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Pool Safety Covers: what you should know

An introduction to Pool Safety Covers

The pool season cannot last forever and eventually, you will have to close it for the season, thus necessitating a few tasks to ensure that your pool remains healthy throughout the offseason. Not only will you have to clean your pool surface, the water, and add chemicals for winter protection, but you will also need to cover the pool for those months. The question for those that do not already have one is which cover is the best type for your needs?

Previously, pool owners only had a couple of options to choose from – either a mesh pool cover or a solid pool cover. But these days, there is an option for a hybrid pool cover that combines the best features of the other two. Once you know a bit more about pool safety covers, you will be able to make an informed decision about which type and brands work best for your pool.

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Pool Covers Are Necessary Equipment

It is a fact that not all the pool covers on the market are created equally, with some far sturdier and durable than other brands. The weight that a pool cover is able to withstand is in part due to how well they are installed, as well as a few other variables. Pool covers should only be used for their intended purpose, of course. Owners hope that nothing too large will fall on to the cover or that nothing will squeeze underneath the smallest spaces during the offseason, but there is never a guarantee that a few won’t manage to find their way in.

Mighty Mesh Pool Safety Covers

Not only are mesh pool safety covers regarded as some of the most affordable options on the market, but they are also well known for being very affordable, lasting up to 15 years or longer when cared for properly. They are very light and are quite manageable compared to other cover types. And even though they are lighter than other types, they can easily support lots of weight.

How Mesh Covers Work

Mesh safety covers prevent water from accumulating on top of a cover, allowing rain and snow to drain directly in the pool. Since the mesh is tightly woven, debris remains on top to ensure that your pool remains as clean as possible during the offseason. Although some water will seep through, you won’t have to contend with leaves, sticks, and bugs that come with the spring weather. There will be some dirt particles to vacuum once you re-open the pool, but it will be minimal.

In regards to sunlight, mesh pool covers have varying specifications, with some more resistant to ultraviolet rays than others. There are some that have been manufactured to block out up to 99% of the sunlight. You want to keep sunlight out of the pool as it is detrimental to your pool during the offseason and lead to algae growth. Before you close your pool, the algae killer should be added to the water so that it is working throughout the offseason without necessitating you remove the cover during this time. If you notice algae before the cover goes on, treat it first and then seal it off as you will have an even bigger issue once the season is about to begin again as there will be more unchecked algae to treat.

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Installing Mesh Pool Safety Covers

The most important thing to remember is that the cover should always properly fit over your pool. Before you begin, measure the pool at its longest and widest parts, selecting the best coverage according to shape and size. Check with manufacturers to ensure that all features are compatible so that there will be no gaps or other issues that crop up unexpectedly.

For an inground pool, the anchors are installed directly into the pool deck. Water features require specialized hardware that can be procured from the manufacturer of the pool cover. For those inground pools that lack a deck, there is the option to pour concrete footings where feet otherwise would be placed. For seasons professionals that have years of experience with pool safety covers, there still should be care included to get the proper fit for installation since this is critical to optimal functionality. A small error can lead to a lot of incidents that can easily be avoided by paying attention to the fine details. For those that have any doubts, there is always the option to contact a professional installer.

Mesh Pool Cover Maintenance

There’s still a bit of upkeep associated with protecting your pool that will help in extending the life expectancy. First is that you need to remove any snow that is on the pool cover since it can get heavy and freeze. By brushing regularly, you will ensure that tearing, ripping, and destruction of anchors remains mild. Depending on where you live, snow may not be much of an option, and if this is the case, simply worry about leaves and debris and have a leaf blower handy. When the time comes to reopen the pool, remember to properly store away the mesh safety cover so that it remains in peak condition as long as possible.

The Lowdown on Solid Pool Safety Covers

You are assured of a much cleaner pool when using a solid pool safety cover that acts as an impermeable barrier between the pool and the varying particles of debris. These types don’t permit water seeping into the pool, and although a bit more maintenance is necessary, they come with additional benefits that make them worth the investment.

How Solid Safety Covers Work

Solid pool safety covers are able to block everything so that there’s no dirt collection throughout the winter, and you also will inhibit algae growth and evaporation at the same time. You will, however, have to worry about puddles of water sitting in the middle of the cover. These models typically come with a pool cover pump too. Automatic pumps cost a bit more, but both are able to prevent water from collecting.

Installing Solid Pool Safety Covers

In order to get the best fit possible, you will need to measure both the widest and longest parts of your pool, then select the dimensions and shapes that work best for your pool. With so many varying deck types, what you will find is that some of them may need special hardware in order to install the anchor. If you have any questions or concerns, you should always consider contacting a professional to ensure it is installed properly. That way, you will have fewer chances for accidents occurring long-term.

Solid Pool Safety Cover Maintenance

Before you get started, you will have to ensure that there is no additional debris around. Also, there should be no ice or snow wither as these can damage the cover pump, the cover, and anchors, and even the pool. You should use a mild detergent, a brush, and water if necessary, using a pump to remove soapy water.

The biggest difference between a mesh and solid pool safety cover is the actual pool cover pump, with some available with suspension cables to ensure everything remains in place, while others come wit a rope that pulls as needed. Since cover pumps attach to standard hoses, you are able to direct water to where you need it. Cover pumps use gallons per hour to help you determine how many times you will have to run it to keep cover water-free.

From time to time, you will have to remove the filters, the strainer, as well as other parts according to the manual included, then clean everything as efficiently as possible. If you think there may be any clogging issues but cannot seem to locate it, place the pump in a bucket filled with water, then turn the pump on. For hoses that may be clogged, attach it to an indoor spigot, then turn the water on to flush it out. For those that live in climates that are regularly dropping below freezing, it may be necessary to bring the pump inside until the temperatures are again above freezing. If you leave the pump outside to freeze, then you run the risk of a block of ice, which is never a good option. When the offseason is over and the time has returned to open the pool, the first thing you will notice is how clear and how much cleaner it is now that you have invested in a mesh pool safety cover. For those that are looking to save a great deal of time getting their pool ready for the upcoming swimming season, then investing in a solid pool safety cover is definitely the best choice.


Of course, you always have to consider price as one of the main factors in deciding on a pool safety cover, since the amount of variation is wide in this market. However, you should also be up to date on the latest features and which brands are among the most affordable.e With safety the main purpose, you will get the most benefit from brands that are premium quality and well regarded in the market.

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