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A Look Some of The Best White Kitchen Faucets To Buy in 2020

Tips on how to buy the Best White Kitchen Faucets

There are hardly any homes where you will not find faucets being used in the bathroom or kitchens. These fixtures and fittings have become an integral part of any home because of some obvious reasons and advantages. They help the kitchen and bathrooms to have a regular and continuous supply of clean water at all points in time. It would be impossible to carry out normal activities in our homes without the right faucets. While previously, faucets were used only for utility purposes of getting water from the pipes and taps, today, they are considered to be also a very good addition to the homes. They help in increasing the overall sophistication of the home in more ways than one.

Today faucets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They go a long way in adding a lot of styles and look to the entire home in general and of course the kitchens in particular. However, we need to bear in mind that there are different types of faucets and therefore choosing the right one could be a big task. While performance and utility value is of course extremely important, you also should be sure that the faucets should add to the overall appearance of the places where they are being fixed.

In this article, we will try and have a look at some of the best white kitchen faucets. They are well and truly stunning and good looking. We also will have a look at three different brands and models of white kitchen faucets. However, before doing so, we will understand the various main tips and points that one should keep in mind when choosing the right faucets. With so many choices and options being available, making the right choice is not easy to say the least. Hence, it would be a better idea if the readers has some basic idea about the attributes and characters of a good kitchen faucet.

Important Qualities of Good Kitchen Faucets

It should do the job properly. This is perhaps the main reason for which faucets are bought and installed. Hence, you must always bear in mind that the faucet that you have in your kitchen or bathroom should be of the right sizes and specifications in terms of water release and speed of the water. It should be able to handle the washing of kitchen utensils easily and the force of water coming out should be quite good enough.

Style Matters

As mentioned earlier, faucets today are used not just for utility value. They are fixed in kitchens to increase the overall looks and appearances of the place where they are fixed. Hence, you must ensure that you have the right kitchen faucets that are stylish looking, without compromising on quality. The style while being attractive should be in line with the overall style statement that the kitchen or home likes to make.


Yes, the overall finish is of extreme importance when choosing a faucet for your kitchen. A combination of good style and finish will make it a perfect combination. The finish should be ergonomics and should add style and class to the entire kitchen or even the home where it is affixed. It must complement the overall theme that you may have in place or something that you may have planned for.


You do have to spend quite a bit of money on your kitchen faucet and therefore you must be sure that you are getting the best value for money out of it. The faucet should be made from high-quality material such as stainless steel, copper and so on. It should be resistant to corrosion and rust not just for a few months but for months and years at length.

Value for Money

Finally, you must be sure that you are getting the right value for money when you are buying a new faucet for your kitchen. It must ensure trouble-free performance for many years. You must be easily able to get the right spare parts at the right time. Ease of use and ease of installation also go a long way in ensuring that the customers get the right value for money for the faucets.

Let us now have a look at three different brands and models of best white kitchen faucets.

Pfister G13310WW Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

This is a high-quality kitchen faucet and this model # G13310WW comes from the house of Pfister.  It has stayed true to its promise and offers some of the best possible features. This is a 1-handle pull out kitchen faucet. It comes in stunning white color and it is known to be a famous and popular water-efficient model. It also has a number of other important, exciting and worth-mentioning features. We are happy to share the same for the benefit of our readers

Main Features

It is a quality white-colored faucet that meets the stringent ANSI/ADA A117.1 requirements. In other words, it is easily accessible to people who are differently enabled and also those who are elderly. It is made from lead-free materials and here again, it conforms to the NSF/ANSI 372 standards. It also is compatible with either one or 3-hole installation. It also has a quality pull-out spray head using a toggle button. Hence, the users can be sure that you can enjoy both spray or stream modes of water output. It also can conveniently fit into the palm of your hand. Further, it also is rated to meet the CAL Green Criteria. In other words, you can ensure that you will be able to save water in the home at least to the extent of 20%


  • Great looking kitchen faucet.
  • Stunning in its white color.
  • It helps to conserve water. You can save 20% of water annually.
  • It can work both in-stream and spray modes.
  • Environment-friendly with lead-free materials.
  • Good value for money.


  • The water flow is not up to the desired standards

Dura Faucet DF NMK852

Dura is a famous name as far as quality faucets and other such fixtures and fittings are concerned. It comes in stunning white color and it certainly catches the attention of those who are looking for a combination of good looks and performance. It also has other interesting features like a single lever faucet with a pull-out sprayer. It can toggle between spray and stream and the finger-friendly button is also another big and interesting feature. There are also other features that go in making it quite an interesting proposition. Let us look at a few of them over the next few lines.

Main Features

It comes with a unique and attractive look that is extremely streamlined. It can completely access the sink and is made from quality heavy-duty metal. The solid zinc lever handle along with a ceramic disc valve makes it long-lasting and durable. It combines quality with looks and has the best of ergonomics. It can easily fit any space and the faucet will ensure that you get the right power that customers must be seeking. It works easily on any single hole sink opening. It can easily be mounted with a metal lock nut and can be screwed from the underneath. You also get a stainless steel hose with it.


  • It is totally lead-free.
  • It also is CUPC and UPC certified.
  • It is ergonomic in design and can fit in a small space.
  • The flow rate is 2.2 GPM and therefore you can ensure hassle-free cleaning.
  • You can use both in-stream and spray options.
  • It does offer very good value for money.
  • It is durable and long-lasting.


  • Few customers say that it does not give 2.2 gpm.

Delta Single Handle Faucet – 470-WH-DST

It is a quality product that could be considered to be one of the best white kitchen faucets in the market today. This model # 470-WH-DST from Delta stands true to its promise of being able to deliver quality and also has the right looks and appearances. There are also a number of reasons as to why it could be a great buy. Let us share a few of the main reasons why this model # from Delta continues to enjoy popularity from a large section of customers.

Main Features

It lasts at least 2 times longer when compared to other comparable faucets. The unique DIAMOND Seal Technology is a big plus point and it reduces leak points. It can last for a total of around 500,000 cycles. It is easy to install and can fit both in a single hole or 3 hole configurations. It is also easy to clean because of the Touch-Clean spray holes. It is completely flexible with a pull-out design of 120 degrees. You also have a retractable hose for added convenience. You also get a limited lifetime warranty and you need to worry about installation because it comes with the right warranty. On the whole, it certainly is a good buy.


  • Finding the off position is not easy.


We are sure that the above information would have given our readers reasonably good information about the various things to be kept in mind while choosing the right faucet for your kitchen. You also would have had some idea about the reasons why white faucets are considered to be so very popular.

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