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The 4 Best Hot Tub Vacuums You Should Consider Buying in 2020

The complete guide to Hot Tub Vacuums

When it comes to cleaning your hot tub, there is no way around it – debris and dirt particles are always bound to find a way into it if you don’t make it a habit to cover it at all times when you are not using it. Although many people that own a hot tub won’t consider this much of an issue to begin with, over time these particles will start to accumulate and cause damage to your hot tub, which in turn decreases the amount of enjoyment you having while soaking, plus exposing you to more health hazards than you care to ponder, including icky green algae that is bound to follow.

In order to keep this all under control, you will at least have to have a spa vacuum on the ready – one that can pull up dirt similar to the ones used in homes. There are so many varieties and types of hot tub vacuums that are currently on the market, and before selecting one, you should have a closer look and this guideline will go over the brands and features to consider before taking the plunge.

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Factors for Purchasing a Hot Tub Vacuum


One of the biggest indicators of how successful a hot tub vacuum will become down to how powerful it performs. Users can choose the battery power option, it there is to be manual pumping, pressurized and siphoning water as power sources that executes the suction mechanism, and more. All of these come with their own advantages and disadvantages, including recharging issues, manual pumping versus automatic, and more. In the end, it really depends on your preference for hose hook-up connection, tapping water, and so on. The best hot tub vacuums take your desires into consideration as it really is a matter of personal preference.

To Cord or Not to Cord?

Depending on the size of your hot tub and the debris that is likely to infiltrate it, those will determine whether or no you use a corded or cordless vacuum. Smaller tubs can use a cordless vacuum just fine since the coverage area is not so large, which means limited power is all the is necessary. But if you have a larger hot tub, superior power is necessary, which means a corded spa vacuum is in order. Corded options are more effective at sucking up big leaves, plants, and bugs that are in the area. Although corded vacuum cleaners are costlier, their more powerful production means that you can even use them for a swimming pool if you needed.

Attached Brush

It is great to have a brush on hand to scrub while using the hot tub vacuum and this extra attachment can be either a slide-on brush or one that is permanently attached to the vacuum head.

Absorbing Sponge

An absorbing sponge is another attachment that is created to remove liquid that remains on the walls like lotion. Not all brands come with these and you may want to consider buying one separately if it is not included.

Shaped Nozzles

There are several nozzles made in different shapes that can be used in several ways, with the most common two being dual and wide nozzles for collecting debris and pulling debris, respectively. Other nozzles to consider are spot cleaning and crevice corner nozzles. At the end of the day, the more nozzles you have on hand, the better.

Filtration System

After the nozzle, the water next enters the filtration system, and since all filtration systems are not created equally in hot tub vacuums, this area is especially important since you want the area free of even the smallest of debris. The best advice is to look for vacuums that have microfilters, those with the tiniest pores possible so that only water is able to pass through and trap the dirt. You also want to ensure that you have a filter bag that is larger so you won’t have to keep emptying the bag as often as it fills up.


This is where you have to check within your budget constraints and decide how much money you are willing to invest. Once you have a clear idea of how much you want to spend, then you can narrow down the features you need, against the features you want.

1. Aura 6250

As one of the most highly regarded hot tub vacuums on the market today, the Aura 6250 is the complete kit that is capable of providing service directly from the box, fully assembled. With a telescopic pole that extends 7 feet, this hot tub vacuum is able to clean just about any type of hot tub, no matter its depths.

There is a built-in simple siphon for suctioning away debris, and it works without batteries or hookup required. You will have to pull the vacuum out of water sometimes, but it is convenient for carrying and won’t need to be constantly recharged. Also included is a nozzle that is single-sized and able to pick up rocks, coins, sand, marble, and other debris.


  • 7 foot long telescopic pole that provides extended reach
  • simple siphon for suctioning no water required
  • no water hookup necessary
  • efficiently picks up debris from small coins to marbles and more


  • no additional nozzle included
  • must be pulled infrequently to release water located inside 

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2. Pool Supply PST-463

Weighing in at only .75 pounds, the Pool Supply PST-463 is very affordable and easily accessible for people that are working on a small budget. With its lightweight design for easy use and its powerful sucking ability, this hot tub vacuum performs exceptionally well, providing a consistent water flow that has made it a favorite among previous buyers. Also, users have a brush that is included that enables scrubbing of the spa surface as you pull out dirt.


  • inexpensive
  • lightweight, compact design
  • collection bag for debris included with purchase
  • include underside brush to scrub spa


  • no pole included
  • pressurized water necessary to function

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3. Polaris 5-100-00

At approximately 2.2 pounds, the Polaris 5-100-00 is a vacuum cleaner that is perfectly suited for hot tubs, boasting a wave design and doesn’t require a hose or batteries. There is no pole included wither, but its great design means that users get their money’s worth, including two different nozzles for picking up debris. These features and more make this one of the top-rated vacuum cleaners available on the market today.


  • no electricity or hose needed
  • two interchangeable nozzles are included


  • necessitates manual pumping
  • no brush is necessary

For those that have a larger pool that is above ground, a rechargeable vacuum is the best to consider in regards to cleaning purposes as they come with a 7 feet long telescopic shaft and adapter that provides extensive reach for more coverage. This model has strong batteries that improve overall function, and with its extended range, there is a shutoff feature that is automatic so that all energy turns off when it submerges underwater. Other great features include:

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4. Water Tech 20000CL

Weighing just over 3 pounds, the Water Tech 20000CL is an electric hot tub vacuum that derives its power through lithium battery. The battery is able to completely recharge in approximately 4 hours and provides 45 minutes of run time. Users note that this cordless model is highly effective,boasting filtration performance that has been rated stellar by users and critics alike. With this hot tub vacuum cleaner, it is possible to clean as much as 33 gallons per minute, using reusable filters that are all-purpose in addition to a microfilter that includes fine filtration. These are all included with purchase and an advantage that other products cannot provide.

There is no telescopic pole associated with this model, but it is possible to fit any standard size. On the advantage side, it comes with a crevice corner nozzle that makes it easier to reach those spots that are harder to keep clean. Other features of note include an of/off push button, and a operating depth of 9 inches minimum, conducted at a 45-degree angle.


  • the lithium battery included provides approximately 45 minutes of run time continuously
  • flow rate of 33GPM
  • reusable all-purpose microfilters included providing filtration
  • 2 microfilters included that provide filtration
  • crevice corner nozzle
  • easy to use push button and on/off switch


  • no pole included with purchase
  • long recharging time compared to other brands

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Of course, if you want a hot tub, then there is going to be a fair amount of work involved in keeping it in peak condition. However, maintenance doesn’t have to be a huge problem if you are willing to put in the work and have the right tools at your side. Aside from owning a hot tub cover, a hot tub vacuum is a necessary component that will ensure that the floor of your hot tub remains clean and secure to use any time you want. Armed with these guidelines, you should be in a great position to determine the best hot tub vacuum for your personal needs.

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