The 4 Best Pool Filters to Buy in 2019

best pool filter

How to Pick the Best Pool Filters

The importance of a pool filter to your pool can only be compared to the importance of kidneys to the body. Although there are sanitizers like chlorine which are meant to eliminate contaminants and bacteria, a pool filter is the devices that actually removes the debris from the water. Without it, you would notice the water in your pool turning cloudy with debris, which is an automatic turn off for swimmers. Choosing the right filter for your pool does not entirely depend on the cost of the unit, although the price is certainly one of the factors you should consider. It is also important to go for a filter that is durable, easy to clean, use and maintain, and that will trap all the contaminants inside your pool. To make sure that you get the right filter for your pool, it is important to get a handle of all your options first.

Below is a list of reviews of some of the best selling pool filters.

1.      Hayward S270T Pro Series 27-inch Pool Sand filter

In the classification of in-ground pool filters, this is one of the best pool filters with the best ratings and reviews from customers. There is a reason why this is one of the most sought after pool filters including the fact that this gadget is corrosion proof, adverse weatherproof and designed using a polymeric construction material that is sturdy and enhanced with a patented six piston multiport valve. The valve is very easy to use and convenient. The machine operates through backwashing technology to ensure that the water in your pool stays crystal clear at all times. The deal is further sweetened by the user-friendliness of the gadget, affordability and the low maintenance feature of the filter.


  • The pool filter is constructed using durable weather resistant and corrosion free materials that are meant to withstand any type of contaminants or harsh weather conditions
  • It is equipped with a high capacity pressure drain for either water or sand which features speedy operation
  • The backwashing process is a simple task and works to ensure that your pool water is always crystal clear
  • The whole system is energy efficient and goes a long way in saving you some energy bills.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and features ease of use
  • Very reasonably priced despite being a high technology system
  • The system is from a great pro-active customer service brand.


  • The packaging of the product is not very pleasant because it is shipped with oversize cardboard with the product freely moving around inside.
  • Has only one year warranty
  • Quite heavy considering its relatively small size.

2.      Pentair 160301

This is a very innovative cartridge filter that comes with a well-sized filtration area that allows for the most precise dirt and impurities trapping. The filtration area is the best selling point of this filtration cartridge with a 420 square feet worth of filtration area. In addition, the filter features an impressive flow rate of up to 150 gallons every minute. The system flow rate can, however, be adjusted depending on the components of the overall system and the plumbing size. The system also features a speedy operation that can turn any filthy pool into a crystal clear pleasant and inviting pool within no time. The system is however not corrosion proof, but corrosion resistant, but very durable generally.


  • The system is NSF listed, with an adequate filtration area for better capacity and a drain out clean port.
  • Has both internal and manual high flow air relief valves
  • The 420 square feet filtration area promotes instant action enhanced further by a flow rate of 150 gallons of water per minute.
  • Constructed with sturdy materials which promote the durability of the system
  • Works perfectly of very large pools


  •  Depending on the frequency of use, the Pentair 160301 cartridge requires to be cleaned or replaced every year, just like any other regularly used cartridges.
  • The whole system is comparatively prices
  • Has a warranty of only one year.

3.      Hayward C5030 525 square foot swimclear cartridge filter

The Hayward brand is famed for the manufacture of sand filters, but they have recently revolutionized their single dimension persona with the production of the C5030 cartridge filter. This filter features an innovative cartridge technology accessorized with a cluster of 4 different recyclable elements for an immense capacity of up to 425 square feet and additional extended filter cycles.

Apart from the 4 cluster cartridge elements offering an impressive filtration area, which have a capacity to hold extra large amounts of impurities, the system has a number of other brilliant features that makes it ideal for any private or public pool. These features include a large tamper proof clamp meant to precisely hold together the two-piece unit and offer easy access to the innards of the system. This simplifies the repairs and maintenance task, whenever they are needed. The diversity of the system is further enhanced by the CPVC union that connects it to both 2 and 2.5-inch piping units. This connection offers extreme performance with a 2-inch internal flow piping.


  • Has a 2.5 inbuilt drain that enhances a fast clean out
  • The system is built in a quirky design that allows the user to easily dismantle the elements of the cartridge
  • This sturdy system is capable of withstanding high heat, thanks to the Noryl bulkhead
  • Compared to sand filters, this system required very little maintenance, and sometimes, none at all
  • The unit is perfect for water preservation


  • Some customers have complained about having issues with the manifold of the system
  • The cartridge is a bit expensive
  • It needs to be replaced

4.      Hayward DE4820 Pro-Grid Vertical DE Pool filter

This is a vertical grid filter from the Hayward brand designed for spas and various types and sizes of in-ground pools. From the name of the unit, this is a DE filter that functions by pushing unpurified water into the filtration elements before evenly distributing the DE elements. The model is designed with a one-piece heavy duty clamp that fits the tank and the bottom bit of the filter together. This improves convenience and makes the system easy to use and easy to reach to the innards.


  • It is constructed using durable non-corrosive materials that guarantee a hassle-free performance and maintenance
  • Available in different sizes
  • Constructed using Perma Glass, which further improves the durability of the filter
  • The filter is equipped with a high impact and air relief grid elements with additional pressure and cleaning gauge indicator


  • The package does not include a user manual
  • The pictures displayed on the online stores do not match with the real equipment
  • The package is not very appealing considering the price tag of the unit.

Buying Guide

When looking for the right pool filter to purchase, always bear in mind that there the one-size-fits-all formula does not apply to these units. In other words, the right filter will depend on your budget and the size of your pool. However, the general performance of your pool filter will be determined by the size of the unit, which is the key factor and some other minute factors. Guessing the overall size of your pool with result in choosing the wrong type of a filter. Below are some tips that can help you to correctly determine the size of your pool

a)      Calculate the total volume of your pool. You can get a plumber to do this for you so that you are assured of preciseness.

b)      Convert your pool capacity into gallons

c)      Calculate the exact water flow rate

d)      Get the filter that is ideal for the measurements above

e)      Always go for a filter that is at least a size bigger

The 3 Best Pool Heaters to Buy in 2019

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How to pick the Best Pool Heater in 2019

For a proper sizing and analyzing of the appropriate pool heater for your pool, you will require a trained pool professional to perform a proper sizing for you and give you the exact size of the pool heater you should get. Getting the appropriate pool heater involves various factors which include determining the surface area of the pool and the difference between the average surrounding air temperature in comparison with the normal temperature of the pool. There are also other outdoor factors that might affect the heating load of your heater which includes the level of humidity, wind exposure and the temperatures of cool nights. Therefore if you live in an area with wind speeds that are higher than average, cool nights and low humidity, you might want to consider getting a large heater for your pool.

Rating pool heaters is done by looking at the horsepower and BTU output. The standard sizes in the market are 3.5hp for 75,000 horsepower, 5hp for a 100,000 btu and 6hp for a 125,000 btu. Below is a review of some of the highest rated pool heaters.

1.      Pentair 460736 MasterTemp

In terms of heating efficiency, the Pentair 460736 is a pacesetter among the pool heaters being manufactured in the modern day. It harnesses the heating power of natural gas with an output production of up to 400,000 BTU. It has a capacity to heat up pools with a capacity of 40,000 gallons of water. This makes this system the best choice for any in-ground pool or users who are liking for a comfortable quick dip in the pool. In addition to its unique heating capability, this Pentair heating system also features a rotating digital display that is user-friendly, complete with digital control accessories. Other accessories include a water pressure switch, an electronic ignition, a stack flue sensor and a high limit switch which keeps it running for as much as it is required.


  • Is capable of heating even the largest pools within a very short time
  • Comes with user-friendly digital controls
  • Its exterior is corrosion resistant
  • An excellent choice for energy conservation


  •  Although it is energy efficient, it is very costly to maintain
  • High maintenance system

2.      Hayward HP50TA Titanium Residential Heater

This Titanium heater from Hayward may have a shortcoming in its BTU feature but it makes up for it by having a very high water holding capacity of up to 15,000 gallons at each service. It is super efficient especially in energy-saving although it costs slightly more than the standard electric heater. It comes with an 84% energy saving efficiency rate that will go a long way in saving you a considerable amount of utility bill money. It defied the big and bulky design of other ordinary pool heaters featuring a small built design that adds up to its user-friendliness. It comes with a gold-coated evaporator coil, a titanium heat exchanger that is resistant to corrosion, and an LED digital control system that will give you total control over the system with just a click of a button. It is also very quiet while in operation, making it ideal for heating a pool at any time. It also features a durable polypropylene exterior, adding to its life longevity.


  • Compact and lightweight feature making the system easy to handle
  • Comes with a high-end titanium heat exchanger
  • It’s resistant to corrosion
  • Its equipped with modern LED digital controls
  • Energy efficient
  • It is very quiet while in operation.


  •  Costly considering its low BTU output

3.      RayPak 001640 Electric Spa Heater

As far as electric pool and spa heaters are concerned, this is one of the highest rated product, although not very popular with pool owners due to its label that presents it as a spa heater. It is designed to provide high-efficiency performance making it the perfect choice for heating relatively small above ground pools. As much as this device does not meet the standard NOX requirements, it, however, designed with a corrosion free made to last a lifetime with an efficiency rating of 80%, earning it a place in the high durability and quality category.

With an output of 38,000 BTU and a power capacity of 11kw, this heater is not recommended for large pools. It, however, comes with heavy duty heating qualities, high level of temperature regulation control, power switches that control the pressure and a high-efficiency thermostat. Its performance cannot be questioned especially in small above ground pools and spas.


  • A low-cost small pool heating solution
  • Designed beautifully and constructed to last
  • Has an easy installation


  • Not recommended for large pools
  • Does not meet the NOx none-mission standards

4.      Hayward H150FDNUniversal H-Series Pool and Spa Heater

This universal H-series pool heater is another model that shows the dedication of the Hayward brand in producing top quality and best selling products. This series specifically boasts energy efficient and unique hydraulic performance. In just one hour, this H-series pool heater is able to heat up to 800 gallons pool by 30 degrees. It features a technology that reduces the overall pump circulation which means you can use it anytime in any season without much of a difference in your utility bill. Just like its counterparts from Hayward brand, this system is enhanced with a hydraulic performance that presents the highest quality thermal operations. For energy conscious pool owners, this unit stands out in the line of modern best-performing heaters, especially since it has been accessorized with cupro-nickel combustion chambers. A polymer header, corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, dual thermostat, LED digital control system, and electronic ignition, all meant to give this system that extra advantage over the others in this category. The manufacturer has also specially designed this unit with versatility in mind and with the cupro-nickel combustion chambers, this unit can be used in either saltwater and chlorinated pools without fear of corrosion. It also comes with ports on either side to give the user an easy installation process and a pleasant connection to an electricity source.


  • Heats pool water very quickly
  • Easy to install, connect and use
  • Energy efficient
  • Fairly priced considering all the perks that come with this system


  • It is noisy when in operation

Buyers Guide

It is not a pleasant experience not having to enjoy your pool in a few specific months of the year due to seasonal changes and bad weather. A pool heater is an investment that you will find worthwhile having, whether you own an above ground or an in-ground pool. Choosing the right pool heater is not rocket science although it may involve a bit of planning and considerations. From most reviews, you will find that most customers are recommending a certain model of pools heaters, without stressing the importance of getting the correct size for your pool. Swimming pools are located in different places, each with a different climate. Therefore, when choosing the right pool heater, you will be required to do some basic math that involves calculating the temperature difference and the surface area of your pool. Heaters usually come with a sizing chart that will help you compare your math with the dimensions of the heater’s chart.

Other factors that you should consider include energy efficiency, brand recognition, your budget and the ease of installation and use. Each heater will have a coefficient of performance number labeled on it. This is the unit used to measure the efficiency of the heater, therefore, the higher the number, the more efficient you would expect the heater to be. There are pool heaters who will, however, operate depending on the temperature of the surrounding area. This is what determines their coefficient of performance. Additionally, the installation of your heater will further optimize its efficiency. It is therefore advisable to have a pool technician present during the installation process.

The 4 Best Pool Vacuums to Buy in 2019

best pool vacuum

How to Pick the Best Pool Vacuum

Pool Vacuum cleaners are mainly categorized into two namely, manual and automated vacuums. A manual pool vacuum consists of a head attached to a tele-pole and a hose that bridges it to the special skimmer box. Manual pool Vacuums required the user to manually move the machine around the pool by hand, more like the way it is done when vacuuming the floor inside the house. An automatic pool vacuum, on the other hand, is capable of cleaning debris from the bottom of the pool with little or no intervention from the user. It comes with an automatic drive technology that enables it to move freely around the pool collecting sediments by itself. There are a lot of different pool vacuum models from different brands available in the market today, each special in its own way. In this post, we are going to review some of the highest rated pool vacuums.

1.      Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Pool Cleaner

This is among the highest rated models available both online and in physical stores all over the world. It’s an electric powered robotic gadget, which means that it consumes very little energy compared to pressure or suction cleaners. It is accessorized with a smart digital scanning technology that detects all dirt particle for an extra precise cleaning mechanism. The filter cartridges on this automatic vacuum cleaner can be easily accessed from the top of the gadget for cleaning and maintenance purposes. This increases their lifetime longevity to a significant extent. The Nautilus CC plus model has three different programming modes for either daily operation, after every three days or every other day which lets the owner to either maximize cleanliness, if they are fine with a higher utility bill, or set to energy saving regular cleaning mode. There is no need for daily cleaning really because this machine is very precise in doing its job. However, when it comes to cleaning steps inside the pool, this device is not very effective, a very common problem in automatic vacuum pool cleaners


  • Has a very little effect on your utility bill
  • It’s robotic and very precise
  • Easy to program
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Equipped with a scanning technology for preciseness.


  • It is not very efficient when it comes to cleaning pool steps.

2.      Dolphin Premier In-Ground Pool Robotic Vacuum

This model works best in in-ground pools. Right from the design to the performance, this machine excels in all ways with very impressive compatibility with very many different cartridges and filters and a leaf bag of any size. It is equipped with very effective DC motors, making it the best value for money. Its performance has earned it a place among the top rated pool vacuum cleaners, with its features complementing it further. It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty which shows that the manufacturer has taken extra precaution in developing this model to make is one of the models with the highest form of brand protection. The warranty is a sign that the manufacturer really believes in the service and performance of this product. Although its price is slightly on the higher side, its features and excellent performance make this machine worth every penny spent on it.


  • Compatible with different filter cartridges and leaf bags
  • Comes with a very effective motor
  • Three years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Very precise in cleaning


  • Very expensive

3.      Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Automatic Pool Cleaner

This is an example of an excellent pressure side pool vacuum cleaner. Its performance is excellent even with the absence of a booster pump. This model can be run straight from the main pump which would save the user a significant amount of money compared to other models that require a booster pump to operate. Installation of this piece is not rocket science and even people who have never used a pool vacuum cleaner before can install it within 20 minutes. The Vac-Sweep automatic cleaner has no comparison when it comes to getting rid of large dev=bris and leaves from your pool, outperforming most devices in its category. Another impressive perk about this model is that it does not cost an arm and a leg. It is fairly priced considering its excellent performance and easy maintenance/installation. The instructions on the user manual are however not very helpful, which a very unfortunate factor considering the greatness of such a model.


  • Does not require a booster pump
  • Easily installed
  • Excellent at removing large debris
  • Fairly priced


  • The instruction on the user manual is underwhelming

4.      Hayward AquaNaut 400 Suction Side In-ground Pool Cleaner

Among the suction side models classification, the Hayward AquaNaut 400 is among the leading models, both in design and performance. It comes with a four-wheel drive, making it an impeccable and unparalleled design among pool cleaners. This feature lets it cover every corner of your pool in half the time taken by other vacuum cleaners. It is further accessorized with roller skirt that enables it to maintain suction, even when passing through uneven surfaces and corers in your pool. The AquaNaut model is compatible with a number of variable speed bumps, which is a very extraordinary feature given that most models do not feature this factor. This model is further enhanced with a sequence of programmable steering, which meant that it is possible to optimize this machine to match the shape of your pool for thorough cleaning performance. However, if the suction is not powerful enough, the machine cannot be able to climb steep walls of the pool to clean, a downside that is shared by all other suction pool cleaners. With a low suction power, it can still do a commendable job on the floor of the pool alone. The bottom line is, among the models of suction cleaners, the Hayward AquaNaut pools cleaner is the best choice.


  • Four-wheel drive accessory
  • Roller skirt for a better suction
  • Compatible with variable speed bumps
  • Has a programmable steering sequence


  • Struggle with cleaning the walls of the pool is the suction power is low.

Buyers Guide

There are three main types of pool vacuum cleaners available in the market and if you are not sure how each of them works, you might get a product and regret your choice later on. The three types include Robotic, pressure and suction vacuum pool cleaners. Robotic vacuum cleaners are the easiest to install since they do not require to be connected to the pool’s pump system. They only need an electric outlet to function. They are however a bit more expensive as compare to the other two.

Pressure side pool vacuum cleaners, on the other hand, can be connected directly to the pool’s pump system. They utilize the pressure provided by water getting into the pool after passing through the pump. This is basically where the name Pressure-side is derived from.  Although they are not as easy to install as the robotic cleaners, their set up is quite easy.

The last one on our list is from the suction side models which are the inverse model of the pressure side kind. They are attached to the suction side of your main pool pump so that they can take advantage of the suction facilitated by the pump to move around the pool while picking up debris. They are the lowest priced models, making them the perfect choice for budget pool owners. Although the setup process of these models can be tricky, they never require booster pumps to function, making the user-friendly to some extent.

If you only consider your budget when getting a vacuum pool cleaner, you might end up investing in the wrong type of model. It is therefore advisable to first access your pool and its needs and link your pool to the appropriate model that is most likely able to address those needs.

The 3 Best Pentair Pool Pumps To Buy in 2019

best pentair pool pump

How to Pick the Best Pentair Pool Pump

Pool maintenance is very crucial but most people don’t give it the seriousness it deserves. It’s only through proper maintenance that your pool will remain usable. Ignore your pool maintenance tasks and your entire investment on it will go down the drain. It’s as simple as that.

At the core of every pool maintenance task is a pool pump. This is the gadget that draws water from the pool, pushes it through the filtration system, heater and other units where the water is cleaned and warmed up before it is finally returned into the pool. The clean water won’t just make the pool hygienic but it’ll also make it superb to look at. That’s pretty much every pool owner’s dream.

When discussing pool pumps a few companies have to pop up and Pentair is one of them. Pentair has been in this industry for quite some time now. They have a decent reputation for making some really incredible pool accessories. One of their successful product categories is pool pumps. Pentair has quite a number of pool pumps in the market today. We have to admit that not all of them are that good but they do have some outstanding ones. In today’s guide, we will be discussing some of the best Pentair pool pumps available at the moment. But before all that, let’s first give you a quick run on some of the things that you need to look out for when shopping for a pool pump.

Pool Pump Buying Guide

Consider the following factors before splashing your cash on any pool pump;

  • Pool Size – Your pool size should inform your decision when buying a pool pump. Like you can guess, a small swimming pool is better served by a mid-sized pool pump. Such a pump won’t just keep the pool clean but it will also help in keeping energy consumption within a reasonable range. On the other hand, a big pool pump is required to handle the huge capacity of big pools efficiently.
  • Noise Output – You’ll never value the calmness of a quiet backyard until you end up with a noisy pool pump. It’s vital that you consider the noise output of all pool pumps before you decide to purchase them. Check out the rating and user reviews on the same.
  • Saltwater compatibility – If you use salt water in disinfecting your pool, you’ll need to check whether the pool pump you’re buying can work with the water otherwise you will end up with useless equipment.
  • Frequency of using the pool – You’re better off with a standard pump if you usually open your pool during summer and shut it until the next summer. Meanwhile, commercial swimming pools and others which operate throughout the year require a more advanced and variable-speed pump that can meet the huge demands of such pools.
  • For the sake of long-term performance, you may want to invest in a self-priming pump that is normally designed with a pre-filter.

Top 3 Pentair Pool Pumps

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High-Performance Single Speed Pool Pump

The Pentair 340039 is one of the few single speed pool pumps that tick all the boxes as far as performance and efficiency are concerned. Not only is this pump so effective in its duties, but it is also incredibly quiet. This allows you to perform all your pool maintenance tasks without interfering with your home surrounding. This has been achieved by the integration of advanced technology. It’s also through this tech that the pump has managed to remain reliable even under the most challenging of conditions.

The pump features a thick body and durable motors. These are engineered for more than just the basic functions of a typical pool pump. They will handle intensive cleaning and the heavy-duty construction makes sure that you will get full value for your money for a very long time.

The Pentair 340039 is also fitted with an industrial size strainer. This will make your work easy as it reduces the frequency of cleaning it. The transparent lid also makes it very easy to inspect the interiors. You will also love the quick and easy startup of this pump thanks to its self-priming capability.


  • The hydraulic design makes it extremely quiet
  • It works with different types of cleaning systems
  • It is very easy to operate
  • The motor is energy efficient
  • Durable


  • Cleaning the inside of the filter basket may prove challenging since it narrows towards the end.

Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo Variable Speed High-Performance Pool Pump

The Pentair 011018 is a very popular pool pump and there are good reasons behind it. First of all, it’s a variable speed pump which means that you will have full control over the speed at which it operates. This means that it can work with almost all pool types and sizes with ease. Ultimately, the energy consumption of the pump is mostly left at the hands of the pool owner who’s controlling the speed of the pump.

While on the subject of energy consumption, it’s vital we mention that this pump can help you save up to 90% in energy consumption! Yes, that’s an insane figure and it’s perhaps one of the few features that make it stand out from the rest of the pumps available today.

Its energy efficiency has been achieved in various ways; First, the pump is designed with advanced technology that allows it to save on energy without affecting its performance. Secondly, users will be in a position to choose between eight different programmable speed settings. These make it easier to select a speed that is appropriate for their pool size and type. When compared to traditional pool pumps with a single speed setting, the Pentair speed flexibility proves to be very efficient and cost-effective.

Another reason to love the Pentair 011018 is its compatibility with numerous pool and spas systems. You can use this pump with Intellitouch, SunTouch and EasyTouch Pool control systems. Therefore, the pump will make life in your unique spa and pool convenient and effortless. Pentair 011018 can also be integrated with spa jets, lighting and heating systems, and other water features for the ultimate pool/spa experience.


  • It has 8-speed settings
  • It is fitted with an inbuilt timer to improve energy efficiency
  • Durable
  • Powerful motors
  • The fan is protected against most external factors


  • It feels bulky

Pentair 342001 SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pool Pump

It’s not every day that you come across a variable speed pool pump that can run on either 115V or 230V power. In most cases, pool owners are usually forced to do costly and tedious rewiring to get their pool pumps running. The Pentair 342001 will easily work with most existing wiring systems and its accessible wiring compartment will make your connection work quick and simple.

Apart from easy installation, the Pentair 342001 is also very easy to use. The unit features a digital control display which allows you to access and customize the various functions of the pump with ease.

The Pentair 342001 has three-speed settings but surprisingly, the most interesting bit here is its automatic shut off ability. Through this feature, the pump will switch from one speed to another should it detect that the speed selected is higher than necessary. This will go a long way towards keeping your energy bills low.


  • It is very power efficient
  • It works quietly
  • Easy to install and use
  • It’s compatible with most domestic voltage ratings
  • It comes with three-speed options


  • It’s quite heavy
  • It takes quite some time to prime

Final Thoughts

With the above information, you don’t just know the best Pentair pool pumps in the market at the moment, but you also understand what exactly makes them great. The brief buying guide should also prove very useful should you decide to compare the pumps against other brands. All in all, we believe that you’re now in a better position to make an informed decision when shopping for a pump.