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How to Clean your Hot Tub Filter: The Complete Guide

How to Clean Hot Tub Filter

Have you ever wondered what the most efficient way to clean your hot tub filter is? Want to know how to tell whether the hot tub filter needs to be cleaned or not? Read on. We answer all of your burning questions on this page!

Why You Need to Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

When you own a hot tub, you want to ensure that the water is as clean as possible, right? After all, the last thing you want to be doing is bathing in filth. Of course, the main job of the hot tub filter is to take all of this grime out of the water. If your hot tub filter is working correctly, and the chemical balance is good, this would mean that your water is going to be clear and a true joy to bathe in.

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In addition to this, if the filter is clogged, it puts a ton of pressure on the various components of the hot tub. After all, if there is a lot of grime floating about in the water, the various pumps will need to work a lot harder to keep everything circulating properly. Generally speaking, if something goes wrong with the pumps in the hot tub, it is likely that the issue is down to the filters being clogged. This is why most hot tub warranties are void if you haven’t changed your filters in a while!

When Do You Know Your Hot Tub Filter Needs Cleaning?

At the very minimum, you should be cleaning your hot tub filters every 3-months. This is how often you should be emptying the hot tub, so you may as well be cleaning your filters at the same time. It isn’t something that takes too long. Of course, there may be times where you need to clean out your filter a little bit more frequently. These tips will help you out.

The color of the water

If the water in your hot tub is starting to get a little bit cloudy, then this could indicate that you need to clean your filters sooner as opposed to later. That being said, cloudy water does not always indicate that the filters are ‘clogged’. It could also indicate that the chemicals in the water are a little bit of sync. 

We suggest that you try and ‘shock’ the water first (using a non-chlorine hot tub shock) and if that doesn’t seem to clear up the cloudiness or discoloration in the water, then you may want to give your filters a good clean.

Is there any dirt floating in the water?

Generally speaking, your hot tub should be pretty good at filtering out dirt and grime in the water. If you spot a lot of it floating about (including small dead insects), then there is a good chance that your filter is not working efficiently and it could do with a good clean!

The Smell of the Water

If the filter has a little bit of an odd scent, then there is a good chance that there is a problem with the filter that needs to be rectified. That, or there could be a small issue with the number of chemicals you have in the water. Although, we are positive that you will have checked the PH levels, right?

What does the filter look like?

Of course, you can always give your hot tub filter a visual check. If you see dead worms and the like clinging to it, or you see that there is a lot of dirt, grime, and oil on the filter then it is probably going to need to have a clean.

How Long It Has Been Since You Last Cleaned the Filter

As we said; you should be giving your filter a complete cleaning every three-months. However, this doesn’t mean that it should be sitting, gathering grime up until that point. Most people with hot tubs will be pulling their filters out and giving them a good hose down at least once per month. We will walk you through the process of how to clean a hot tub filter in a short while. Don’t worry. It isn’t that difficult!

Remember; there is no such thing as cleaning the filter too much! You can clean it every week if you want to. Remember; the more use your hot tub is getting, the more you will need to be cleaning that hot tub filter down. If it is being used every single day, and you are not showering beforehand, do not be surprised if you need to clean the filter down every couple of days.

When Should You Change Your Hot Tub Filter Instead?

Even if your hot tub filter doesn’t look filthy, you should be changing it at least once a year. Hot tub filters are not rated to last longer than that. Plus, if you still have an active warranty on your hot tub, you may actually find that using filters that haven’t been changed in a while may void the warranty. Thankfully, new filters shouldn’t be that difficult to get your hands-on, and they are affordable too. It is likely that you will already have budgeted this into the running costs of your hot tub.

If you do not change your filter after a year, it is likely that there will start to be a lot of pressure on the hot tub pump. When this happens, the pump may end up burning out. Trust us; the cost of a hot tub pump is going to be well in excess of the cost of any filter replacement!

How Do You Clean Your Hot Tub Filter?

There are two types of ‘clean’ that you will be doing on your hot tub filter. The first will take place, on average, every one month. You can do it sooner if you are using your hot tub a lot. You can also do it sooner if you are starting to notice issues in the water. The second, more in-depth clean, will take place every three months. This is when you should be changing the water in your hot tub anyway!

The Simple Clean (Every One Month)

If you are looking into how to clean a hot tub filter, you will be pleased to know that the clean you do once a month is dead simple. It should take no longer than a few minutes. Make sure that your hot tub is turned off before you do anything! It will only be off for a few minutes, so the temperature shouldn’t fall that much. It will not be a waste of energy.

Remove the filter from the filter housing. You can do a visual check of the housing at the same time. If there is dirt and debris inside the housing, now is your opportunity to remove it. It is likely that there will be larger bits and pieces in there. Not everything will be ‘caught’ in the filter.

You can now hose down your filters. We suggest that you get your hands on a dedicated ‘filter wand’. Any good pool accessory supplier will offer them. This will be a bit gentler on the hot tub filter, and it will also allow you to clean out debris than a standard hose wouldn’t be able to reach.

If you want, you can use a ‘spray’ filter cleaner at this stage. This will help to break down a few of the oils. It isn’t too drastic and will only add a couple of minutes to the whole cleaning process.

Once you have hosed down the hot tub filter, give it a quick check to ensure everything looks good. You can then replace it and switch the hot tub back on.

The Long Clean (Every Three Months)

This is going to be a bit more of an in-depth clean. It will start off in the same way as the shorter clean. This means that you will need to clean out the filter housing and then hose the filters down.

For the next job, you will need to get hold of a filter cleaning solution. The purpose of the filter cleaning solution is to cut through the oil on the filter. You will leave the filter inside the solution for about an hour. Of course, you should read the instructions for the cleaning solution you have purchased to know exactly what you need to do. Although, to be honest, the longer you leave the filter in the cleaning solution, the better.

Once you have left the filter in the cleaning solution for the required amount of time, hose it down. You do not need to use your filter wand for this. A standard hose will do. This will get rid of all of that cleaning solution and ensure that your water isn’t ‘foamy’.

You can now replace the filter and do whatever else you need to do to clean your hot tub and, ultimately, refill it.

As you can see; when it comes to how to clean hot tub filters, there isn’t that much that you need to do. It is just a little bit time-consuming. It is worth it in the long run, though. You will end up with far cleaner water and a much more enjoyable time in the hot tub!

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