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Solar Cover Reels: Which one you should buy

Solar Cover Reels: An Introduction

For those that decide to invest in a swimming pool, what lies on the other side of ownership is the frequency in cleaning that is required. One of the accessories that you are going to need is a pool cover that will curb that frequency somewhat as it keeps debris and dirt out of the pool. If you invest in a solar pool cover, you are already getting a leg up as there are plenty of benefits associated with them, particularly in lower your energy bills every month. In order to get the most out of a solar cover reel, we will provide the essentials related to one, what they are, how they function, and the best brands available on the market today.

What Are Solar Cover Reels?

There are several types of solar covers out there, and they include solar rings, solar blankets that require reels, and liquid solar covers. Not too much explanation is necessary as the name is fairly direct to the point. But specifically, solar cover reels:

  • deploys the solar cover when you are not using the pool
  • uncovers pool when it’s ready for use
  • stores cover temporarily until it’s time for storage during the winter

How Solar Cover Reels Function

Solar cover reels are placed on one end of the deck of an inground pool and consists of a long pole made of metal that extends between a couple of T-bars – one which has wheels for better movability. Once you roll up the wet cover, you will notice that they become quite heavy. Other models are able to be installed permanently on a pool deck. Several durable straps that have clips on each end are suspended from a middle bar that is longer – attach the clips to the cover’s edge so that the cover can be rolled on towards the reel. The solar cover reel has a wheel or hand crank on one end that turns to the cover’s spool on to the rod. It may seem like a simple design, the difference lies in that it is easy to maneuver and you won’t risk injury to yourself in the process. Plus, the stress associated with this system is substantially less.

Prominent Features

There are some differences between the many models on the market that go from the standard to the more premium. Which features you select for your pool depending on your budget and individual preferences.

Stainless or Aluminum Steel

Both of these metals are able to withstand the elements and are quite sturdy. Oen of the biggest determining factors will be how large your pool is, which dictates how large a cover that you will need. For those that have a larger pool, the cover will, of course, be larger and heavier – this means that a stainless steel version may be more advisable because of their sturdiness and the ability to hold a cover.

Rubber or Plastic Wheels

Models that are on the more expensive side tend to use plastic wheels that are somewhat thin. Once exposed to years of ultraviolet light and pool water, the plastic will start cracking and deteriorating. Plastic wheels also are not able to grip surfaces as well so there is the likelihood that when attempting to reel in the cover, the entire thing may fall directly into the pool which goes against everything you are trying to achieve.

Rubber wheels are typically thicker and are able to withstand the elements far better than their counterparts, last far longer, and thus are likely to save you lots of money long-tern because you won’t have to keep replacing the wheel in the near future.

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Loop Straps

The way in which straps are connected to your metal bar can really determine how efficiently a reel pulls in a cover. There are some solar cover reels that utilize hook-and-loops straps, while others on the market embed in the bar through grooves in the metal.

For those that have not seen what a solar pool cover looks like, imagine a huge bubble wrap sheet. For solar cover reels, these bubbles are used to keep the pool heated as the cover stays on. Made of plastic that is classified as a thick grade, the covers are measured in mil by their thickness. This is a unit in America that is standardized and is equal to one-thousandth of an inch. The majority of solar pool covers measure between 8 and 16 mil at an increment of 4 mil. Thicker plastic gets a higher mil grade, which means a sturdier cover. These thicker versions are also more expensive, but what people know that have invested in them in the past know is that they are worth it as they are able to heat pools longer and more efficiently.

Important notes to remember is that a solar blanket should always be removed from a pool before you permit anyone swimming in it, particularly younger children and animals. If you remove it partially or simply fold it back, that is not enough. They can easily get trapped underneath the blanket and you should always remove it completely to minimize the risk.

Procure a Good Reel

Now that you have gotten a solar cover and know what features to search for in a great solar cover reel, now is time to take a look at some of the best solar cover reels that are currently available on the market and are aligned with your needs.

VINGLI Solar Cover Reel

Made of great durable aluminum, the VINGLI solar cover reel is highly durable, very resistant, and comes with three sections that are lockable so that drooping is not an issue as it is holding a cover that may be particularly heavy. What users love about this edition is that the steel legs have big rubber wheels for additional stability and are stainless steel. Plus, the embedded straps remain in place thanks to a grooved reel rod design.

At the center is a telescopic rod that makes it adjustable for people that have pools that measure between a width of 6 to 18 feet. Once you roll up the cover, the reel locks, stays in place, plus it sits up a bit higher than other models on the market, which makes it simpler to use. Included with purchase are also cover clips, another added incentive that buyers will appreciate.

Splendoress Solar Cover Reel

This cover reel is manufactured from stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and easily fits covers measuring between 20 to 40 feet in length. What previous customers like about this model is how easy they are to assemble, including the hand crank that enables a single person to reel the cover in. Maneuvering is also easier with this brand as the larger wheels make moving a snap, plus an attachment kit is included that hold eight clips and straps for added convenience.

Nova Microdermabrasion Solar Cover Reel

Are you ready for a rod that is available in three sections? This one goes above and beyond that, featuring seven sections, all of which are rust-resistant so that drooping is no longer an issue. Another added feature with this model is that it is able to adjust widths at a range from 17.5 to 24 feet. This cover reel also comes with straps that are embedded, keeping them firmly in place. The Nova Microdermabrasion model comes with straps that are longer than most others on the market so that pools that are not the conventional shape can also use it. To enhance portability and ease of use, this cover reel includes a hand crank that is ergonomically shaped as well as two wheels, plus a locking device that comes with anti-spin that prevents unrolling.

Aqua Splash Solar Cover Reel

Anyone that invests in this solar cover reel is definitely going to get their money’s worth and then some. Not only is it portable, but you can even mount it so that it remains stationary. Able to fit pools that are as wide as 16 feet, the Aqua Splash solar cover reel has been created for either 8 or 12 mil covers. Smooth turning is assured thanks to wide-track bearings and you can easily move it with ease from one station to another.

Sagging is also not an issue with this model as it has a design that includes rib-locking, with pre-drilled holes on the frame for the casters you provide. Straps, hardware, and clips are included with the reel, and the warranty covers 3 years for additional security for such a major purchase.


Once you have decided to get started, you definitely want to choose the option that best suits the pool and your cover, choosing one that comes with a few bells and whistles that will have you have the best time possible with your family and friends. All of the solar cover reels that we have featured provide exceptional quality, are a breeze to assemble and are sturdy enough to last for years to come.

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