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The Best Kraus Faucet to Buy For Your Kitchen

Why There is So Much Demand For Kraus Faucets

There are certain fixtures and fittings that are considered extremely important as far as your kitchen and bathrooms are concerned. They include flooring, lighting, plumbing works, electrical works, carpentry, storage wardrobes and last but not the least faucets. Faucets are indispensable and important for homes and therefore it is quite obvious that quite a bit of effort is needed to choose the right one. If you look around, do some research both online and also in the various brick and mortar stores, it is quite obvious that you will come across scores of makes and brands of faucets. They are available in different price ranges, sizes, shapes, and functionalities.

Most of them may look the same from the outside and therefore you should know about the features, specifications, functions, material and other attributes. At the end of the day, you must be sure that you are spending money on these faucets for your bathroom and kitchens. Though functionally, bathroom and kitchen faucets are the same, there are some areas of differences that you must be aware of. This article tries and focuses on the main points that we should bear in mind when it comes to choosing the right faucets for your kitchen, bathroom and perhaps for other areas too. We also will spend some time understanding the features and specifications of three major brands of Kraus Faucets. You can, therefore, have a reasonably fair and impartial Kraus Faucets reviews. There is no doubt that Kraus is one of the biggest names when it comes to faucets and they have a rich history and a proven track record.

How To Choose Suitable Faucet For Your Home

Quite often we go by appearance and this may not be the right way forward. We have to understand that faucets are not magical fixtures and fittings. They do not work on their own and there are some proven and time-tested mechanics that make them work. The sinks on which the faucets are fixed have an important role to play and therefore this also should be kept in mind when choosing faucets for your kitchen and bathroom.

Inspect The Sink

This is perhaps the first and most important point that you must bear in mind when you are planning to buy a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom. It would be wrong to just pick up any faucet that you come across because you may end up buying something that is unsuitable or not complementary to the sink where it will be installed. If you are not sure about it, you should talk it out with the dealer and also take other inputs and information before moving forward. Hurrying through the process should be avoided at all points in time.

How It Will Be Mounted

You must be sure about the way in which the faucets will be mounted. Wall-mounted faucets are becoming extremely popular and they certainly have a few things that make them quite impressive. However, if you are planning to go in for a wall-mounted faucet, then you may have to replace your sink and also make some changes to your plumbing work.

Hands-Free Faucets

This is easy to clean and convenient faucets and it also comes with motion sensors that are capable of activating water. It would be better to go in for models that have activators in the front. Having them at the bottom might make it tough to activate the faucet when your hands are full.

Single Handle Faucets

This is always a much better option than multiple handle types. They occupy lesser space and they are easy to use and they also are better if you are looking for an easy to handle temperature adjustment.

Finally, you also should ensure that you choose a faucet with the right material. Stainless steel is the most common material and it comes with enamel coating on it. You must ensure that it is free from rust, corrosion and other elements of nature.

You also should understand that there are four basic types of faucets. They are Disc, Ball, Cartridge and those cartridges that do not have neoprene washer or typical rubber washer.

Finally, you must choose the right valves. Ceramic valves are the best because they are long-lasting, durable and you can be away from the pesky drips that damage the sink surfaces and could be an irritant for many kitchens. Finally, price is an important consideration when you are planning to choose a faucet. They are available in different price ranges. While going in for reasonably priced faucets its a good idea, please be sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the faucets under any circumstances.

Let us now have a look at three different models and makes of Kraus Faucets. We are sure that these Kraus Faucet reviews will be informative and help our readers in more ways than one.

Kraus Kitchen Faucet – 1673SFS

There is no doubt that Kraus is a name that needs no introduction when it comes to quality kitchen as well as bathroom faucets. This model # 1673SFS is quite impressive and it has a number of interesting features and functionalities. To begin with, it comes with a spot-free finish and this helps the body of the faucet to be relatively free from water spots and also fingerprints. Let us also have a look at other important features as far as this model of kitchen faucet is concerned.

Main Features

It has a dual function spray head that offers aerated stream that could be useful for filling large water pots and also for the purposes of heavy-duty cleaning. You also get easy clean nozzles that help you to clean and wipe away mineral build-up that could help give a strong and long-lasting flow. The reach pull-down technology comes with an easy to retract 18-inch host. Along with a swivel adapter, it gives flexibility and allows the user to pivot the faucet. You can reach difficult areas and clean your utensils and also the sink quite thoroughly.


  • It is also installation-ready and comes with an optional deck plate along with mounting hardware.
  • It can be installed with a 1, 2 or even 3 hold sink
  • You also get a lifetime limited warranty that helps to cover the faucets and finish for complete satisfaction.
  • The height is optimized and can easily fit underneath any kitchen faucets.
  • It has an overall dimension of 16.3/8 inches, with a spout height of 9 inches and a spout reach of 9.1/8 inches.
  • A good buy offering value for money.


  • A few instances of hose’s quick connection coming off have been reported.

Kraus Model # 1610SS Kitchen Faucet

This is another good model of the faucet from Kraus. It is suited both for commercial kitchens and can easily be optimized for home use. It is a compact 18-inch height masterpiece and it can easily fit beneath almost any home kitchen cabinet. It also has a number of other features and we are happy to share the same for the benefit of our readers.

Main Features

It is feature-rich and comes with a unique dual-function sprayer. This allows the users to easily toggle between powerful pre-rinse spray to splash-free aerated stream. This can be done at the mere flip of a switch. The height of the faucet is approximately 18 inches with a spout height of 6.38 inches and a spout reach of 8.69 inches. The 20-inch retractable hose offers easy and smooth maneuverability and this helps in easy completion of chores and that too with amazing efficiency.


  • It has been built to last.
  • It is eco-friendly and comes with lead-free and heavy-duty materials.
  • It also has a ceramic cartridge that is best in the industry.
  • It is ready for installation and comes with pre-attached 22-inch waterlines.
  • The required mounting hardware is also available.
  • It offers very good value for money.


  • A few customers feel that some strange designs make it difficult to operate.

Kraus KPF-2620SFS Kitchen Faucets

If you go through any genuine Kraus faucet reviews, you are likely to find a mention of this model # KPF – 2620SFS. It is a high quality faucet that has a number of interesting and worth-mentioning features. For example, it has a unique instant style upgrade facility that comes with a streamlined design. It is suitable for any type of kitchen sink. Apart from this, there are other features too that are worth mentioning. Here are a few of them.

Main Features

It is made from all-brite brushed nickel finish and it ensures spot-free faucet for years at length. You can be sure that your faucet will be free from fingerprints and water spots for its entire life span. The dual-function sprayer and reach and pull-down technology make it quite easy to use from the end user’s perspective.


  • You can expect lasting and durable performance.
  • It comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  • The best customer services are available at all points of time.
  • It retains its good lock for a lifetime.
  • It requires very little maintenance.
  • Very good value for money ensured.


  • It looks cheap and works poorly, according to a few customers.

The Final Word

There is no doubt that when it comes to the faucet, Kraus is a big name to reckon with. We are sure that the above Kraus faucet reviews would have been useful in more ways than one. It would have certainly helped our readers to have the right information and knowledge about the things to be kept in mind while choosing a faucet.

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