Pentair 011018 Review- Pro’s & Con’s

pentair intelliflo

Introduction to the Pentair 011018

Why would you want a Pentair Intelliflo pool pump? Well, the answer is quite straight forward. This pump series has an extraordinary energy conservation feature that will drastically save you a significant amount of utility bills money. It is enhanced with 8 different speed modes which give you the optimal speed control enabling you to determine the right amount of water flow depending on your preferences. The speeds range between 400 to 3,450 RMS.

Pentair Intelliflo pool pumps brought variable speed technology into the market long before any other manufacturer did. But, a leader should never stand still, they, therefore, did not stop there, instead, they have continued to revolutionize their products making the intelliflo series better than ever before. To accomplish this, they have perfected the intellifo pumps ultra-efficient, permanent magnetic motors, just the way they are used in high-end hybrid cars. The advantages of these pool pumps include precisely matching the motor speeds to your pool’s requirements, featuring a totally enclosed fan-cooled motor which prolongs its life significantly, a built-in diagnostic protector that further extends the lifetime of the motor and a very quiet operating system. In this article, we are going to look at some of the bestselling and highest ranked intelliflo pool pumps models from the Pentair brand.

1.      Pentair Intelliflo 011018 VSF

This model leads the ways featuring a permanent magnetic motor for better performance. It also the most energy efficient unit in the family history, fully compatible with Intellitouch, Easy Touch and Suntouch control systems, providing a wide range of options from indoor control systems to wireless controls that effectively manage the heating system of the pool, spa jets, lighting, water features among others. To get an even better control option, you can opt for an additional screen logic interface to your already automated system that allows you to control your pool from literally anywhere you are, anytime simply by using your smartphone, mobile digital device or computer. The pump also features a very easy installation process for inground pools and spas, either new ones or existing ones, all sizes and types.  


  • Offers a better efficiency thanks to the permanent magnetic motor
  • Excellent energy conservation feature
  • A proven in-field reliability of nearly a decade long
  • Comes with exclusive digital software controls that make the programming of the pump a cinch.
  • The installation process of the pump for in-ground pools, spa, and pool combos and any other area is very easy.


  • The model is quite expensive
  • The installation process although easy might be time-consuming especially for users who are new to products from Pentair.

2.      Pentair Intelliflo VS+SVRS 011018

This pool pump is another model from Pentair’s intelliflo series that features a smart technology that automatically shuts off whenever it detects a possible drain blockage. It is also programmable to function at different speeds during different operations including heating, spa jets, filtering, cleaning, water filtering among others in order to slash the water expenditures by up to 10%. The built-in diagnostic protector prevents damage to the motor due to natural occurrences such as freezing, overheating and voltage irregularities The SVRS model also features self-priming technology. Safety on this model is enhanced by the safety lockout feature that comes with password protection prevents any unauthorized person from changing the speed of the pump. It is also equipped with different speed setting that allows the user to set minimum and maximum speeds so that the unit only operates within the set ranges to ensure safety and a lond=ger lifetime of the pump. The SVRS model is fully compatible with other Pentair controls and automation and other digital gadgets that manage the heating, lighting, spa jets, and other water features.


  • Comes with a safety lockout feature that prevents unauthorized people from changing the pup settings
  • The is an LED display that shows when the SVRS mode is activated
  • It comes with different function buttons that set the speeds for various operations such as the filtration cycles, cleaners, spas, and water features
  • The unit also has an alarm status light that notifies you in case there are issues that might need urgent attention
  • It also comes with a quick cleaning button that is used for backwashing or vacuum cycles
  • The time out button allows you to interrupt the set schedule any time, for a certain period which you can also specify.


  • The unit is very expensive
  • Its operation is not totally quiet

3.     Pentair  Intelliflo I1 and 12 011018 Variable speed pool pump

For pools that are located in areas where there is a restriction of the replacement flow rates, this intelliflo i1 pool pump might be the right pick for in-ground pools in such areas. It comes with a hydraulic system that significantly minimizes the flow rate while at the same time providing an energy saving feature that you would expect from any Pentair valuable speed pool pump. It also has a maximum rating of 7 amps, making retrofits easier in the application and limited by the size of the existing wire gauge. This unit is hydraulically engineered for maximum functionality on the 15 amp breaker. It is a one in all unit featuring energy efficiency, ready automation, and advancement in technology, making it the ultimate smart choice. It is also equipped with a permanent magnetic motor that runs on cool, producing fewer vibrations as compared to induction motors. It also has an inbuilt diagnostic that protects the motor against risks that might cause premature wearing, loss of prime, freezing, overheating, and any voltage irregularity giving the pump longer service life. The pump effectively improves the functions of automated chlorinators and other chemical dispensers because the internal water moves slower and for a longer period.


  • Heavy duty and durable construction technique for a prolonged lifetime
  • Comes with an enclosed fan that protects the motor against natural weather elements
  • Has a built-in diagnostic that detects dangers that may cause the motor to malfunction
  • Significantly improves the function of automatic chlorinators and chemical dispensers
  • Comes in a versatile hydraulic design that reduces the water flow rate so that it can provide a significant energy saving feature.
  • Its keypad can be rotated for easier accessibility with an optional wall mount kit sold separately


  • The unit is very expensive
  • Installation of the pump is very complicated
  • The motor is a bit noisy while in operation.

What to look for when purchasing a new pool pump

It is always advisable to do a little homework before investing your money in any device, especially if you want it to serve you for a long time. There are many factors that need a lot of consideration before you start looking for a pump for your pool. These include the energy rating of the pump, the size, noise, and its functionality. Other key factors include:

  • The volume of your pool/spa: The quantity of water in your pool start at the water turnover to the length of time it takes to move all the water in your pool. This means that before settling for a certain pump model, the volume of your pool is one of the most critical measurements that you need to have at your fingertips.
  • Plumbing: You should also be aware of the layout of your pool plumbing, the distances, and other installed units.
  • The efficiency of the pump: Pumps are notorious for consuming up to 70% of the total energy cost of running the pool. Therefore, make sure to look for a pump that is energy efficient so that you can save on the energy utility bills.
  • Operational noise: This is also another factor than most people overlook. Look for a pump that runs quietly so that you run it during off-peak hours when electricity is a bit cheaper.

Pentair Easy Touch Review: Pro’s & Con’s

pentair easy touch

Overview of the Pentair Easy Touch

Pool automation is not only meant for tech-savvy. Even if you write your shopping on a to-do list and feel that more than two remote controls are a bit too many, you can still pretty much enjoy the perks that come with automating your pool and spa. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fully control all the units in your pool or spa at the comfort of your couch or from miles away, just by the touch of a button? Well in these recent days of total advancement in technology, you can manage your entire life through your smartphone or any other mobile device. Pool automation is an extension of your smartphone functionalities, Pentair’s automation systems allow the users to fully control their pool’s ecosystems starting from the heating systems, pool pumps, sanitation, the water chemistry, lighting, and other water features. With a convenient mobile control that can be done from anywhere, with just a push of a button, pool convenience has never been better.

EasyTouch pool and spa control systems eliminate the need for repeated trips to and from the equipment pad, as well as memorizing the entire operating sequence, the opening and closing valves and the reset time clocks and the thermostats. It can be said that the easytouch control system family offers a new level of control to pool owners who are looking for an affordable and reliable pool and spa control system. It allows for the full control of the pool/spa systems including the advanced features such as colored lighting and intellichlor salt chlorine generator support. They are the easiest and cheapest way to feature sophistication and automation capabilities in standard pools and spas. In this review, we are going to look at a selection of systems from the Pentair EasyTouch series.

1.      Pentair EasyTouch 520540 8 Pool/Spa Control systems

As we have seen above this category of system gives the user total control of all the pool/spa feature including some of the most advanced systems such as the colored lighting system and the intellichlor salt chlorine generator support. It also comes with an easy to use control panel that is built into the outdoor enclosure. It is also compatible with the ScreenLogic interface, in case the user would like full control through a computer or a mobile device. All the functions of this system are controlled from a one access button in the self-contained load center or a variety of optional controllers. There is no need to memorize the operating sequence reset time clocks, opening, and closing valves on the thermostat. It also comes enhanced with an automatic verification in the display and microprocessor as well as a diagnostic screen with detectors that alert the user in case of a failure so that they can effectively troubleshoot or for other repair purposes. The whole system is generally designed to make programming easier with the LCD informing and instructing you in every step of the way.


  • All of its functions are controlled with an easy, one access button from the self-contained loading center
  • comes with optional controllers
  • Equipped with a built-in diagnostic
  • Packed with a 125 amp breaker base
  • UI and CUL approved


  • Very expensive
  • Installation may take a toll on the user
  • Not energy efficient.

2.      Pentair 520705 EasyTouch 8PSC-IC40 single body

Although this system is not very affordable, it is very effective in automating your pool features by minimizing the repetitive trips to the equipment pad as well as accurately memorizing the entire operating the system, the opening, and closing valves, and resetting the thermostat and the time clock. This model also sets the standard for operations simplicity with a push of a button technology plus intuitive and clear instructions and display. It also comes with an optional screenlogic interface kit that can allow you convenience in the control of everything from your pool and spa jets to the temperature water features, lighting, and many other features, through the mobile device of your choice. This easytouch system is also available for pool/spa combinations that share the same equipment in their functions. Additionally, you get the option to select either 4 or 8 accessory functions. The system makes scheduling and operating the pool/spa cycles easy, with extra controllers available to suit your convenience. It is also integrated with an ultra-temperature regulator and support for either 2 variable speed or 2 variable flow pool pumps. The system also integrates some resettable circuit breakers into the load center, so that you or your service professional can easily access everything from outside your house.


  • All functions are controlled from a one-button access application featured in the load center
  • Comes with a few optional controllers
  • Has an in-built diagnostic
  • Include a 12-amp breaker base that is UL and CUL approved.
  • Comes in a height of 39.3 inches and a width of 20.9 inches and a depth of 9.8 inches.


  • Very expensive
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Expensive to install because you need to involve a professional
  • Not energy efficient

3.      Pentair 520592 EasyTouch 4PSC-IC20 Single body

First things first, in order to integrate this EasyTouch system into your pool/spa system, you have to ensure that you have an adequate internet connection, with upload and download speeds of up to 3mbpsavailable in the location of your pool pad. The heart of this automation system will be a control hub connected to your heater, pump, and other smart relays, which are used to control other devices such as the booster pumps, lights, or the chlorinators. The system comes with a touch screen control pad that allows you to operate all your types of equipment from the pool pad even when the internet connection is slow. Although this system will make automation of your pool system easier, the installation process involves working with some basic software setup electrical appliances. The installation process may, therefore, require the active participation of an experienced professional electrician or pool technician. Aside from ensuring that your system is installed correctly, this will also serve to keep you and your system safe. Of course, you cannot control your pool or spa unless there is wiring that powers the system to the switch on the control. If you are not an electrician, the system can seem a little confusing and complicated, but the whole thing is very simple.


  • The system’s control panel makes programming easy
  • When you put the system into service mode, it can help in the system testing and troubleshooting right from the load center so that there is no need to hire a professional for simple malfunctions
  • It also has a time out option that allows you to temporarily interrupt the function of the system before resuming the operation.
  • Accessibility of the entire system is made easy by the resettable circuit breakers integrated into the load center.


  • Once again, this system is not among the most affordable choices in the market
  • Installation incurs an extra cost because there is a need for the participation of a professional
  • Maintenance also required extra expenditure

Do you really need pool automation?

Picture this, you are just wrapping up on the most memorable dinner date and you feel that you need a swim to seal the night or even a relaxing dip in the hot tub. The problem is, you are not at home and your spa is as cold as ice, yet you want to get home and immediately head for a swim or a bath. With an automation system, all you have to do is to open an app on your smartphone from wherever you are and initiate the theme or group functions and as you drive back home with your date, your pool heater will get the water to a comfortable temperature and your landscape lights will be on by the time you get home. Amazing, isn’t it?

The Best Pentair Superflow To Buy in 2019

best pentair superflow

What is the Pentair Superflow

If you are looking for a new reliable, efficient and relatively quiet single speed pool pump for your in-ground pool, then the Pentair SuperFlow pool pump series might just be the right selection for you. This super-flow series system is designed to effectively circulate the water in any in-ground pool. In this review, we are going to look at a few selections from this particular pool pump series including its self-priming, winterization, voltage plus its feature that perhaps can help you make an informed decision before making a purchase. Overview

The Pentair SuperFlow pool pump series collections are a reasonable purchase especially because their installation process is quite easy. They feature very effective function which is enhanced by the 1-1/2 HP motors. The pumps are equipped with a 56 square flange motor with thick walled body parts. This means that when it comes to quality, these pumps are well covered. They are also very durable and accessorized with large capacity debris baskets. They also have the capacity to handle a large volume at a go, a feature that reduces their running time conveniently. Let us review some of the highest rated models from the series

1.      Pentair 342001 Superflow VS

This is a very good choice especially because of its easy installation process. I don’t think there is any other model in this category that can match the ease of installation reflected by this one. It runs on a 230v power meaning that there is no rewind that is ever needed. It’s suction performance is also very excellent so that you don’t have to worry about any drips. If you have a type of pool that requires a 1.5 horsepower, then this pump from Pentair’s superflow series is the right buy. However, it would be important to mention that this is not a very quiet model when in operation. But this should not be an issue considering the efficiency presented by this model. It however all depends on your preference and taste.


  • Features a good suction process for better and quicker results
  • It does not need any adjustments to prevent dripping
  • There is no need for pricey wiring for it to function


  • Can be a little bit loud
  • Expensive

2.      Pentair 340039 SuperFlow Pool pump

This model is engineered with single speed pool pump lovers who would like an affordable unit. It sources its power from the 1-1/2 horsepower motor, making one of the most efficient single speed units available in the market. The pump features a 56 square flange motor that is accessorized with thick and convenient wall body parts. This is good news for the users because they are guaranteed that they will not have any issues to do with the quality of the unit. It is designed to last. In addition to its quality guarantee, the unit is fitted with a very large strainer basket that minimizes the performance time needed, which will save you a considerable amount of money. Although everything about this unit may be quite catchy, keep in mind that it is a single speed pool pump, which means that running the unit can be expensive. Therefore this might not be the right choice for individuals looking for energy efficient units.


  • Comes with a heavy-duty motor that guarantees an excellent performance
  • Fitted with an oversized strainer basket that has a capacity to hold large amounts of the debris before the need of emptying
  • Designed to be a self-priming pump for a faster operation


  • It is not energy efficient

3.      Pentair 340038 Superflow pool pump

This is another model from the Pentair Superflow series that features a powerful function, thanks to the 1Horsepower motor fitted in the unit. Amazingly, the unit features a powerful motor as well as a quiet operation. This is made possible by the internal flow design of the pump. For an easy startup, the pump comes with a self-priming capability, enhancing its performance further. Maintaining this unit is made easy by the large strainer basket accessory that has a large capacity to hold debris, reducing the number of times required to empty it. Although the heavy-duty motor of the Pentair 340038 model moves a higher volume of water and hence completing the work in double the time, it is worth mentioning that this model is not the most energy efficient, compared to the variable speed counterparts.


  • Has a 1 horsepower motor that is very quick at moving water
  • Has a special internal design that ensures a very quiet operation
  • The oversized strainer basket prevents frequent cleaning, hence saving a considerable amount of time


  • When it comes to the energy sufficiency of the unit, the pump is not very impressive.

Tip to selecting a high-quality pool pump

When selecting a pool pump, always consider the type of pool you own, plus the size. If your pool is a small above ground type, then you can easily get away with a medium simple pool pump. On the other hand, any in-ground pool will require a robust and powerful pool pump for the best results. Additionally, if you are thinking of using your pool for a limited time, depending on the seasons, you will do just fine opting for a basic model pool pump. If you own a heated pool, however, that can be used any time of the year, you should invest in a high-end pool pump, preferably a variable speed type.

Additionally, consider investing your money in a self-priming unit, preferably one fitted with a filter in case you are concerned about the life longevity of the pump. You might also want to consider getting a pump that can withstand salt water, especially if you use salt to disinfect your pool.

Before finalizing your decision, consider the noise level of the pump while in operation. This is especially crucial if you are thinking of installing your pump close to the pool. You should also be keen on the filter to ensure that it is compatible with the total flow rate of the pump you want to purchase, both in the minimum and the maximum. This applies to all kinds of filters, be it cartridge filters or sand filters.

Tips to take care of your pool

Below are some tips that you could practice to increase the lifetime of your pool

The Self-Priming technology of the Pentair super flow pool pump

Well, for this, you are required to remove the lid and the clamp, before filling the strainer basket with water. Replace the lid and switch on the switch. Observe the air release valve to see whether the water comes out of it. If it does, close the valve because the system is then ready to function. You will notice that the system is completely free of bubbles, which outlines the priming process. Remember that the pup should never be run when completely dry because this will cause damage to the pump case, the seal or the impeller.

The Winterization process

The limited warranty of this pool pump series does not cover weather-related damages. When the weatherman reports of possible freezing conditions, you might want to winterize your pool. In case the weather predictions state that the freezing weather won’t last long, then you can simply run the pump throughout the entire period to prevent it from freezing. But is the cold weather is expected to last for an extended period of time, then turn off the power source and drain all the water from the pump. This is simply done by removing the two drain plugs that are strategically located at the housing of the unit. After emptying the pump, you should cover the motor to protect it against damage caused by freezing. When the weather is conducive again, immediately remove the cover from the motor to avoid interfering with its operations further.   

The Best Pentair Whisperflow For Your Pool

pentair whisperflow

How to Pick the best Pentair Whisperflow for your pool

With more than 100 years in the food, energy, industrial and water industry, Pentair has gradually come to be recognized as one of the highest ranked brands famed for the production of edge-cutting technology and great customer service. The main drive behind each one of Pentair’s creation is innovation and fulfillment of the desires of their customers. Their product lines actually work as solutions that focus on the consumer’s pain points. The brand prides itself of knowing exactly what their consumers need and delivering on the needs in the best way possible. Looking at the water industry specifically, Pentair has produced the best pool pumps, water heaters and pool filter gadgets available in the market today. Each of their product presents innovative and unique features making most owners seek out products from Pentair as the solution to their immediate pool requirements.

A pool pump is the heart of the circulation system of your pool. It functions by pulling water from the pool through the main drain and the skimmer, then through the main returns, the pump pushes the water through a filter and returns it back to the pool. The excess water passes through the cooling vents located at the bottom of the housing unit. It also has an impeller that is connected at the end of the motor shaft. When this impeller turns, the already circulated water is passed through a lint and a hair trap located near the end of the pump. The water is finally pushed through a pipe that leads it to the filter at the top of the pump. In this article, we are going to look at some of the bestselling Pentair pumps from the whisperflow series.

1.      Pentair 011512 ¾  HP Whisperflow model

This ¾ horsepower model is specially designed for pool and spa combinations. With superior performance, this little pump is capable of easily outperforming any 1 horsepower pool pump and probably does a better job than larger sized pool pumps. It uses the formula of less electricity consumption and more power output. With an ability to run on 115v,208v, and 230v, at full load, this means that you do not have to change the electrical supply of the pool pump housing when you at=re installing the Pentair 011512 pool pump model. It is designed for efficiency and durability, making it a worthy investment for any user who is looking for an affordable and convenient solution for their pool. It is equipped with a thermoplastic housing that will resist excess heating and any form of corrosion. It is also fitted with a stainless steel motor shaft in the commercial grade motor giving it efficient protection against rust and sealed bearings that eliminated the need for any lubrication. This pump is designed in such a way that the user will incur literally no cost for the purposes of maintenance unless they would like to upgrade any of the systems, although this is not entirely necessary.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compatible with all cleaning systems jet action spas and filters
  • Comes in a small, lightweight and compatible size that facilitates movements
  • Utilizes an advanced hydraulic technique which improves its performance
  • Energy efficient
  • Very little noise during operation


  • The installation has to be carried out by a professional otherwise the warranty becomes invalid
  • It may incur some running costs

2.      Pentair 011513  HP whisperflow pool pump

This is another powerful model listed among the Whisperflow unit. It utilizes the same technology and features the same design as the smaller model, therefore offering a great power while at the same time featuring very quiet operation. It is capable of comfortably accomplishing the same tasks as 11/4  to 11/2 horsepower pumps. Just like its smaller sister, the pump runs on 115v, 208v, and 230v. It also features similarly housing unit as the ¾ pool pump model although if you look at its specification on some of the online stores, there is a slight difference of about half an inch in some of their dimensions. This model also utilizes a unique hydraulic design which improves its performance while at the same time reducing the amount of energy consumed with a similar reduction in the operational motor noise. This is made possible by the Funnel-Flo diffuser which is unique only to the whisperflow design and an ingenious design on the impeller. It is also fitted with an oversize debris basket meaning that you do not have to frequently empty it. Easy inspection is facilitated by the transparent lid featuring a cam and ramp whose design is engineered with ease of use features so that cleaning of the strainer basket is quick and easy and seals back perfectly without being overtightened by the thread or lining.


  • Fitted with an oversized strainer basket for less emptying intervals
  • Fairy quiet while in operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Can accomplish a job done by other larger and more powerful pumps
  • Maintenance and inspection is made easy by the transparent lid
  • Comes in a convenient and compatible size


  • Just like its smaller sister, if the installation is not done by a professional, the 1-year warranty automatically becomes void
  • The unit is a bit expensive

3.      Pentair 011515 2HP Whisperflow model

This model is one step above the previous model but basically features the same functionality and design. The only difference is that the amp increases so that this model in particular runs on 11A for 208v and 10.2A for 230v. It is a single unit whose installation is quick and easy and fits comfortably into any pump housing, thanks to its compatible size and design. It will probably take even less space than your average pool pump. It is designed in such a way that it can easily replace your ordinary pool pump and perform the same functions if not better. It is also compatible with a number of other units including the jet spas, filters, and cleaning systems. It is engineered to offer a lifetime of minimal maintenance and easy operation and maximum performance at an extremely low cost. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty and should only be installed by a professional.


  • It has a funnel-flow diffuser that allows for maximum water flow and easy circulation
  • Fitted with a special hydraulic technology that makes it very quiet while in operation
  • It is compatible with any cleaning system


  • The filter basket is a bit narrow at the end making it hard to clear all the dirt from inside the strainer basket.
  • The warranty becomes invalid if the installation is not done by a professional

When should you run your pool pump?

There are two factors that determine when running your pump is most necessary. The cost of energy and chemical demand. The ultraviolet light from the sun weakens the chlorine in the water, Day time especially during sunny days therefore, is the most appropriate time to run your pump. Most chlorinating methods, however, require the pump to be running in order to appropriately furnish the correct amount, it is best to run your pump during daytime as opposed to night time although this is mostly the best time for chlorination. On the other hand, the cost of electricity tends to be more during daytime hours, therefore this is another factor that you should weigh in. If your power bill does not necessarily fluctuate during daytime hours, then the base case scenario for you is to run your pump from sunrise to sunset.

Running the pump at night is an effective way to keep your power utility bills under check but for this, you will need to be keen on the chlorine levels to ensure that they are always adequate or more than 3.0ppm throughout the daytime hours when the pool is mostly used.

The Best Hayward Salt Cell To Buy in 2019

hayward salt cell

Introduction to the Hayward Salt Cell

Salt water chlorinators are also referred to as salt cell units. Since most pool owners make an abrupt decision to change their pool into a salt water pool without any previous knowledge of the models of salt cells, they usually find themselves at a crossroads not being able to decide which is the best salt cell unit to invest their money in. for this reason, we have come up with a comprehensive buying guide and reviews of the best salt cell units available in the market that will give you some insights on the best available products, the key specifications that you should pay close attention to, and the types of salt cell systems and what differentiates them.

Types of salt cell units

1.      Standard and self-cleaning units

These come in two different types. The only aspect that differentiates them is just like their label states, a standard type, and a self-cleaning type. The standard unit requires regular removal of the cell for a cleaning process which is done using some acid mixed with pure water to dissolve calcium that builds up over time. The self-cleaning models, just as their labeled states, reverse their polarity from time to time to deter the calcium buildup.

2.      Power backup timer salt cell units

This is another type that comes with an in-built power back up timer. All their settings are conveniently stored in these timers to be used in case of a power blackout. This feature acts as a sensor to alert the unit when the water is not flowing normally so that it can automatically power off when there is a fault in the operation.

3.      Built-in PH salt cell units

In recent days, salt water chlorinator manufacturers are coming up with units which come with a built-in PH control. These units have a smart technology that measures the PH level in your pool and automatically adds acid to bring it to the right amount.

Advantages of salt cell units

-installation of these units saves you on pool maintenance money because you spend less time trying to get rid of bacteria and algae.

– the units also generate chlorine using their smart technology so that you are assured of the right amount of chlorine in your pool all the time

– the amount of salt released in your pool is about the same level as of human tears. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the salt irritating your eyes when swimming

– the levels of chlorine releases are very low and will not cause any side effects on your skin or hair.

Below, we are going to look at some of the highest rated salt cell units from Hayward, one of the top leading brands famed for the manufacture of the bestselling salt cell units in the market.

1.      Hayward Goldline T-Cell-15 Turbocell salt Chlorination Cell

This unit is perfectly built for in-ground pools with a capacity to chlorinate up to 40,000 gallons of water at a go. The T-cell series comes in different size ranges that let you choose the appropriate size for your pool. For the most efficient chlorination process in the most cost-effective way, this unit wins hands down. It comes with a 15 feet cable that ensures that the chlorine is evenly distributed to all corners of your pool. The cells are based on a high profile turbo cell technology that makes the Goldline T-Cell-15 one of the bestselling models from the Hayward brand. The cells have a self-renewing feature that automatically produces fresh, new chlorine for clear, soft and safe pool water.


  • Perfect for larger pools with a water capacity of up to 40,000 gallons
  • Comes with a long convenient cable
  • Enhanced with the best-advanced turbo cell technology
  • Cost and energy efficient
  • Available in different sizes for different pool capacities


  • This unit might require regular cleaning to get rid of the calcium buildups.

2.      Hayward T-Cell-3 Turbocell salt Chlorination Cell

The next turbo cell model from Hayward brand is the T-Cell-3 chlorination cell which has been tested and proven by the National Sanitation Foundation. Just like its bigger brother, this unit is famed for genuinely delivering chlorine to pools and spas in the last decade. It is among the highest ranked chlorination cells producing soft, silky water that does not cause any type of irritation to the eyes or the skin. This is atop performance unit that should not be of any worry when it comes to the overall use. Thanks to its overall design and configuration, you will always find its use pleasant and easy. With an easy to view display that allows the user to conveniently check the salt levels, cleanliness of the cell, sanitization output and the water flow, the user can be able to make proper adjustments based on what they see.


  • reliable performance that can only be delivered by a turbo cell
  • independently tested and proven to deliver excellent services for a longer life
  • huge savings of up to 50% or more over conventional chlorine
  • capacity to chlorinate pools with a water capacity of up to 25,000 gallons
  • provides consistent sanitation.


  • Requires a power center that is sold as a separate entity

3.      Hayward Goldline T-Cell-9 Salt Chlorination Cell

This is another model readily available in the market today. It goes to show the level of commitment that Hayward has put in marketing their products and ensuring that they deliver nothing less of their standard quality. This chlorinator cell comes with all the features in an electronic pool chlorinator system. It has the best automation and user-friendly settings which include a fully programmable control meaning that you can make the unit works as good as you would like it to. The model is strategically enhanced with sensors that accurately detect the ORP and ph levels in your pool water before dispensing a self-renewing of pure, fresh chlorine to get just the right levels. With this unit, you will completely forget about the regular sanitization of your pool, plus you get to enjoy clear, soft water that does not cause irritation to your eyes or any allergic reactions to your skin. The unit also converts the dissolved salts in your pool into chlorine which significantly minimizes your maintenance time. This also goes a long way in reducing the chores of mixing liquid chlorine or factory tablets.


  • Gets rid of the harsh smell and taste on chlorine
  • Famed for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Offers an impressive sanitization consistency
  • Effectively maintains the correct ph levels
  • The unit is fully programmable


  • The unit is quite expensive
  • Needs regular cleaning to eliminate the calcium buildups

How to choose the best salt cell unit

Choosing the right unit will not only guarantee you a lifetime of reliability and effectiveness, but also safety and hygiene throughout the year. Therefore, below are some of the tips that you should look at before investing your money in a certain model.

1.      Reliability

Ensure that the salt cell unit you are going for has a reliability guarantee meaning that it should be designed to be hassle-free, and last for a significant period of time especially if it is to be used in salty water. The unit should be powerful enough to withstand harsh weather conditions too.

2.      The reputation of the brand or manufacturer

It is also advisable for you to go for a model from a reputable manufacturer. This will assure you that the product is of high quality and a worthy investment from a brand with great customer service.

3.      Low maintenance and modern technology features

The unit you are getting should have a good aesthetic appeal featuring a cutting-edge design which is approved by the appropriate authorities. Also, consider getting a unit that is self-cleaning to minimize the frequency of maintenance services required.