Requires a power center that is sold as a separate entity

3.      Hayward Goldline T-Cell-9 Salt Chlorination Cell

This is another model readily available in the market today. It goes to show the level of commitment that Hayward has put in marketing their products and ensuring that they deliver nothing less of their standard quality. This chlorinator cell comes with all the features in an electronic pool chlorinator system. It has the best automation and user-friendly settings which include a fully programmable control meaning that you can make the unit works as good as you would like it to. The model is strategically enhanced with sensors that accurately detect the ORP and ph levels in your pool water before dispensing a self-renewing of pure, fresh chlorine to get just the right levels. With this unit, you will completely forget about the regular sanitization of your pool, plus you get to enjoy clear, soft water that does not cause irritation to your eyes or any allergic reactions to your skin. The unit also converts the dissolved salts in your pool into chlorine which significantly minimizes your maintenance time. This also goes a long way in reducing the chores of mixing liquid chlorine or factory tablets.


  • Gets rid of the harsh smell and taste on chlorine
  • Famed for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Offers an impressive sanitization consistency
  • Effectively maintains the correct ph levels
  • The unit is fully programmable


  • The unit is quite expensive
  • Needs regular cleaning to eliminate the calcium buildups

How to choose the best salt cell unit

Choosing the right unit will not only guarantee you a lifetime of reliability and effectiveness, but also safety and hygiene throughout the year. Therefore, below are some of the tips that you should look at before investing your money in a certain model.

1.      Reliability

Ensure that the salt cell unit you are going for has a reliability guarantee meaning that it should be designed to be hassle-free, and last for a significant period of time especially if it is to be used in salty water. The unit should be powerful enough to withstand harsh weather conditions too.

2.      The reputation of the brand or manufacturer

It is also advisable for you to go for a model from a reputable manufacturer. This will assure you that the product is of high quality and a worthy investment from a brand with great customer service.

3.      Low maintenance and modern technology features

The unit you are getting should have a good aesthetic appeal featuring a cutting-edge design which is approved by the appropriate authorities. Also, consider getting a unit that is self-cleaning to minimize the frequency of maintenance services required.