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The 3 best 2 Person Hot Tubs To Buy in 2020

How To Choose The Right 2 Person Hot Tub

The iconic bathtub has traveled quite a distance. It all perhaps started with single person oak barrels heated by fire. Today we have bathtubs that can hold hot and cold water and can even cater to the needs of 15 persons. The materials that are used for making hot tubs also have changed and we have acrylic hot tubs that can withstand high temperature. They are light, come in different colors and offer a perfect combination of both looks and performances. However, in this article, we will be spending some time getting to know more about choosing the right 2 people hot tub. Like all other types of hot tubs, they also come in different sizes, shapes, and variants. We also will review three different brands and models of hot tubs that are built for two persons. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a hot water bath with your partner when the temperatures outside are freezing. We will start off by understanding some basics that could help in identifying the right hot tub that is suitable for two persons.

Useful Tips For Identifying Hot Tub for Two

They should be lightweight. This makes it easy to install and clean even if requires dismantling the hot tub. Typically they weigh anywhere between 270 to 450 lbs. However, if you are looking for a hot tub that is good enough for two persons, then you could settle for one that weighs around 270 lbs. Lightweight also makes it easy to install and make changes to it as and when required.

It should be easy to port around. We need to understand that the average size of the bed of a pickup truck would be around 5 feet and 8 feet long. Hence, this should always be kept in mind when buying a 2 person hot tub. Buying a small-sized hot tub, suitable for two persons, will make transportation easy and you will not be spending big money on its installation. If you are moving from one place to another, going in for a reasonably small-sized hot tub would be a great idea. However, you should make sure that it is big enough to comfortably accommodate two and you should not be constrained for space.

Durability is another important factor. With so many low-cost models available out there, we often tend to be guided by low-cost options. You should know how to draw the line between cost and quality. Given a chance, it would be better to go for quality rather than being bogged down by low cost. You could end up being in a situation that could be described as being pennywise pound foolish.

Ease of Use is another important point to be kept in mind when you are choosing the right hot tubs for two. It should come with simple usage instructions. At the same time, it must have the right aesthetics and must complement the overall ambiance of the bathroom rather than being contrary to it.

Price is of course important.

Finally, there is no doubt that price is also an important point that cannot be overlooked. The market is quite tough out there and a bit of research will help you to get the best deals. However, as mentioned above, never make the mistake of choosing price over quality.

Safety & ease of maintenance are also points that cannot be ignored. You must always look for hot tubs that have the best built-in safety features. When power travels from the water heater to the tub, there should be zero risks to the users and there cannot be any compromise on the same. Further, hot tubs require regular maintenance and this aspect should also not be lost sight of.

Warranty & guarantee.

This is again an important point where there cannot be any compromise. You would not like to waste money on a hot tub that does not offer the right value for money. Be sure to have a closer look at the warranty terms and conditions and ensure that they stand by it. Reading some reviews from customers could be useful in getting a better idea about the warranty terms vis-à-vis the actual performance on the ground.

Now that we have had some useful information about the various aspects of good hot tubs for two, let us have a look at three models of 2 person hot tubs. This will help the readers with the right information and aid them in making the right choice based on information instead of being carried away by the hype and shrill marketing shouts.

Bestway Hot Tub Black

Are you keen on enjoying the ultimate hot water bathing and spa experience in your home? If the answer is yes, then it makes quite a bit of sense for you to go through this specific model from Bestway. This is a great looking hot tub that can be good enough for four. It has an ergonomic build and comes with a number of exciting and worth-mentioning features. Let us look at some of the features which might help the readers to make a correct decision based on facts.

Main Features

You will be able to enjoy the ultimate spa experience. You can expect to get total relaxation when a person slips into the soothing hot tub after a hectic and demanding day. It comes with 120 bubble jets that help to massage and rejuvenate the sore muscles and it certainly is a great treat.

The tub has control panels that help you to operate and monitor the performance of the hot tub from inside. The water temperature can be changed up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit using the digital control panels. The same is the case as far as the flow of the jets is concerned. You also have a power-saving timer that can help automate the temperature of the tub for around 72 hours in advance.

It comes with durability and superior strength. It is made from puncture-resistant tri-tech material.

Easy setup and maintenance are a few more takeaways as far as this machine is concerned.


  • Great features
  • Best of safety features
  • Temperature control mechanism with advance temperature control facility.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • Reasonably priced offering good value for money.


  • Installing and fixing takes time and may need professional help.

Coleman Inflatable Hot Tub

There is no denying the fact that Coleman has stood the test of time and has proven its credentials as a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer of hot tubs suitable for home use. This is suitable for use by four persons and two persons can comfortably use it. It comes with a size of 71 x 26 inches and has many interesting features.

Main Features

You can expect to enjoy soothing hot water bubble jets that go a long way in giving relief to sore and paining muscles and joints.

You also will get a digitally controlled pump that also has a soft-touch control panel. You also have 2 easy-lift handles that will help move the spa pool when it is empty. This makes it easy to port and move around if and when necessary. It is also easy to maintain and only requires replacing two cartridges. Once done you can start enjoying refreshing spa water. The hot tub also has a convenient drain valve and a cushioned floor.


  • Great tub for the price at which it is available.
  • Easy to operate, install and move around.
  • Come with the best safety features that are built-in
  • Good looking and ergonomic.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Value for money.


  • The heating time could be improved upon and made more efficient.

LifeSmart Spas

You certainly can expect to get very good values for money should you decide to invest in this hot tub or spa as one would like to call it. It is truly great for a home and can be used for two persons and even by four. This model number LS200-4 comes packed with a number of features and functions. Let us look at a few of them over the next few lines.

Main Features

It comes with 4 seats and therefore can be used by a maximum of four persons. You also get a built-in ice bucket. It is easy to set up and all that you need is to fill the tub with water from a garden hose. Once done, you can plug it to a 110 Volt power outlet. Wait for it to heat up and enjoy with your family members.

It also has some interesting and customer-friendly digital control to regulate, operate and control 13 jets. The controls also help in monitoring and controlling water temperature. You also get a quality SPA cover locking system, 1.5 HP pump and also GFCI power cord of 10 feet. It has an overall dimension of 77 x 66 x 26 inches (length, width, and height). It also has a capacity of 220 gallons.


  • A great looking home hot tub
  • Generously sized and suitable for four.
  • Good heating monitoring and jet monitoring features.
  • Cost-effective and low on maintenance.


  • Not the best of after-sales services.


We strongly believe that the above information would have given our readers some decent idea about the main factors to be kept in mind when buying the right 2 person hot tubs. There are many more such models and it calls for researching and then deciding as to which the best buy is.

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