Pentair MasterTemp 400 Review: Is this pool heater really that good?

Pentair MasterTemp 400

A quick intro to the Pentair MasterTemp 400

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a bestselling pool heater. It is one of the best-rated pool heaters available in the market right now. Pentair is a market leader among all brands of pool heaters. The MasterTemp 400 is powerful and efficient. It has a few fierce competitors from other manufacturers but has managed to hold its ground over time.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a heavy duty natural gas pool heater. It is capable of heating a standard swimming pool in a very short span of time. There is no unanimity or even consensus and there cannot be one when it comes to isolating one model of any brand as the best pool heater. But if you were to compile a list of the best swimming pool heaters available today, then this one will easily find its rightful place in the top three. Pentair makes other related products as well such as pool pumps, cleaners, filters, lights, and automation systems. There is a whole range of quintessential products or systems and accessories. This makes it ideal for shoppers who want to rely on one brand for their varied needs.

Features of Pentair MasterTemp 400

Pentair MasterTemp 400 has three models or variants. The 460736 is the standard model with a copper heat exchanger. The 460805 is a heavy duty model with a copper & nickel exchanger. This enables the heater to withstand extreme applications, such as exposure to water with very low pH and heavy flow or use. Pentair 460775 is a MasterTemp as accredited with and certified by ASME. This model is much more durable and resistance. It has metal headers.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 comes with an easy layout for the control panel. This makes it convenient for users. The heater is energy efficiency, reliable and can last for a really long time without much need of maintenance. The control panel has a digital display that can be rotated. The user-friendly layout makes operation including monitoring an effortless experience. The heater is quiet. The display has five lights to provide system status. Water temperature is neatly displayed. There is a sign indicating the heater needs to be serviced. The heater can work with other control systems made by different companies.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is made of cupronickel or copper & nickel alloy. This makes the product durable, more than what standard copper offers. Nickel makes the alloy more resistant to corrosion and stronger. Copper ensures the alloy does not lose its ductility. This type of allow is used in many marine applications. They can withstand exposure to seawater or saltwater. Freshwater, chlorinated water and saltwater cause different types of corrosion in metals and alloys as well as in modified resins or plastics. The heavy duty model is even better in this regard but it is pricier.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a relatively lightweight heater. Those who have a saltwater system should choose the heavy duty variant, otherwise the standard model is fine. The pool heater has several buttons with different functionalities. The pool on button provides temperature control. The spa on button does the same but for a spa. There is a switch off button for the heater. Temperature up and temperature down buttons do the obvious.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 can prep the pool water and make it warm enough very quickly. The energy efficiency is widely considered to be the best in class. There is a manual shut off feature to make servicing easier. The MasterTemp exceeds the industry standards for eco friendliness and emissions. The digital display can be rotated so viewing is easier. The exterior handles are rustproof and they can endure extreme weather, including heat. The weight may vary from a hundred and twenty to a hundred and thirty pounds depending on the specific model you choose. The heater comes with a premixed system containing gas and air that readies it quickly and the pool heats up fast.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 has digital controls, push button and hot surface ignition. There are a few safety features. The water pressure switch can sense that the pump is functioning so overheating is prevented. The switches for high limit can safely shut the heater off whenever temperatures exceed or are about to breach the preset factory settings. The manual shut off valve is handy. The stack flue sensor provides further protection against overheating. The heater can be installed on surfaces that are known to be combustible. At thirty six inches by twenty five inches and thirty inches, the heater is certainly a sleeker design in its class.


The first thing that ought to be mentioned in our Pentair MasterTemp 400 review is its price. The model is certainly not among the most inexpensive heating systems you can get for a pool, whether saltwater or otherwise. The heavy-duty variant is costlier and the most premium variant for this model costs even more. Many customers might feel the need to go for the heavy duty model straightaway. The materials are more durable. No one invests or wants to consider a new pool heater every now and then. It is a long term investment that is expected to pay off over many years. Pentair is known for such durable models and all three variants of the MasterTemp are worthwhile but the heavy duty is better than the standard.

The type of pool one has, its size and the water system will determine or at least influence the choice of heater. The heater should be installed properly to function optimally. Those who are not familiar with installation of pool heaters should not attempt to do it themselves. Getting a professional installer is the safest option. MasterTemp performs best when the water chemistry is proper. The lifespan of the heater and pump as well as the filter can be prolonged if the pool water is maintained properly. Pentair 460736 MasterTemp 400 is efficient, fast and durable. The heavy duty variant is more effective and requires fewer servicing sessions down the line.

Pentair has a pool volume calculator. Pool owners should use this to find out which model is appropriate for their prized installation. This can do away with the need for guesswork. Do not just go by the size of the pool. Calculate the volume of water. The package comes with all important documents, including manual and installation guide, a brochure, an installation checklist, the bypass access plug kit an dimensions diagram. Customers should be aware of water chemistry to extract the best performance over the longest period of time from any of the three MasterTemp 400 models.

Pros and Cons of Pentair MasterTemp 400

The pool heater is efficient and effective. It is not among the largest or the heaviest pool heaters. The three variants provide enough options. The installation is not complicated but a technician may be better at it. All relevant information is made available. There is no need for speculation. The product is durable and it does the job in a considerably eco friendly way. The materials are of premium quality. Pool owners who understand the water and are familiar with such equipments will not have a hard time dealing with the product or maintaining it to last a decade and longer. If there is a con, then it might be the price for some. Pentair MasterTemp 400 is somewhat expensive but that is unavoidable when you want to buy a premium product.

Pricing of Pentair MasterTemp 400

The standard model, Pentair MasterTemp 460736, is priced at just over twenty three hundred dollars. Free shipping is available. The 400-BTU is the highest model from Pentair. The entry level model is 175-BTU that is priced at nineteen hundred dollars.

Customer Reviews of Pentair MasterTemp 400

Most customers are happy with the Pentair MasterTemp 400. With the few exceptions where customers have had issues with sellers in particular and packaging, customers have been generally content with the whole process of buying, installing and using the product. Some customers are unhappy with the performance but most such cases have been due to water chemistry and misplaced expectations. Pentair has clearly stated in its manual and elsewhere that the water system or how acidic the water is will influence the functioning of the heater. The heat exchanger will get damaged in acidic water. Customers who ignore this are not too satisfied.

A typical Pentair MasterTemp 400 review from customers is that it can work really fast but some have highlighted the need for a separate power source for the control panel. The heater can raise the temperature of a fifteen thousand gallon pool by as much as three degrees in sixty minutes. This is considerably commendable performance. Smaller pools can be heated up much faster. The external or ambient temperature also plays a role here.


Buy the Pentair MasterTemp 400 if you want a quality pool heater. Go for the heavy duty variant if you want impeccable performance, better durability and less dependence on servicing or maintenance.

Rheem Pool Heater Review 2019 Pro’s & Con’s

rheem pool heater

A quick intro to the Rheem Pool Heater

A Rheem pool heater is among the many items that you can count as a requirement when it comes to what you absolutely need for the maintenance, enjoyment and benefit of your pool.  Folks these days don’t have their swimming pools put in simply for luxuriating periodically.  A lot of people are using their pools as a form of healthy exercise regimens or for therapeutic benefits as well as for the pleasure aspect.  No one wants to have that limited to certain times of the year when the water is of a temperature to make it a comfortable experience.  There are times even when the weather is hot that the water temperature takes its time to warm up. 


Rheem and Raypak are together owned by the same parent company who advises that the units are one and the same.  There is one bigger distributor of supplies for swimming pools that deems Raypak as using the Rheem brand.  Rheem/Raypak offers natural gas and propane pool heaters that are user friendly for their consumers displaying controls that are simplistic in nature, a system that is resistant to wind along with other forms of inclement weather or fallen debris as well as a cabinet that is built for sustainability and fuel efficiency that is difficult to beat. 

You can set the thermostat, which is microprocessor-controlled, specifically to how you like it with a ‘set-it and forget-it’ mindset.  Once the temperature that you are going for has been set, a digital display will alert you that it is ready.  It also lets you know when the heating process has actually initiated.  Ignition from a spark-pilot system among the most reliable in the industry is achieved using Rayback’s digital heaters.  Maximum transfer of heat is made possible by the copper-fin tubing and rust resistant and non corrosive benefits are provided for the internal mechanics as well as the cabinet itself. 

If you find that you are having any difficulties with the unit, there are controls that allow for self-diagnosing to troubleshoot where the faults are.  You can receive reports indicating how long the heater has been running and exactly how often it has fired all while observing as well as measuring the signal for the pilot’s flame.  If the voltage drops too low for the unit to function properly, you will be alerted.  All of the units go through thorough testing prior to their being boxed so that you are sure to obtain a top-of-the-line heater free of any faults.


The Rheem/Raypak units are designed and sold to be used strictly for residential uses.  They weigh approximately 243 pounds and are 120/240 volts. 

  • Coating made of polytuf texturing.
  • Headers of polymer.
  • Tubing that is all copper-fin
  • – Tube sheet that is stainless steel.
  • Water connections that are 2” CPVC.
  • Burner tray.
  • Fire tiles.


There are always pluses and minuses to any product available on the market.  This product, however, has multiple benefits.  Without a good pool heater, using the swimming pool becomes a limited option throughout the year.  ThisRheem/Raypak pool heater is something that is no longer an option but a necessity.


  • The Rheem/Raypak system runs super quiet.  You don’t even know it’s operating.
  • The system is very simplistic, user-friendly.
  • The water is heated in record time so the pool is ready to use quickly.
  • You can maintain the temperature that you want with your pool regardless of what the weather is.
  • You are able to use your pool throughout the entire year if you choose to.
  • These units are mostly small and compact so they won’t take up a lot of space and will fit just about anywhere.


You may have difficulty getting things done inside the house because you’ll always be in the pool.


According to Amazon’s site, the general, average cost for the Rheem/Raypak unit is approximately $2200 inclusive of free shipping.  With existing gas lines, installation costs should be minimal and monthly fuel charges should only increase slightly depending on your personal pool inclinations.


The reviews for this unit equaled out to 4.2 * out of 5 *.  Everyone had a positive reaction to their experience with the Rheem/Raypak heater.  They found it to be an awesome addition to their pool maintenance. The users thought that it was a very quiet system that heated the pool water in record time.  The hookup for them was easy with minimal cost and no complex hassles to deal with.  There were some folks who praised the customer service and the delivery of the unit expressing how happy they were with the way that they were treated in every aspect from ordering all the way through to the receipt of the product.  Some of the consumers merely indicated it was a fantastic heater and they would highly recommend it to anyone interested in purchasing one for their pool.

The Rheem/Raypak heater is a simple solution to ridding yourself of the problem of having a pool with freezing cold pool water.  The pool is not going to be available for you to have recreation, perform therapy sessions or as an effective workout tool unless the water is warm enough for you to do so comfortably.  It’s much more cost effective to buy a Rheem/Repak system that will allow you to heat the water in your own pool rather than having to travel to locations where you can utilize a pool at another facility, and you will have unlimited use.

The costs involved will simply include the one-time purchase of the heater itself followed by the charge for installation along with the monthly rates, which will vary depending on which heating source you opt for whether it be natural gas or propane, as well as the amount of time you use the pool and the temperature that you prefer to have the pool set for.  There are also costs for maintenance/servicing that would be done on a semi or annual basis.  By using a pool cover that is insulated in conjunction with the heater you can allow for better fuel efficiency and cost savings.

It is recommended by medical professionals as well as the Red Cross swim experts that the temperatures in swimming pools be stable at 78 F for leisure or sports swims and 90 F or above for particular therapy patients.  Swimming has quickly risen among the top cardiovascular regimented exercises by doctors and therapists because nearly everyone can do it without any adverse effects including elderly who are prevented from running or jogging due to arthritic or muscular conditions.

Rheem/Raypak pool heaters are among the most popular options when buying for your swimming pool and generally use natural gas or propane to heat the water and then return it back into your swimming pool.  It is inexpensive to purchase and install this heater option and there are no restrictions or limitations as far as operations are concerned.

With the competing heat pumps, the temperature outside must remain consistently above 50 degrees for the pump to operate at an efficient level.  Anything below that and the system loses the ability to run effectively.  This is never an issue or a worry with the Rheem/Raypak system.  It operates fully, efficiently and effectively regardless of what the temperature or how the weather is outside.


If you have your choice among the various options on the market available for pool heaters, Rheem/Raypak seems to be the top choice with its ease of use, quiet operation, quick heat-up time, safety features, cost effectiveness, and the positive reactions among the many consumers who have had the opportunity to try the heater out with satisfactory results.  Maintaining the pool at a constant temperature is important, particularly for folks who rely on their pool for health purposes which is becoming a more and more popular trend in the medical field. Using a pool for physical therapy is especially beneficial, but not if the water is cold.

It has reached a point now where having a pool is no longer an option for the regular person.  It is necessary to have one or at least have access to one as a health tool.  Most people are opting to install one as opposed to having to transport to one on a routine basis.  Because of this need, there is also the necessity that the pool be available for use throughout the entire year since most folks will be required to use it regularly.  The only way to do that is to have it heated and the heater needs to be of the quality that it will maintain an even, stable heat consistently.  It seems Rheem/Raypak has proven that it is able to do that with no problem.  Having this system installed and using an insulated pool cover with it will ensure that your pool is ready for use whenever you are. It won’t matter if that’s in the middle of the summer or on a cool winter day.

The Best Jandy Pool Heater To Buy in 2019

best jandy pool heater

Jandy Pool Heater Review

The Jandy pool heater review explains how the Jandy pool heater gives you the perfect water temperature for your pool keeping it consistent and stable throughout your summer experience, or even all year long if that is your choice.  If you have a heated pool, you can use your pool no matter how cool it may be outside.  Pool water is at its best when it is neither too hot nor too cold and would be considered just right being set between 70 to 85 degrees for the optimal experience. This will allow for recreational sports purposes, doctor-ordered exercise and therapeutic routine, or leisure with comfort.

A Zodiac Jandy pool heater is specifically designed to provide extraordinary quality and durability along with energy efficiency in order that you are able to enjoy your pool for more than just an occasional experience as it was meant to be.  The variety of pool systems that Jandy offers promote faster heating times yet allow much more efficient heating capacity compared to the competition. 

Jandy’s specialty is gas pool heaters powered by natural and propane gas and they maintain that their systems are environmentally friendly despite the use of fossil fuels through the use of low NOx.  Gas-type pool heaters are the most in demand for consumers on the market and are the most cost effective as well.  Not only is installation fast and easy but, with a gas pool heater, the water heats quickly allowing for you to have use of your pool in record time.

Picking a pool heater is difficult, particularly when you’re not sure what to look for.  Unfortunately, folks end up with systems that don’t deliver what they were hoping for.  With Jandy, they offer a multitude of options for their customers each with different features so that picking one to meet your needs is made easy.  In this Jandy pool heater review, we look at all of the systems.

Jandy JXi series

This is considered the smallest and lightest weight system of natural gas/propane in 200k to 399k BTU models.  It offers superior installation simplicity.  The unit has 83% thermal efficiency and is low NOx compliant.  Additional savings of up to 20% can be attained with the Veraflow Integration which ultimately will reduce plumbing costs.  Warning:  Even though this unit may appear to be easy to install, customers indicate that the warranty will not be recognized by Jandy if the unit is not installed by a professional.


  • Ventilation for this system is exceptional
  • User-friendly, maintain with no problem
  • Energy efficient upwards of 80% keeping emissions and costs down
  • Weight of only 126 pounds
  • Among the smallest and most compact units on the market.
  • Copper-heat exchanges


 The price for the JXi series ranges from $2000 to upwards of $2800.

Jandy LXi series

This series is recommended for folks with tighter NOx emission standards.  There are 16 different natural gas/propane models ranging 250K to 400K BTU offering fantastic reliability and a temperature that is kept stable using ‘maintain temp’ function. Excellent heating capacity is offered and use is made easier with the Aqualink Control System and a quality interface.


  • User-friendly; Control panel is LCD with a menu that is very straightforward.
  • NOx is greatly decreased, combustion is fan-assisted.
  • The pool is heated longer via automation feature.
  • – It is highly efficient despite the fast heat capacity.
  • The build is durable and reliable.
  • Compact and Light-weight design.


– The price for the LXi series is in the $4072 range.

Jandy Hi-E2 Series

This is among the oldest of the Jandy pool heater as well as the most efficient with a rating at 95% with 33% less footprint and BTU at 399k for the natural gas/propane unit. This is made of the highest quality, most durable and reliable materials beginning with the cabinet all the way to ignition making it virtually maintenance free.


  • The compact design allows for easy installation along with transport.
  • Durability allowing use for up to 20 years on a consistent basis.
  • Operation costs less by up to 30% or more.
  • One of the smallest of those systems available on the market.


The cost for the Hi-E2 series range up to $7150

Jandy Legacy Series

This Jandy pool heater legacy series is economical and also very easy to install. Another gas power heater with 250k, 325k or 400k BTU inputs and 19 models available on the market with natural/propane gas as well as electronic ignition or a millivolt standing pilot.  Some of the units come available with cupro-nickel heat exchangers as opposed to the standard copper. 


  • User-friendly digital control system.
  • Temp setting made easier with mechanical thermo function.
  • Superior efficiency is provided through the exceptional copper heat exchange.
  • Heat transfer is improved with Flow-thru tech for efficient heating.
  • Ceramic fiber combustion chamber heats up faster.
  • Aqualink self-diagnosing system allows the system to perform reliably.


The cost for the Legacy series ranges from approximately $1500 to upwards of $4000.


Having a pool heater allows you to take advantage of having a pool in a greater capacity than you would be able to without it.  Having a Jandy pool heater allows you to do so in the most efficient manner with a quality, reliable unit that will last you for a longer period of time than your typical pool heater. The Jandy pool heater review looks at all of the pros and cons of the pool heater.


  • Very effective for heating pool water at a much faster rate than a standard pool heat pump.
  • Temperature levels that are obtained are great and consistent.
  • The temp is steady and can be maintained for a longer period of time.
  • The units are durable and reliable.
  • Systems are extremely user-friendly.
  • Regardless of the cool temperatures outside, can still utilize the pool.
  • There are multiple units to choose from allowing you to be sure to get a system that will meet all of your needs.
  • The majority of the units are small, compact and lightweight making placement easy and keeping them from out of sight.
  • Maintenance is simplistic and servicing is only required semi or annually.
  • The units last for many years making them cost-effective.


The units are very easy to install making the customers want to put them in themselves.  It is highly recommended that you not do this allowing professional to install the unit instead.  Installing yourself will void your warranty.


The consensus for the Jandy pool heater review from the customers is that it is an outstanding unit.  There were mostly positive reviews with folks reporting that the units are a little bit on the pricey side but, after purchasing, they end up being less costly than the heaters they had previously due to the efficiency that they provide and the number of years that they end up lasting.  One customer reported having theirs for over fourteen years and still going.  The consumers are impressed with the speed at which the Jandy is able to heat their pools. 

A lot of people claimed to be very happy with the systems’ reliability, quality, and how they perform.  They indicated that they would highly recommend them to everyone looking for pool heaters. Consumers feel dealing with Jandy is overall a great experience and the product is every bit what they represent it to be.  Customer service is readily available, knowledgeable and willing to help with questions, inquiries and any complaints that the consumers seemed to have called in with them.


The Jandy pool heater is available to its customers in such a variety of models there is definitely going to be one that will suit the needs that you have.  Jandy is especially known for their gas heaters and lesser known for their heat pump.  The heat pump is less popular because the heat pump is dependent on the temperature outside in order to heat the pool.  The temperature outside needs to maintain at a solid 50 degrees or higher in order to warm the pool efficiently.  If it drops below 50 degrees outside, the heat pump is not effective. 

With their gas pool heaters, Jandy is able to heat their customers’ pools in record time and maintain the temperatures consistently for longer periods of time allowing for consumers to be able to use their pools throughout the regular season as well as into the cooler weather if they would like to.  There’s nothing like warm pool water on a cool outside day.  The heating capacity is not only greater but the efficiency is amazing with the Jandy pool heater, and they have made the systems so they are environmentally friendly keeping the NOx levels low.

The Jandy Hi-E2 is the oldest of the product lines and is still going strong.  It has the capability of standing strong for 20 years and beyond.  Jandy seems to be really strong for durability, reliability, dependability with all of their units.  It appears that there would be no inclination to have to worry about a lot of maintenance or issues with faults or down time for problems. Yearly or semi annual maintenance service would be basically all that you would need.

The Jandy pool heater seems to be the ideal system for keeping your pool ready any time you want to use it.

The 3 best Pentair pool heaters To buy in 2019

best pentair pool heater

How do we rate the best Pentair pool heater

Cooler temperatures should not be the reason you don’t get to enjoy a relaxing time in the pool. To help you and your friends or family free to jump into the pool at any time, Pentair has an impressive line-up of pool heaters. As a company, Pentair produces some of the best water system solutions and distributes them around the world. With so many options, however, it can be difficult to pick just one, so here is a guide to help you identify the best fit for your home.

Pool heaters can use different power sources to operate, but Pentair focused on natural gas and propane. Both of these power sources can be costly, but the company strived to improve efficiency and make the heaters affordable to everyone. Besides, relying on alternative power sources like solar means you might be confined indoors in the winter months and not enjoy your pool all year round.

1.Pentair 460736 MasterTemp natural gas heater

This is the top rated natural gas pool heater on Amazon right now, and for good reasons. The Pentair MasterTemp heater produces 400,000 BTU (British thermal units) capable of heating even the largest pools. This kind of power is enough to raise pool water temperatures in a short time and delivering the heat you need on demand. For example, a typical 20,000-gallon pool measuring about 16 feet by 34 feet with about 167,000 pounds of water can be raised in temperature by 2 degrees in an hour.

All that power might give you pause, until you realize that this pool heater is incredibly energy-efficient. This is because the MasterTemp heater by Pentair a standard copper heat exchanger that has 84% efficiency. That means that the Pentair MasterTemp heater will be more durable and last longer without compromising on energy costs regardless of the intensity of use, pH values or high water flow.

Neither does it make any noise that might interrupt your time by the pool. In fact, you will hardly notice its presence because of its size and design. Standing at 29.9 x 36.1 x 22.8 inches in dimensions, it is small enough to go unnoticed in your backyard or garden. Even when you turn it off and put it back to its storage space, it’s small enough to fit without having to rearrange things.

And it comes in neutral colours that don’t stand out and draw attention, instead quietly doing its thing in the corner. Durability is not only internal, though, because even the exterior is made to last as long as the heat exchanger. The exterior is resistant to rust and tough to endure harsh conditions and even the minor dings it’s bound to receive. To operate the Pentair MasterTemp heater, a digital display is easily accessible thanks to its ability to rotate. Even outdoors in the sun, the display is easy to read from any angle.

For your safety, it is certified to produce low nitrogen oxide emissions to meet air quality standards and has a bunch of safety features. These include sensors that protect from overheating by sensing when the pump is running as well as other switches that automatically switch the pump off either when water temperatures rise too high or water pressure exceeds the predetermined limit.

This heater is currently priced at about $4,330 on Amazon, and it’s well worth it. Customers who have bought the product have all been impressed by the heating properties of the heater, often remarking about its ability to heat up pool water very fast. Many customers were also happy with the durability, meaning that this is certainly the pool heater you want to use in your home for years to come.

2. Pentair 460737 MasterTemp propane gas heater

For those who prefer propane gas over natural gas, the Pentair 460737 MasterTemp pool heater is the best option. It features most of the features of the MasterTemp 460736 so you know you’re getting a great pool heater. Nothing sucks more than those first few moments after jumping into cold water that leaves you breathless, so Pentair helps you fix that. Most of the verified customers who bought this pool heater on Amazon have been happy with their purchase, and you can join them too.

This pool heater has as much power as its natural gas companion at 400,000 BTU that can heat up a large pool within a few hours. That means you hop into your pool or spa whenever you need to and enjoy a warm dip even in the coldest weather and location. That it uses propane means that your home does not have to be connected to the gas lines. All you would need is a propane gas tank and connect it to the Pentair MasterTemp heater.

Also just like its natural gas counterpart, the Pentair 460737 pool heater is also small enough to go unnoticed in your backyard or garden. Measuring just 36 x 25 x 30 inches, this pool heater can blend into any space without getting in the way. When it’s not in use, storage isn’t a problem either and the unit can fit alongside other equipment without taking up too much space.

The MasterTemp propane gas heater is also a champ in quietness and you probably won’t even notice it’s running. Even while whirring away at a quiet pitch, you still get every bang for your buck because it is incredibly efficient. It makes use of a copper heat exchanger that is very energy efficient without wasting any of the heat produced. It is also certified to produce low nitrous oxide emissions so you can be confident of the air quality.

All this wouldn’t mean a thing if the heater could only last you a few months, so Pentair have made it out of long-lasting, durable materials both internally and externally. It’s strong enough on the inside to handle high heat demands on extended periods while being strong on the outside to withstand anything you can throw at it.

This heater costs about $2,400 on Amazon and it is one of the bestselling pool heaters on the website. Other customers have been impressed by the speed and efficiency at which it heats up the water. Besides, it’s high power output of 400k BTU means that it can be used on any pool size while still getting a quick rise in temperature.

3. Pentair 460792 MasterTemp stainless steel heater

Not everyone needs a lot of power for their pool, especially if it’s a smaller size. The Pentair 460792 pool heater is meant for the individual who requires less power but the same efficiency of an industrial-grade pool heater. Pentair came through with this heater by combining all the features a person may need to keep their pool heated without compromising on safety or environmental considerations.

The Pentair 460792 produces 175k BTU from your natural gas supply, but it does so in an energy-efficient system that won’t raise your gas bills too much. To operate at full power, it makes use of 164 gallons of natural gas per hour. This is a remarkable feat because it’s the same (if not less) amount of natural gas you would need for a household water heater. To generate heat, the natural gas is ignited and the heat directed at the cold water over a copper heat exchanger. Copper, being an excellent conductor of heat ensures efficient transmission of heat to the water without any wastage.

While all this is going, the heater still remains quiet enough to allow you to host a poolside party or whichever event without bothering anyone. You’re also free to adjust the temperature you desire accordingly as it comes with its own thermostat so that things are always as you want them to be. It is also certified for producing low nitrous oxide emissions and even exceeds industry standards in terms of air quality.

There are many reasons why this particular model from Pentair is tanked in the top 10 among pool heaters, but the main reason is its ease of use. It’s not enough to have a super-efficient heater if no one can operate it. So Pentair made it easy to use through an easy-to-view display from where you can quickly adjust the temperature and other aspects of the heater. It is also safe to use through a myriad safety features included such as the manual gas shut-off and several more gauges that automatically switch off the heater when water pressure becomes too high or it becomes overheated.

Many customers are happy with their purchase on Amazon as the product reviews show, and it is for these and more reasons. As the product is targeted at homeowners, you will be glad to know that despite all the features and power, this pool heater from Pentair costs just $1,749 on Amazon and can be shipped to you within a few days. Its silver/almond exterior look also makes it fit easily into the outdoor décor without drawing too much attention.


All these pool heaters from Pentair have been in high demand on Amazon and are often featured on the bestseller list. This is because of their energy efficiency, durability and convenience. You too can start enjoying your pool even when the temperatures outside are harsh and uninviting without having to spend too much. Never let the weather bar you from enjoying a relaxing time in the pool. As a form of exercise, swimming has been proven to be very effective too, even for recovering from injuries. This is even more reason not to go out in the cold while still maintaining your health.

Many customers have already been happy with their purchase, and you can be one as well. Simply order either of these 3 pool heaters depending on your requirements and needs and you will be set. Amazon even provides deals on particular occasions and situations, so you might even end up paying less for a product you will be using for years to come.

Best Hayward Heat Pumps To Buy in 2019

best hayward heat pump

How to Pick the Best Hayward Heat Pump

If you are looking for a reliable and low maintenance cost heating solution for your pool, then you should probably check out Hayward’s collections of heat pumps. These heat pumps are more economical compared to gas heaters and will save you a considerable amount of money over the winter season. Hayward heatpro heat pump pool heaters feature quality, hassle-free and dependable performance for years upon years. They are famed for their easy installation process, extreme resistance to corrosion and efficiency. The heat exchangers, evaporators and entire enclosures of these heat pumps are designed and engineered using highly corrosion resistant materials that include titanium, gold coating, and stainless steel for a prolonged lifetime of the units. Additionally, the heat pumps further feature a very quiet scroll compressor, an acoustic cover and profiled fan blades for a quiet and convenient functionality. In this post, we are going to look at the top three highest-rated heat pump from the Hayward brand. We are going to look at their features, design, operating system, pros and cons and a few details about their manufacturer. The guide will give you some insights to help you make an informed decision before settling for a specific heat pump, for a long-lasting satisfactory service.

1.      Hayward HP50TA Heatpro Titanium 50,000 BTU pool heater

When it comes to efficiency and quiet operation, the HP50TA heatpro is on top of the list being the most preferred unit for heating small pools. The installation process of the unit is a walkover thanks to the set of hook-up accessories that are included in the package. Any other accessories that you might need for the installation are readily available in your local area or online. The engineering of the HP50TA is done with extra keenness in an effort to conquer the number one enemy of pool heaters, corrosion. It is also fitted with an ultra gold evaporator fin, a very effective titanium heat exchanger and a sturdy and well-fitted injection of molded plastic channels. It also comes with a digital control panel that allows you to conveniently set or change the timer and temperature settings. It has an automatic operation plus an internal pressure sensor that will automatically turn the heating operator on or off in conjunction with the filter pump of the pool. This unit is mostly recommended for pools with a total area of 150 square feet and a water capacity of up to 15,000 gallons. The power capacity of the HP50TA unit is 50,000 BTU heat output, a minimum operating temperature of 50f for the 2.5 inch PVC plumbing connections enough for the entire 31 by 40 by 35inches.

The HP50TA is, therefore, best suited for smaller sized pools/spas. It is a durable, energy efficient solution for maintaining the level of heat throughout your swimming session while incorporating a very quiet operation for your comfort. It is, however, advisable to cover the pool at night using a solar pool cover to reduce the daily heating time required, in order to save energy.


  • Superior resistance to corrosion
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Super quiet operation


  • The drip pan is not large enough to catch all the condensation

2.      Hayward HP21124T Heatpro titanium 110,000BTU Heat Pump

This titanium pool pump from the Hayward collection is another excellent choice for smaller sized pools and spas. It features high efficiency with a power output of op to 110,000BTU, using 80% less energy compared to the natural gas heaters by using the advanced technology of drawing heat from the surroundings. Its design is high profile anti-corrosion build fitted with injection mold cover panels, a titanium body heat exchanger and ultra-gold evaporators fins that are designed to withstand high humidity or heat, including coastal climatic conditions. It would also be worthy to mention that is a very good choice for saltwater pools. It is also equipped with a bright LED digital display and button control for a convenient and simplified temperature settings control and status readouts. It also has an internal pressure monitor that synchronizes the operations of the heat pump with the pool’s filter pump.

The outer panels effectively the noise from the motor. This is further enhanced by the high profile fan blades and a scroll compressor, making one of the quietest operation systems in the Hayward heat pump collection. It is strategically sized for most backyard in-ground pools with a total area of 400 square feet and a maximum water capacity of 35,000 gallons. It is fitted with a smart technology that automatically switches its power on and off according to the settings. It is a worthy investment for pool owners who are looking for reliability, convenience, and low heating costs. For the best performance, it is advisable to use a cover at night or when the pool is not in use.


  •  Design to withstand deterioration during humid and hot climates
  • Can be safely used in salt water pools
  • Features a very quiet operation
  • Has an automatic on and off technology that works together with the existing pool pump
  • Very energy efficient
  • Perfectly sized for most backyard pools


  • The panels would perform better if they were a little bit sturdier
  • The unit needs an extra 6 feet overhead clearance

3.      Hayward HP50HA Heatpro titanium 45,000 BTU horizontal heat pump

If you are looking for an economical heat pump for your above ground pool, the HP50HA is the perfect match for you. This horizontal titanium pool pump can also be used for small in-ground pools. It comes with a compact footprint for the installation process and does not require any overhead clearance. The design of the HP50HA utilizes the best anti-corrosion techniques available, which extends its working life significantly even in extremely hot and humid areas or even coastal regions, which would otherwise be merciless on other heat pump models. Its compatibility with salt water pools is made possible by the titanium heat exchanger, vinyl covered fan blades, the stainless steel hardware and gold coated evaporator fin. It has a programmable time setting that gives you the convenience of setting the heat pump’s operational hours that are most preferable to you. The internal pressure sensor will only allow the heat pump to run when the filter is on. The heater is also equipped with a cooling mode. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, reliability, and durability, the Hayward HP50TA wins hands down compared to propane or natural gas heaters. It is the most affordable and energy efficient unit for smaller in-ground pools and above ground pools.


  • Built to last thanks to the anti-corrosion construction materials
  • Whisper quiet technology
  • Better sized for small in-ground pools and any above ground pool
  • 80% more cost and energy effective compared to natural gas heaters
  • Fitted with an electronic programmable timer
  • Includes a cooling mode setting


  • The unit is unable to heat if the ambient temperature is below 50f

Conclusion on Hayward heat pump

Finding the most economical, corrosion resistant and reliable pool heater pump is not a trivial task if you are properly equipped with the right insights. The reviews above will give you the basic knowledge you need in order to make an informed choice before settling for a certain model, even if it’s not necessarily from the Hayward heat pump collection. From this review, you will notice that Hayward has made a noticeable effort in the manufacture of quiet, energy efficient, anti-corrosion units, which is a very commendable aspect. This will surely put the already high ranked brand further higher in the quality ladder, making it the most preferred brand by users worldwide. Although most products from this brand are a bit expensive, getting one of their products is a worthy investment considering the overall performance output and the durability of the products.