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15 Pool Accessories You Need to Buy in 2020

The coolest Pool Accessories You ‘ll ever need

There is no doubt that your swimming pool provides you with a great deal of pleasure. At the same time, pool maintenance and care can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Obviously, it would be great if we didn’t need pool accessories at all. It would be preferable to most of us if a swimming pool could take care of everything on its own. However, as you already know, this is not the case. There are a number of important pool accessories that you are going to need to keep on hand. This is to ensure you are doing everything to care for what is likely a sizable investment on your part.

For a new swimming pool owner, the sheer range and variety of accessories available can strike you as a bit daunting. Which products are important? Which pool accessories do I need? These are the questions we are going to answer here today. These are the accessories you should absolutely have in your possession. Doing so will ensure you will be ready for any situation. It also allows you to handle virtually all pool maintenance needs on your own. As you will find, taking care of your swimming pool really isn’t all that difficult. It more or less comes down to reading directions carefully, as well as consistency in the maintenance itself.

The Top 15 Most Important Pool Accessories

To be clear, you certainly don’t need every single pool accessory currently available. That is as costly as it is absurd. At the same time, paying a little now for the most important pool accessories and supplies will generally go a long way towards ensuring you don’t have to pay more later on. There are also obviously accessories that are designed to enhance your enjoyment of the pool. We will try to draw examples that offer maintenance qualities, as well as examples that let you get more exercise and overall pleasure.

Keeping that thought in mind, let’s take a closer look at the top accessories for your swimming pool. We would suggest researching each of these picks in greater detail on your own. Almost everything we mention here comes in a variety of styles and sizes, and from different manufacturers:

  1. Shock: Swimming pool maintenance tends to be a lot easier than being made to return your swimming pool to a healthy condition. Shock is a really good example of that. Shock works in conjunction with your chlorine levels to essentially “shock” your swimming pool with a super-dose of chlorine. This kills unnecessary bacteria in the pool, which includes algae.
  2. Testing Strips: This is one of the most important pool accessories out there. These strips allow you to easily determine the overall conditions in your swimming pool. A testing strip will show you in no uncertain terms if any chemicals need to be added.
  3. Pool Skimmer: You have probably seen one of these layings around at a hotel or public swimming pool. Skimmers consist of a long, flat net. This is then attached to a long pool. By skimming the net along the edge of the water, you can pick up items like leaves, dirt, and other things you don’t want in the water.
  4. Pool Floats/Loungers: Not everything associated with your swimming pool has to be about the cleanup and general maintenance. Other accessories are designed to help you enjoy your pool in new and exciting ways. A pool float or lounger is the perfect example of what we mean. The best ones in this category will allow you to lay back, relax, and float peacefully on the water. Some loungers come with features like cupholders.
  5. Pool toys: If you have children, then you are definitely going to want to have some pool toys lying around! There are literally hundreds of different pool toys and pool games on the market. Diving sticks are a good example. The same can be said for a swimming pool volleyball net. There is also some excellent pool catch toys/games available.
  6. Manual Vacuum: The head of this vacuum should make it very easy to spot clean your swimming pool as needed. This will naturally include those hard-to-reach corners, as well. The house may need to be purchased separately. Also, most skimmer poles can be used with a manual vacuum.
  7. Pool Brush: This is another product that can be attached to the pole used for pool skimming. You will simply attach the brush to the pole, cleaning along the sides of your swimming pool. You can find granite pool brushes, concrete pool brushes, and plaster pool brushes. The brush makes dealing with algae a snap.
  8. Rechargeable Pool Light: There are a lot of different lighting products for swimming pools out there. A rechargeable pool light is a nice idea for offering an unobtrusive lighting source for enjoying your pool in the evening. A battery-powered light is easy to use, easy to charge and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
  9. Swimming Pool Covers: This is one particular accessory that some find stressful when it comes to finding the best cover for their swimming pool. As you will learn, there are quite a few different options out there. A winter swimming pool cover protects your pool during the winter, while simultaneously preventing an accident. A leaf cover can also be purchased, which is generally put on top of the wintertime swimming pool cover. This makes it easy to remove leaves. If you live in an area with a lot of leafy, large trees, you will probably need a leaf cover. Finally, you have the option of also purchasing a solar swimming pool blanket. While not absolutely necessary, it does extend the life of your pool at certain points in the year. This is because not only does the blanket prevent water from evaporating, but it also gives you the ability to keep the pool warm during the cooler months.
  10. Beach Towels: This may seem obvious, but many people fail to appreciate the convenience of keeping beach towels around when the pool is in use. It is a good idea to have separate towels for the pool whenever it is possible. Having beach towels around will also prevent the likelihood of ruining your nicer towels.
  11. Waterproof Smartphone Case: In this day and age, almost all of us own smartphones. Almost all of us are going to use them near or even in the water at some point during the summer and other warm periods. Don’t forget that you can also use your smartphone to download and utilize the pool maintenance app of your choice. For these reasons, make sure you have a phone case with a stellar reputation for preventing damage due to water or full submersion.
  12. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: This is a relatively new addition to the world of swimming pool accessories. Nonetheless, for our money, it is perhaps one of the most appealing and useful accessories you will ever own. As the name implies, these speakers can be run through your smartphone (another reason to make sure you have a waterproof smartphone case!). They provide high-quality sound that ensures you don’t have to worry about water causing damage to the speakers themselves. If you plan to entertain at your pool during the summer, this accessory is going to strike you as being absolutely necessary!
  13. Swimming Goggles: This is another one that sometimes doesn’t occur to people until it’s too late. They are particularly useful for young children, but anyone who plans to use their swimming pool for daily exercise (such as swimming laps) will probably want to have a couple of pairs on hand. Even if you maintain a perfect balance with the chemicals and other levels in your water, you will probably want to invest in some swimming goggles.
  14. Liner Repair Kit: The last thing you want with your swimming pool is to deal with rips, punctures, or other types of tears. Thankfully, a good liner repair kit should be able to handle almost anything. You should always make it a point to deal with such damage as quickly as possible. It is very easy for a small piece of damage to your swimming pool to become more serious, and therefore more costly, as time goes on.
  15. Filter Cleaner: Finally, we highlight one of the most useful, and crucial, swimming pool accessories you are going to want to get. The quality of your swimming pool is very keenly connected to the overall condition of your filter. Cleaning the filter means removing unwanted residue and other unwanted elements. This ensures your filter will be able to service your swimming pool in flawless fashion.


Equipment storage, safety latches, and even safety alarms are a few more accessories you may want to investigate. Resist the urge to buy something just because you think you’ll need it. Researching the different products, determine ahead of time which ones you know you will use. More likely than not, the 15 pool accessories we have covered here will qualify.

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