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The 12 Best Hot Tub Accessories To Buy in 2020

The complete guide to Hot Tub Accessories

A hot tub all on its own is plenty of fun as it is – but there are some pretty awesome accessories out there you can get your hands on for next to nothing that dramatically improves the overall experience pretty significantly.

Below we highlight 12 of our favorite hot tub accessories that you’re going to want to check out ASAP.

Some of these accessories make life cleaning and maintaining your hot tub a whole lot easier. Others are focused on entertainment exclusively, and others still are just kind of nice to have when you are soaking in the lap of luxury that is a world-class hot tub.

Shall we jump right in?

Floating Sanitizing Solution

Hot tubs aren’t going to require quite as much cleaning or maintenance as a swimming pool with, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to be 100% bacteria-free just because your hot tub runs quite a bit warmer than your swimming pool.

You’ll still want to make sure that you are using the right amount of chlorine in the right amount of sanitizing minerals to keep your water crystal-clear and healthy. This becomes a whole lot easier when you take advantage of floating sanitizing systems and solutions.

These amazing little ball like units time-release just the right amount of chlorine and sanitizing minerals into your hot tub on a pretty much around-the-clock basis, keeping your water perfectly balanced and guaranteeing that it is ready to enjoy at any point in time.

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Underwater LED Lights

A lot of high-end hot tubs are including underwater lighting technology these days, but if your hot tub did not come with this kind of technology already that doesn’t mean that you have to go without.

Underwater LED lights can be taken advantage of to totally transform the way you enjoy your hot tub when the sun goes down. Not only do they provide a bit of extra safety to make sure that getting into and out of your hot tub is effortless, but they also can be synced up with music or your jets to create a really cool experience in the water.

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Spa and Bath Crystals

Spa and Bath crystals can be added to your swimming pool every now and again to change the way that the water smells, the way the water feels, and even the way that you’re able to rest, relax and recover when you soak.

There are a variety of different options available on the market today designed to help you get the exact kind of bath crystals to experience you are looking for – some designed to soothe, some designed to energize, and some just designed to change up the hot tub experience when the jets go on – but you’ll want to be sure that you are getting hot tub specific options for sure.

Traditional bath crystals run the risk of gumming up in your hot tub filtration system or tainting the water and are nowhere near as easy to remove as a spa and hot tub specific crystals.

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Waterproof Wireless Speakers

Wireless waterproof speakers are another “must-have” accessory for your hot tub experience, letting you pump music in your hot tub without ever having to worry about your sound system getting fried when it comes into contact with the water.

Some of the really cool waterproof wireless speakers sync up with your home entertainment center for your mobile device so that you can stream music and media with ease. Other options even float in your hot tub, bobbing around while you are soaking and creating a really cool, chill kind of experience that’s tough to do without a custom playlist.

Best of all, many of these waterproof wireless speakers have voice-activated or voice command technology so that you don’t even have to get out of the hot tub or fiddle with physical buttons to play the music – as well as skip songs or change the volume – while you are enjoying your hot tub.

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Oil Absorbing Sponges

With people getting into and out of your hot tub on a regular basis they are inevitably going to be releasing quite a bit of natural body oils, tanning lotions, and the like into the hot tub water – and you want to do everything you can to get that oil out ASAP.

When these oils are allowed to accumulate over time they can create a bit of scum and a bit of scale that gets really difficult to eliminate later on.

The amazing thing about these little sponges is that they are specifically designed to soak up these oils and eliminate hot tub scum completely, all without getting in the way of your soaking experience.

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Submersible Seat Cushions

It’s tough to imagine anything more relaxing than sliding into your hot tub and soaking for a while, with the massaging jets working on your muscles as the warm water soothes your muscles.

On the flip side, though, sitting on the hard surfaces of hot tubs for extended amounts of time can get to be a little bit uncomfortable. It doesn’t take much until you’re fidgeting and changing positions, spending less time in your hot tub than you’d like just because of these molded seats.

A submersible seat cushion works wonders to eliminate that discomfort completely, all while providing a 100% waterproof set up that is comfortable, easy to clean and maintain, and a joy to use whenever you slide into your hot tub.

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Waterproof Playing Cards

Waterproof playing cards open up a world of opportunity to entertain in your hot tub, giving you and your friends and family a chance to play all of your favorite card games without worrying about having to keep those paper decks above water.

There are a couple of different brands that make really nice waterproof playing cards that are 1:1 replicas of traditional cards – the same size and close to the same thickness – so that you have no trouble at all playing all the games that you would have had to play at a table otherwise.

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Hydraulic Cover Lift Systems

One of the biggest pains in owning a hot tub is having to lift off the heavy insulative cover on a regular basis, finding someplace to put it while you are enjoying your hot tub, and then dealing with putting it back on and securing it when you are ready to go back inside.

With a hydraulic cover lift system, though, you can add a simple and straightforward mechanism to almost any hot tub that lifts the cover for you (with very little effort on your end), keeps it close by, and then lets you quickly put the cover back on again when you are done – all with zero headaches or hassle whatsoever.

It really doesn’t get much better than that!

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Spa Thermometer

Keeping your hot tub at the ideal temperature – not too hot but not too cold, either – becomes a whole lot easier when you are using a spa thermometer that stays fully submerged in the pool itself.

Sure, most modern hot top options include built-in thermostat technology so that you can set the temperature and then forget about it entirely. But it’s nice to have a spa thermometer on hand that double-checks that the thermostat is working the way it should and that your water is the exact temperature that your hot tub is telling you.

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Power Vacuum

A power vacuum specifically designed with hot tubs in mind also makes quick work of cleaning and maintaining your spa, keeping it fresh, clean of debris, dirt, and anything else that might collect inside while also helping to guarantee that the water remains sparkling and healthy.

These vacuums are usually very portable, super-efficient, and capable of the deep clean and scrub you need with modern hot tubs today. They usually work in conjunction with your filtration system as well, providing a bit of extra utility over the passive filtration and cleaning system your hot tub shipped with from the manufacturer.

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Floating or Side Mounted Drink Caddies

One of the greatest challenges people have when they are enjoying their hot top is finding a way to bring drinks and snacks over to the spa without having to worry about everything pouring into the hot tub water or being just out of reach on the outside.

Floating and side-mounted drink and snack caddies change this equation completely.

These amazing little creations let you bring all of your favorite beverages and snacks to the hot tub, sometimes right into the hot tub, without having to worry about spillage or your hot water tainting your drinks.

The floating options are available in all kinds of funky designs and fun styles, too, that let you add a bit more personality to your tub as well.

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Towel Warming Station

At the end of the day, the worst part of having a hot tub is having to get out of it after a nice long soak.

Nobody likes having to get out of the perfectly warm hot tub water into the freezing cold air (it feels that way even in the dead of summer), grabbing a cold towel, and then trudging back into the house.

Towel warming stations not only guarantee that you get a nice warm towel to dry yourself off with when you are done with the hot tub but also handle double duty as towel drying systems so that you don’t have to bring what towels back in the house and run them through with other loads of laundry.

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