The Best Above Ground Pool Pumps to Buy in 2O19

best above ground pool pump

How to Pick the Best Above Ground Pool Pump

A pool pump is the heart of your above ground pool. It is the gadget that ensures that you have healthy water in your pool by regularly moving it through the filter and chlorinator. Having the wrong type of pump will result in your water becoming cloudy with debris and bacteria. Correctly sizing an above ground pool is much easier as compared to sizing an in-ground pool. This means that above ground pools get more precise pumps, avoiding too many cases of customers getting the wrong type of pumps. Above ground pool pumps are gravity fed, meaning that they are below the waterline, requiring little plumbing between the suction ports. The simplicity of the type of plumbing will allow you to use the size of the pool alone to get the correct size of the pump. In the review below, we take a look at some of the top rated above ground pool pumps.

1.      Hayward SP2610X15 super pump

This pool pump is a real workhorse in the industry featuring both durability and sturdiness. Many people prefer machines and gadgets that are user-friendly because, to be honest, nobody likes to waste their time trying to figure out how a product works. The Hayward SP2610X15 is equipped with some swing way knobs that make is pretty easy to use with a removable filter that does not require any tools to dismantle. People who regularly use pool pumps will tell you that finding a pump that does not require any tools to remove the filter is priceless. It is a feature that makes the pump easy to maintain. The pump’s set up procedure is also a walkover and effortless, especially for individuals who are familiar with Hayward products. However, if you have not used any Hayward product before, you do not need to worry, it is very easy to set it up by simply following the instructions. The construction of the unit has been proven to stand the test of time. It is equipped with a 10 cubic feet basket that holds quite an impressive amount of water at each interval. It also features a motor with a 1.5 horsepower, making the unit one of a kind.


  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Does not require any extra tools to pull apart
  • Has a water holding basket with a large capacity
  • Equipped with a 1.5 horsepower motor for efficiency


  • It’s noisy when in operation
  • quite expensive

2.      Hayward SP1593 single speed Above ground pool Pump

The second highest rated above ground pool pump is also a product from Hayward. This speaks a lot about the Hayward brand. Apart from being manufactured by a high profile brand, the SP1593 single speed pump also have some other quite impressive features including quality and durability. The pump is equipped with a very effective filter that does not leave any residue in the pool. The pump is, therefore, one of the bestselling products simply because of its reliability. The industrial-size strainer basket accessory on the pump collects all debris and dead bacteria from the pool, eliminating the need for regular pool maintenance. As an added perk, you do not need to clean the basket or strainer regularly and you get the options of changing the machine’s orientation to suit your desires.

The unit is also equipped with a robust, reliable and wide opening impeller specifically designed to prevent clogging of the unit by leaves and other debris. The unit also comes with a well-protected switch at the back so that it is possible to conserve energy significantly when the unit is not in operation. Its motor is enhanced with a thermal overload protector that automatically switches off the system in case of an overload alert, to avoid damage to the motor. It also restarts automatically when the danger has passed.


  • Made from durable, high-quality materials
  • Equipped with a strainer basket that ensures total debris sanction
  • Accessorized with a robust impeller that prevents clogging of the unit
  • Has a thermal overload protector that automatically switches the unit on and off in case of an impending danger alert
  • Comes with an integrated drainage plug that makes the winterization process easy and pleasant.


  • Single speed pumps are not very efficient
  • Uses a lot of energy while in operation

3.      Hayward SP3400VSP Variable Speed Ecostar Pool Pump

There is a very impressive riding on the Hayward brand by looking at the top rated best selling pool pumps. The Hayward SP3400VSP, in particular, is a beautifully designed which clearly shows that the manufacturer has put some considerable effort into it. In most cases, the functionality of a product is more important than its aesthetic appeal, but in the case of the Hayward Ecostar pool pump, the aesthetic appeal of the unit reflects the commitment of the manufacturer. Variable speed pool pumps are generally famed for their efficiency. They also consume very little energy especially when on low setting mode. The system automatically varies the speed depending on the condition of the pool. In addition, the system comes with a significantly large basket capable of holding a lot of debris before the need to empty it.


  • The system is beautifully designed
  • It is very good at energy conservation
  • Comes with a magnetic motor that does not overheat when in operation
  • The unit is fully programmable making it convenient and easy to use


  • Variable speed pumps are quite expensive

4.      Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for above ground Pools

When looking at the highest rated above ground pool pumps, it would be a mistake not to mention this sand filter pump from the Intext brand. It has a user satisfaction rate of 4.5 stars, which is the first thing that any customer would look for in the search of reliability. The pool pump is a fairly priced multifunctional unit that gives excellent water filtration process and appealing results. The unit also backwashes the recirculated water. It comes with a strainer basket that is easy to maintain and very effective in prolonging the life of the system. There is very little maintenance required to keep this system under check, you just need to change the sand filter after 5 years.


  • It is a multifunctional device that can be used to perform various tasks instead of getting an operator for each task
  • Comes with an easy maintenance strainer basket that contributes to the lifetime longevity of the filter
  • Has a 24-hour timer that allows the user to set the time they prefer for the system to operate in
  • The pump has a capacity of holding up to 3,000 gallons of water at a go


  • It’s pricing is a little bit on the higher side

Buying guide

Just like any other product available in the market, above ground pool pumps are very different, with each having its own uniqueness and drawbacks. However, how do you determine the most appropriate pump for your pool? Let us look at some of the factors to consider when purchasing a pool pump.

1.      The Pump’s Housing mount

Depending on where the output filter is located, you will find that there are pumps with either top or side mount. A top mount fits most above ground pools but if the pump is located at the same level as your pool, then you should go for a side mount pump.

2.      The motor voltage of the pump

Before purchasing a pool pump, determine the type of system utilized by your pool. This will help you know whether to get a pump that requires either 110 volts or 220 volts. For most above ground pools, the pump will require 110v motor voltage.

3.      Horsepower

This refers to the power of the motor. It is the sole determinant of the strength of the motor and is one of the most crucial specifications that you should be keen on when purchasing a pump. A good pump will feature enough power for your pool size and filter.

The Best Doheny Pool Pump To Buy in 2019

doheny pool pump

How to pick the Best Doheny Pool Pump

Finding the best pump for your above ground pool might be hard. This is because most of the available pumps in the market have similar attributes, therefore at first glance, you might not be able to decide the most appropriate product for your pool. This is why reviews like this one, and a buyer’s guide, are very important in helping you come to an informed decision. Amidst the many available pool pump options, there is the Doheny brand which has a number of their products, including pumps, competing at par with some of the bestselling brands. The models from Doheny are all equipped with premium features which put the brand among the quality and durability big leagues. The enhanced functionality of most pool pumps from Doheny’s has earned them a spot among the highest rated products. In this post, we are going to review some of the highest rated pool pumps from Doheny.

1.      Doheny’s 1.5 HP Above ground pool pump review

The most outstanding feature in the Doheny’s 1.5Hp pool pump is the high flow rate of the pump which gives you a quicker pool fill up. In every minute, this pool pump is capable of delivering 83 gallons of water, meaning that within an hour, the pool pump can comfortably fill up a pool with a capacity of up to 4,980gallons of water. Another feature from this replacement pool pump is the compatibility with pools of a depth of up to 40 feet. For durability and resistance to rust, the pool pump is designed almost entirely using stainless steel materials. This feature enhances the pump’s corrosion resistance giving it the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. For effective cooling after a sunny day, the pool is accessorized with a waterproof polymer, which features an integrated air inlet. Being constructed out of a thermoplastic material, the pool pump has guaranteed durability and effective resistance to corrosion.


  • Very affordable
  • Made to last
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Ideal for using in a kid’s pool
  • Is not very noisy during operation
  • Comes in a compact convenient size that makes it easy to carry around


  • Has a limited use only to pools that have metallic sides
  • Can only be used in above ground pool
  • Does not ship to some countries

2.      Doheny’s Deluxe 1.5HP SPL 1PH 115v Above Ground Pool Pump

This deluxe 1.5HP pool pump is a 2-variable speed, above ground pool pump designed to meet all the CSA and ETL requirements. It is equipped with a see-through strainer cover and a drain plug that makes it very easy to clean and maintain. It is also accessorized with a large holding basket with a convenient capacity which effectively saves time by reducing the frequency of emptying. It comes with some mechanical seals which are made from carborundum and graphite materials which significantly increases its durability and enhances its corrosion resistance. The pump system also boasts a programmable 24-hour controller and very quiet operation. It also comes with a very neat package and a user manual for easy installation and within 10 minutes, you can have it up and running. The motor is quite strong and durable further complementing the amazing design of the entire system.


  • Deficient noises while in operation
  • A stainless steel body construction that enhances the durability of the system
  • Come with a large, easy to clean filter basket that has a convenient capacity to reduce the number of emptying required.
  • Just like any other product from Doheny, it is quite affordable compared to other pool pumps in this category
  • Offers dependable performance and excellent results
  • Designed to meet all the CSA and ETL standards
  • Made from Corrosion proof materials


  • Not for use with storable pools
  • Not for use for pools with non-metallic sides

3.      Doheny’s 115-230v, 1HP In-ground Pool Pump

This is another bestselling above ground pool pump from Doheny’s, which mainly gets its high ranking from exceptional features and durability. Being a replacement pump, this system is capable of outperforming all the other pump systems in its category. It comes in a stainless steel construction which is further coupled with some integrated safety features that make it durable guaranteeing a long lifetime while in use.

The price of the unit is meager, putting it among the best quality products that come at an affordable rate. The installation process is straightforward and does not require a long tedious and complicated process to master. Its motor has a capacity to generate a relatively powerful flow rate which fits the requisites of any above ground pool perfectly. This is the best match for anybody looking for a high quality, durable, and reliable unit that delivers outstanding performance and comes at a fraction of the price among the big name brands. With a heavy-duty construction and advanced engineering, the unit is capable of providing high efficiency and very quiet operation.


  • With a 304-grade stainless steel motor shaft, this unit has a very reliable performance
  • Comes with a strainer basket whose capacity is convenient enough to minimize the number of times required to empty it
  • Its strainer cover is transparent allowing the user to check the system easily
  • Easy maintenance and installation process
  • Comes with a convenient strainer housing ring that eases the cover removal process
  • Enhanced with graphite mechanical seals, components designed to be corrosion proof with a reinforced thermoplastic material construction
  • The drain plug is convenient making maintenance easy


  • Does not ship to states like Canada
  • A bit noisy when in operation

4.      Doheny’s 1HP in-ground pool pump

This is a self-priming heavy duty in-ground pool pump from Doheny’s brand that delivers outstanding reliability and performance. It comes at a very competitive price compared to other brands that offer the same or less level of results. It is constructed and engineered with a high level of care to maximize its efficiency and minimize its noise. It comes with a corrosion free, a stainless motor shaft that is constructed with a stainless steel thermoplastic material to maximize its durability. This 1HP model is prewired with 115v of non-reversible connection. However, it is made ready for a 230v hardwire connection that is convertible to a 115v connection. It is also enhanced with a 2-inch union connection that makes suction easy with strategically fitted discharge ports


  • Comes at a great price
  • Heavy duty and high efficiency
  • Its connection sizes are 2 inches external and 1.5 internal respectively
  • Corrosion free motor shaft


  • Prewired for 115 volts non-reversible connection only
  • No customer service

Buyers Guide

When purchasing a new pool pump, your most important considerations should be the strength of the pump and the amount of energy consumed by your pump while in operation. The bigger the pool, the faster the turnover rate and hence the stronger the pool pump needed. There are local regulations that specify the minimum turnover rate to ensure safe and clean water. However, most people opt to exceed these turnover rates and go for a turnover rate of 8 to 10 hours. Energy efficient pool pumps are the best pick for either in-ground or above ground pools because most of them adhere to the standard environmental requirements. Energy efficient recommendation is to purchase a two speed or variable speed pool pump, large enough to effectively circulate all the water in your pool at least two times a day.

Additionally, there are three essential criteria that should be considered when working out exactly what you need for your pool pump. These include:

  • The maximum flow that the pump is capable of producing
  • Quality and reliability of the construction materials
  • The noise level

Finally, always keep in mind that your choice will be determined by the format and size of your pool.

The 4 Best Hayward Pool Filters To Buy in 2019

hayward pool filter

How to choose the Best Hayward Pool Filter

If you want to avoid gross, cloudy water and enjoy swimming in a clean pool, then a pool filter is something that you should consider investing in. Getting the right type of filter means that you fully understand all the terms related to a pool filter so that you can make an informed choice when selecting the dimensions and specifications of your pool filter. There are three major types of pool filters namely:

  • Sand Filters: These are mostly preferred by in-ground pool owners because of their ease of maintenance and affordability. They function by trapping all the debris particles through a large sandy bed that filters them as precisely as 20 microns. The sand filters are not convenient for large debris. Cleaning these types of filters includes a backwashing process. The sand is easy to maintain as it only requires to be replaced every 5 to 7 years, depending on the location of your pool.
  • Cartridge Filters: Modern day pool experts speak highly of cartridge pool filters because they are quite easy to maintain and can filter down 5-10 microns. This type uses a very thin cloth that filters out particles and debris from your pool.
  • Diatomaceous Earth Filters: This is the most recently introduced method of pool water filtration that combines a cartridge style with a natural substance referred to as Diatomaceous Earth, a natural material that is ground into a fine powder and used as a filter to remove particles as minute as 3 microns

In this post, we are going to look at some of the highest rated pool filters from Hayward Brand.

1.      Hayward S31OT2 Pro-Series 30 inch Top Mount Sand Filter

This sand filter made specifically for in-ground pools comes in five different sizes. It is a top mounted type of filter that can be easily set up for immediate functionality. It is designed in such a way that is capable of acquiring the best speed flow possible at any pressure level, making it one of the most effective ways to clean your pool. The Hayward brand has specifically designed this pool filter to be an easy maintenance unit. The sand inside the filter is strategically spread for a maximum filtration process that leaves you with crystal clear water and pleasant swimming experience.

It is also important to note that the S310T2 series is energy efficient, a perfect pick for saving you money on utility bills while at the same time featuring immense reliability and function. The backwashing process is quite easy and can be done within a few minutes.


  • Comes with a Vari-Flow valve that enhances maximum flow at any pressure level
  • Quick and easy installation and backwashing process
  • It is an energy efficient unit
  • Designed for durability with long-lasting creation materials
  • Strategically spread sand for a maximum filtration process


  • Maintenance is often needed
  • More pressure application is needed when there is too much debris on the sand.

2.      Hayward Pool Filter S244S Pro-Series 1-1/2 inch Vari-Flow Valve

This is one of the latest additions from Hayward in the classification of pool filters. The filter is designed using corrosion free thermoplastic materials featuring one of the most advanced lateral, self-cleaning drainage system that allows a smooth, consistent flow and a well-balanced backwashing process. It also features a rugged filter based mold which is designed for durability and all-weather performance. The unit is also very easy to install and requires very minimal maintenance. In case of a pressure drop, the unit is enhanced with a 6-position vari- flow valve that improves the flow significantly.


  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • A 6 positions vari-flow valve that improves the flow even when there is a drop in pressure
  • The unit is designed to be long lasting, accessorized with a rugged plastic filter base that provides excellent performance in all weathers
  • Comes with a self-cleaning lateral drain system


  • Requires regular maintenance
  • It’s not resistant to rust especially in salt water

3.      Hayward C5030 525 Square Foot SwimClear Cartridge Filter

Hayward released this cartridge filter model in 5 different sizes. It is both strong and heavy duty unit that effectively resists harsh heat or cold and any other element hence working excellently in any location. It has a Noryl outer shell, a strong co-polymer material that is additionally reinforced with glass. The debris filtration area is large enough so that you do not have to regularly service the unit. This is further enhanced by the ability to hold quite a large amount of debris and dirt before it needs to be cleaned.

Once cleaning is done, opening the system and removing the filters for hosing is a very easy task that can be done within a very short time, usually in minutes. Regular maintenance can also be done without necessarily having to interfere or mess with any pipes at all. It also has a self-aligning bottom and top halves that further eases the maintenance and installation process for you.


  • Clean out is mate easy and fast by the 1 and ½ inch drainage
  • It has a low profile base tank that is very easy to work with
  • Its Bulkhead is created using a strong Noryl Material
  • It comes in a simple design for easy maintenance and servicing


  • Although the installation process is easy, it can be quite expensive
  • Cartridge filters have to be replaced after every 3 years

4.      Hayward CC15093s XStream Full-Flo Horsepower Filtration Filter

This is an excellent choice for any large, above ground pool. It is strategically designed to withstand any outdoor elements that can affect an above ground pool filter. The unit is reinforced with glass making it sturdy and non-corrosive to last a very long time before the need for a replacement.

It comes with a 1.5HP motor that is strong enough to keep the pump running in good condition for its entire lifetime. There are hooks fitted in and out of the filter that allows for different types of pumps or other plumbing devices to be connected to the unit, making this filter one of the most compatible model. Based on the manufacturer’s specification, this filter is suitable for servicing large pools that have a capacity to hold up to 57,000 gallons of water, enhanced by its large filtration capacity. The large filtration service area is also great for a quick water turnover or any large above ground pool.


  • Comes with extra safety features for better efficiency and closure
  • Equal filtration for a longer cartridge life
  • Made from heat resistant and weatherproof materials
  • Comes with flexible plumbing options
  • Equipped with a 1.5 Hp motor


  • Just like in any other cartridge filter, the installation can be quite expensive
  • It requires to be replaced often, usually after every 3 years

Buying Guide

Depending on your preference or what you have in mind for your pool, any filter can do an excellent job. However, most pool experts recommend cartridge filters especially for large pools because they are more precise in the filtration of particles and debris. They also do not require backwashing like their counterparts, the sand filters. However if you are looking for a budget unit and you do not mind very minute particles in your pool you can always go for a sand filter, which is also very good. Similarly, if you want the clearest water in your pool, a D.E filter is also an option. Still, you have to keep in mind the type of pool you own because what works for an in-ground pool may not necessarily work for an above ground pool. You can always seek the opinion of a pool expert before purchasing a filter so that you are sure of the type of filter to go for.

The 4 Best Intex Pools To Buy in 2019

best intex pool

How to Pick the Best Intex Pool

When talking about above ground pool reviews, we are basically looking at the key specification of each product from the construction materials, dimensions, colors, and the pool’s accessories. We often look at the top-rated product so that a customer is able to easily find the perfect product to suit their requirements, as well as the most durable and safe products available in the market. In this post, we are going to look at the top-rated Intex pools. We will also look at the advantages and disadvantages of each product, while at the same time getting some information about the Intex brand.

Sometimes, while the manufacturer is marketing their product, they do not provide some essential information like the kind of filter, the warranties of the extra accessories and the overall performance of the pool. Intex, however, has come up with pools with all the specifications that a customer will need in order to make an informed decision when purchasing their products. An above ground pool is quite a huge investment for your family. It is therefore important to look at some reviews before you purchase one so that you are guaranteed of getting the safest, affordable and most durable product for your family.

Below are some of the highest rated Intex pools.

1.      Intex 15ft by 48inches metal frame pool set

This is the perfect summer treat for the whole family. It comes in a convenient shipping package that includes a sturdy ground cloth, a powerful pool pump, a cover to protect it from harsh weather, debris and dust while not in use, and a strong ladder that is slip resistant. The setting up of this pool is a walkover experience because the pieces are strategically made to fit into each other perfectly when assembling the pool. In case you still have a hard time figuring out what goes where, the package also comes with an instructional DVD with images that will guide you precisely on what you are supposed to do, so that within an hour, your pool is ready for water and the ultimate fun.


  • There is a thick band reinforced around the strong laminated wall to keep it in place.
  • Set is very easy and can be completed within an hour maximum.
  • The pool is equipped with a drain plug that connects to a garden hose for draining water from the pool.
  • It is also accessorized with a Krystal Clear Cartridge filter pump with a flow of 1,000 gph


  • The metallic stand supports easily rusts in time

2.      Intex 15ft by 42in Easy set up pool set

This large sized intex pool brings summer fun right out in your backyard, creating an oasis for your family and friends. Engineered using high-quality PVC material, this pool brings you years of nonstop fun while featuring adequate safety measures. It is also uniquely fitted with a Ground fault interrupter that automatically shuts out electric current the moment it detects the danger of water coming into contact with electricity.

It also has a large capacity of holding up to 3,284 gallons of water and fitted with a Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump with a powerful flow of 1,000gph, and a current of 110-120v. It is also fitted with dual suction outlets that enhance the water circulation for better clarity and superior hygiene of the water. The shipping package includes a strong and safe ladder, debris cover, ground cloth and a shipping weight of 92 pounds.


  • Easy setup
  • Tough and durable PVC walls construction
  • Superior water clarity and hygiene
  • Fitted with a ground fault interrupter for safety
  • Large water capacity of up to 3,284 gallons
  • Has a drain plug that connects the pool to a garden hose for an enhanced water drainage


  • Harsh weather conditions such as the sun can cause the inflatable top ring to dry out causing it to split and leak air.

3.      Intex 12ft by 30in Metal frame pool set

If you are looking for an above pool pump that features easy installation, durability, and safety for the kids, then this metal frame pool from intex is the right pick for you. This 12 feet wide circular pool allows children as young as 3 and 4 to swim freely in it. It is also convenient to contain the whole family and a few friends.

With a water capacity of 1,718 gallons, you can fill this pool up, have fun and this will have a very minute effect on your water utility bill. It is also fitted with a ground fault interrupter that automatically shuts off the pump if there is an impending danger of the pool water coming into contact with an electric current.

It is a relatively large pool, 24feet wide and 52 inches deep with a very convenient shipping weight of 58 pounds. It is also accessorized with a frame resin ladder which features a safety barrier, a very strategic spec, especially for small kids.


  • Its side walls are super tough laminated with a sturdy PVC material
  • Equipped with a Krystal Clear cartridge filter so that you can enjoy clear, refreshing water throughout.
  • Adequate water drainage
  • Has a 20 gauge vinyl liner fit making it usable under all weather conditions
  • An easy setup process
  • Has enough room for kids swimming fun


  • There have been some consumer complaints of the pool leaking after the first use.

4.      Intex 15ft by 48in easy setup pool

If you ever find yourself wondering what type of activities are best suited for your kids during the summer holidays, look no further as the Intex brand created an above ground pool perfect for kids. This circular inflatable pool can be set up by almost anyone within 15 minutes. It is equipped with a sturdy ladder for safety and a filter to keep the water clear and hygienic for the kids.

Although the pool is not meant for use during the cold winter months, it can be easily drained and folded for easy storage waiting to be used again when the weather is favorable.

It is made especially for kids with a water capacity of 736 gallons and a durable pump. The package also comes with a ground cloth, a debris cover, a ladder and a Krystal Clear cartridge filter pump with an average water flow of 1,000gph and a voltage power of 110-120v.


  • Fitted with a long lasting pump
  • Comes with a strong, durable ladder
  • Proper drainage of water from the pool by a drain plug connecting the pool to a garden hose
  • The sidewalls are strong and laminated with a sturdy PVC material
  • Also has a ground cloth and a debris cover


  • Very harsh sunny days can cause the inflated top ring to dry out making it split and leak air.

Buying Guide

An above ground pool is a much cheaper investment for your home compared to the in-ground permanent pool. Although they are not permanent or made from concrete materials, a good number of consumers have claimed of having their above ground pools for more than 40 years, of course with proper maintenance. When purchasing your above ground pool therefore, there are a few factors to consider so that the pool of your choice may last for as long as you would please. Below is a list of the available above ground pool creation materials that will give you an idea of what to expect when shopping for your pool

1.      Aluminum or steel above ground pools

These can come in either a rolled wall kind or a slat wall type. The configuration and material of your choice will depend entirely on your budget and preference.

2.      Resin plastic above ground pools

These are considered to be more durable than aluminum and steel material above ground pools. They are famed for holding up to harsh weather and long usage.

3.      Solid core above ground pools

These come with a sandwich wall made from 2in thick wall panels instead of rolled steel or aluminum walls. They last as long as in-ground pools, some even longer.

The 3 Best Hayward Pool Pumps To Buy in 2019

best hayward pool pump

How to Pick the Best Hayward Pool Pump

Pool pumps are at the heart of every swimming pool’s circulation system. This vital equipment is tasked with pulling the water from the pool and running it through the filtration system and the heater before it pushes the water back into the pool again. This basically means that if your pool pump is not working correctly or if it isn’t working at all, then the water in your pool will never be filtered effectively. This is not just dangerous for your health but it is also going to damage your pool’s systems rendering the pool unusable. If you’ve already made an expensive investment on a swimming pool, it’s only reasonable that you go a step further and make an equally crucial investment on the right pump that will get the job done correctly.

It’s impossible to discuss swimming pool solutions without mentioning Hayward. The company has been around for close to a century now. Throughout this period, they’ve been one of the leading manufacturers of some of the best pool equipment in the market. With experience stretching to 80+ years, their vastly-advanced manufacturing sites and highly-dedicated experts set the perfect tone for the creation of arguably the best pool equipment in the market. This explains why Hayward pool equipment such as pool pumps are one of the most bought and reviewed pool equipment in the market today.

Types of Pool Pumps

It will be a great injustice to you if we jumped straight into giving you the best Hayward pool pumps in the market without first giving you some information on the different types of pool pumps that exist out there.

When buying a pool pump, you’ll have a choice to make on between three key types of pool pumps:

a.    Single Speed

As the name suggests, single speed pool pumps are designed to operate at one set speed. The speed is usually set quite high to make sure that these pumps are usable in different types of pools under different conditions. While this is very effective in circulating the water through your pool, it is very costly particularly when it comes to energy consumption. This means that owning and operating a single speed pump is very expensive and it’s probably a poor investment for anyone who doesn’t do a lot of filtration and heating in their small or standard home pools.

While shopping for a pool pump, it’s important to know that some states do not allow the installation of single speed pool pumps. These include Arizona and California.

b.    Dual Speed

Dual speed pool pumps come with some flexibility. With these pumps, you are given a choice between a high and low-speed setting in a single unit. This means that you can decide to operate the pump at high speed if you are doing some thorough maintenance or if the pool size is too big. You can also choose to use it at low speed when there isn’t much maintenance to be done. Bear in mind that the choice in speed you make will also be reflected on your energy bills.

c.    Variable Speed

With variable speed pool pumps comes more freedom as far as speeds and energy consumption is concerned. These allow you to regulate the speeds of the pumps depending on your unique needs. This makes them a great buy for perhaps all pool owners out there. What’s even more incredible about them is the fact that they are long lasting and very quiet which means that you will no longer have to persevere the piercing noise that is associated with some of the single and dual speed pool pumps in the market.

Hayward has quite a number of pool pumps in the market. To make your shopping experience effortless, we did the tedious task of filtering through all the different types of Hayward pool pumps in the market. We then ended up with the following three pool pumps which tick all the boxes in every pool owner’s pool pump requirement.

1. Hayward SP1580 PowerFlo LX 1 HP Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The Hayward SP15780 is a heavy duty above-ground swimming pool pump designed to perform more than just the basic functions of a pump. Its durable construction makes it one of the longest lasting pool pumps in the market which means that you will get full value for your money for a very long time. Its construction has been boosted further by the corrosion-proof housing which allows it to withstand all weather conditions.

Digging deeper into the pool pump you will come across the motors that are designed with thermal overload protection. This means that you will never have to worry so much about power fluctuations hurting your pool pump motor. The motors are also protected from the clogging of debris by an impeller. Combine this with the industrial size debris basket and you get yourself a pool pump that gives you the freedom of laying back and resting easy knowing that your pool pump will do the necessary pool maintenance tasks without close supervision.

The dual speed Hayward SP1580 is also fitted with a drain plug which makes maintenance super easy.


  • Durable housing
  • Fitted with a drain plug for easy maintenance
  • Installation is easy
  • The high-performance motors are durable and protected from both clogging and thermal overload protection
  • You can convert the discharge orientation between horizontal and vertical through a simple push of a button


  • It quite costly

2. Hayward SP2610X152S Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

Hayward sets a new bar in terms of durability and overall performance of pool pumps with the Hayward SP2610X152S. This pump is designed with advanced technology that allows it to save on energy consumption without compromising on its performance as far as pool maintenance goes. This technology has also been utilized in the making of the pump’s impellers. These come with a significantly higher flow rate but incredibly enough, the horsepower used is a lot less than you’d typically expect.

It’s also due to this technology that even though the pump is designed for all types and sizes of spas and in-ground pools, it will still remain cost-effective even when it is used in small and standard swimming. In the end, the pool owner is left with an advanced pump that’s more than capable of handling all the relevant pool pumps with ease while keeping the energy bills within a reasonable range.

Another thing to love with this pool pump is its premium construction. This makes it extremely durable which translates to a longer lifespan. Consequently, you can expect to spend less cash on repairs or replacements.

Hayward has also fitted the pump with a huge, corrosion-proof and durable debris bag. Therefore, the frequency of emptying the bag is reduced significantly. You’ll also never have to guess on whether the debris bag is full or not since it is transparent. The corrosion-proof PermaGlass XL combined with the heavy-duty construction makes sure that the pump is ready for the tough outdoor surroundings and pool chemicals.


  • Works very quietly
  • It’s very easy to switch between the two speeds
  • Accessing the internal components is easy thanks to the 4-bolt system
  • Removing the strainer cover is a lot easier through the included hand knobs
  • It’s very cost-effective


  • When compared to other Hayward pumps such as the one discussed above, this particular pump was linked to a number of poor quality issues. That’s one of the reasons why it came second in our list.

3. Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

This particular pump from Hayward is designed for all large pool owners with either above-ground of on-ground swimming pools. It is engineered to significantly cut on the costs associated with the maintenance of large swimming pools. Through its energy-efficient construction, you will no longer have to persevere heavy energy bills.

Since the pool pump is made for big swimming pools, it is fitted with industrial size debris basket which allows for the collection of a lot of debris before the pool owner has to empty it.

The powerful motor used here comes with an automatic thermal overload guard. There is also an impeller that is fitted to prevent the debris from blocking the motor.


  • Industrial size debris basket
  • Durable motor
  • The discharge pipe is easy to connect
  • It’s easy to change the discharge orientation through the included button
  • Setting up the pump is very easy


  • The overall build quality is not as really that incredible
  • Removing the filter basket lid can be very difficult when it’s under vertical discharge position

Final Thoughts

Getting the right pool pump is a step in the right direction when it comes to pool maintenance and there are very few pool pumps that can match the above Hayward equipment. These will make your work a lot easier while ensuring that you do not pay a hefty price for it. It should also be noted that sometimes you may have to make a steep initial investment to get the right equipment. This means that you might have to buy a pump that’s a bit costlier than others in the market but one that’s more cost effective to run. With such a pump, you will save more cash in the long haul as compared to buying a cheap pump that will spike your energy bills.