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The 3 Best Diving Boards To Buy For Your Pool

An intro to Diving Boards

Both children and adults love pools as they can provide hours of entertainment for families and friends. Having a pool at home is a great way for kids and parents to exercise, learn how to swim, and have group gatherings that are bound to be a hit with neighbors. Adding a diving board will only add to the fun, and for those swimming pools that don’t have already have one, there are plenty of diving boards on the market that has great features that make diving easy and fun.

What Are Diving Boards?

There are a few types of diving boards, but in essence, diving boards are an elongated platform that gives a bit of flexibility and bounce when diving into a pool. How much bounce they provide ultimately depends on your preferences. There are some boards that are very stiff and have little to no bounce – these are great for swimmers that do not prefer as much thrust as they are diving into a pool. They also work best for pools that don’t possess that perfect dimensions to include a real diving experience.

Diving boards are made from aluminum or wood and have an adequate spring desired. A flexible diving board is usually used by people that are considered experts at jumping in a pool and have more flexibility than standard boards. In order to get the best pool for your particular situation, there are some steps that must be taken into consideration.

Steps to Selecting a Board

The first step involves measuring the dimensions of the swimming pool before you buy a diving board so that it matches. This is one of the most integral components to choosing a diving board, and there should be more attention paid to how deep is the deeper end of the pool.

Next, select the diving board type you wish to install. There are a few types to consider and you want one that aligns with the level of the people that will be using it the most. In general, a platform works best for most people as it offers enough spring with far less risk of injury compared to a jump board.

The next step is choosing the brand that fits with your preferences and budget. With so many selections possible on the market today, it is important to know which ones are providing the best characteristics and features that work best for your needs. Once you have narrowed down the field, then you need to figure out how much weight your board should hold. Ideally, a diving board that is able to hold a decent amount of weight should be extremely durable and be comprised of the highest quality possible to ensure many years of enjoyment.

Here are some more tips that you should consider when you are selecting a diving board:

  • make sure the swimming pool has the proper requirements for the type of board you are purchasing as there are national standards used to verify
  • review deck construction since this is where the diving board will attach and thus should be firm and able to withhold the weight
  • estimate the weight of those that will be using the diving board the most so that it has the right spring
  • make sure the diving pool matches the aesthetics of your pool

The following three diving boards are among the best available on the market today based on expert reviews and customer suggestions.

1. Inter-Fab DB8WW

The Inter-Fab DB8WW is one of the top-selling boards available today for many reasons, featuring superior strength thanks to an outer covering made from a protective resin and fiberglass for added durability. The outer shell is made from an acrylic material that is long-lasting and comes with ultraviolet protection and a non-slip surface for increased safety. There are 2 holes that have been pre-drilled into the board and the hardware is made from stainless steel that won’t rust over time.

And for those that prefer a bit of color in their boards, this model comes in 4 colors: tan, gray, white and blue – all of which have a surface tread that is white. This diving board can withstand a maximum weight of approximately 250 pounds, so it perfect for up to moderate use. There are instructions included for assemblage that are easy to follow, plus there is a website that includes installation videos at Plus, it is made in America and there is a 3-year warranty attached to purchase.


  • the diving board has the following dimensions: 98 by 19 by 13 inches
  • it comes at a weight of 66.2 pounds


  • ideal for home use
  • equipped with instructions that are easy to follow
  • comes with a 3 year extended warranty


  • not suitable for more than moderate use

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2. SR Smith 8-Inch Diving Board

This diving board has been manufactured with fiberglass at its core and 2 wood runners that have been coated with wood. On the outer body, the acrylic cover is vacuum formed and is constructed from fiberglass and resin moving. The board length has a non-slip surface that has been sanded is resin bonded. It meets all APSP standards in terms of safety regulations, a video that helps purchasers install the mounting and diving hardware safely, plus a 3 year extended warranty. There are few diving boards this safe and a top contender among both expert reviewers and consumers alike. The maximum diving weight for this board is at 250 pounds, and there are 2 holes pre-drilled with 12 inches of width at the center for additional safety.


  • dimensions: 94.5 by 17.2 by 2 inches
  • weight of 54.4 pounds


  • 2 holes that have been pre-drilled
  • safety video enclosed
  • lightweight


  • not as flexible as other models

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3. SR Smith 8-Inch Truetread

The SR Smith diving board is considered at the top of the field for many reasons, specifically being credited for reinventing the field and currently in possession of a few patents that are pending on their designs. Not only are they stylish and have a modern look that buyers love, but they are also easier on the feet than other brands on the market. The upgrade is sure to make for more fun at the swimming pool for friends and family.

The materials used for this board are safe and users find it easy to grip. Other great features include composite that is marine-grade for excellent texture and a length of 8 feet. To protect against harmful ultraviolet light, the diving board comes in blue to withstand the rays.


  • the dimensions come in at 72 by 19 by 3 inches
  • a weight of 70 pounds


easy instructions that make it easy to install

is created to withstand exposure to sunlight and salt

superior design


not as lightweight as other brands

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Considerations for Diving Board Installation

They can provide hours of fun per summer, but diving boards must be installed properly, meaning that there are some things to take into consideration before you start enjoying them.

The first issue is whether or no you are able to install one on your own. Currently, there are some states that regulate the installation and you need to be up to date on the rules in your area. It is possible to find this information through a building inspector local to your area or even ask the manager of your building permit.

Checking Homeowner’s Insurance 

Before you decide on board, you should first check the homeowner’s insurance policy you have on diving board installation. There may be the possibility that a neck or head injury won’t be covered if a board is installed, a factor that may help to decide if a diving board is for you.

Going Through Installation Requirements

The installation requirements must be in accordance with your state regulations so that you won’t be at risk of not having the diving board approved. Remember that there are certain deck as well as board requirements and one of the first is that the diving board should only be installed on concrete. For those that don’t possess this type of deck, then you should opt for installation by a professional that can build a concrete pad with the proper specifications. Diving boards, because of these safety guidelines, should only be installed on swimming pools that are classified as inground. For the majority of diving boards that are classified as residential or commercial, there is a maximum weight that must be adhered to. Currently, that maximum weight is 250 pounds, but there are some diving boards that have been manufactured that are able to hold upwards of 400 pounds.


Once you have determined that the diving board of your choice will meet all of the guidelines set by the local authorities, you can then move on to installing it. When in doubt, always opt for a qualified professional to assist in installation. At the end of the day, you want the best diving board possible, which is also as safe as you can get. 


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