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Hayward Aquarite Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this chlorinator

Introduction to Hayward Aquarite Review

The Hayward chlorine Aqua rite generator is one of the simplest ways to turn your pool into a salt water pool. Wondering how this is possible? Well, the generator has sensors that monitor the ph. and chlorine levels of your pool and creates chlorine that is automatically generated from the everyday salts through a process referred to as electrolysis. This is a modern unit that has a lot of advantages compared to the old fashion chlorine generators.

Healthier swimming pool

Summer means more time spent outdoors, basking in the sun and cooling off in the pool. Although having a pool guarantees you a fun time during summer, it also comes with a handful of maintenance processes. Leading on the list of obligations is the task of maintaining clean sanitary water in your pool. If you would want an eventful summertime with your pool, then you should be ready and prepared with the equipment necessary to keep your pool at its best. One way to keep your pool clean and safe for use is through investing in a Hayward Aqua rite chlorine generator, which is not only effective, but provides you with a pool sanitization process that does not leave you to deal with the harsh side effects that come as a result of using chemical chlorine as a sanitization method.

How they work

When the swimming pool is used over a long period of time, there are environmental factors and some microorganisms breeding in the water that causes the water to become foggy and unsafe for use. This is why people use chlorine solutions to keep their pools clean and safe. A chlorinator or a chlorine generator converts the readily available salt into chlorine through a process called electrolysis. This process uses common table salt(sodium chloride). The chlorine molecules fuse with the water molecules. After that, the purification process begins.

This modern chlorine generator provides a user with an alternative to monitor the amount of chlorine at a refill. Therefore, it minimizes the chances of making mistakes when mixing chemical solutions that could breed hazardous results. Chlorine generators continue to become popular among pool owners since they have proved to be more convenient. A chlorine generator maintains the safety of water by releasing the right amount of chlorine that will not cause damage to clothes or the skin. Using a chlorine generator improves the appearance of pool water by making it less smoggy. Let’s have look at how chlorine generators maintain pools.

When using chlorine generators, there is no need to worry about how safe it is to have the chemicals out in the environment. The chlorine that is produced in the electrolysis process is gentle on the parts of the body that may come into contact with pool water.

Chlorine generators are very user-friendly. The whole process of using this tool requires a simple initial exercise of adding sodium chloride to the water and then adjust the settings in order to monitor the amount of chlorine being let into the water.  It, therefore, becomes needless to make assumptions about the amount chlorine is right for a particular amount of water.

A user need not to keep checking if the chlorine is still being diffused in the water. The generator has an automatic ability to process and release the chlorine into the pool automatically. This reduces the rush to add chlorine manually to the pool. Thus, it saves time and is a very efficient system to implement in a pool.

After the installation process, the generator functions for a considerable period of time before requiring any form of maintenance. It is very cost-efficient since it is a durable system and it does not require that a user uses expensive chemicals. The raw material, salt, is very cheap. The salt that may be left as a by-product is also used again by the generator to produce more chlorine. It is an environmentally friendly alternative since it reprocesses the salt which eliminates pollution.

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Hayward Aqua Rite AQR3

This unit is the smallest of the three most popular Hayward chlorine generators. It chlorinates up to 15000 gallons of pool content. On a daily chlorine delivery schedule, it processes a maximum capacity of 0.53 lbs. The T-cell-3 feature at its core improves its functionality. Another rewarding feature of the Hayward Aqua Rite AQR3 is the LED feature which keeps the mark on the amount of sodium chloride and chlorine present in the pool. It has an inbuilt section that allows a user to monitor the amount of chlorine that is being let into the water and is calibrated on a 0-100% scale.


  • Maintaining this system after installation requires little effort.
  • The system has been developed in a way that a user can operate it without hardships.
  • The raw materials needed for chlorine production by the Hayward Aqua Rite AQR3 are cheap and easy to come by, thus it is pocket-friendly.
  • It comes with all the parts that have been standardized to fit it into the existing pool system.


  • With this system, it requires a user to constantly manually add sodium chloride into the water which may become tedious at times.
  • This chlorine generator is expensive at the initial purchase.
  • It is not energy efficient since it is in a working mode throughout.
  • For first time users, instructions may be vaguely interpreted.

Hayward Aqua Rite AQRA9

This particular chlorine generator is used in pools that hold up to 25000 gallons. The additional inbuilt T-Cell-9 feature maximizes the amount of chlorine it produces that can act on such an amount of water efficiently. It is the second largest in the Hayward Aqua rite chlorine generator series. Among the efficiency improving features in it are sensors that monitor the acidity and alkalinity of pool water and releases chlorine accordingly.


  • It comes with a feature that monitors the ph. levels of the water.
  • After installation, its maintenance requirements are quite minimal.


  • It lacks an automatic switch-off for when the chlorine reaches the optimum level.
  • It is quite costly.
  • It uses a lot of energy when it is running.

Hayward AQR15

This is the largest Hayward chlorine generator in the series yet. The amount of salt requires to produce chlorine by this generator is quite less when compared to that used with other generators in the same series. It uses less salt to chlorinate the largest amount of water possible, 40000 gallons. Hayward AQR15 can be used in public pools and privately/home owned pools. Chlorine levels in the water are recorded by the T-Cell-15.


  • The amount of sodium chloride required for use with this generator is significantly small.
  • It can be used in any type of pool.


  • The T-Cell-15 requires maintenance and possible replacement
  • This piece of equipment is costly at the initial purchase.
  • It is not energy efficient

Hayward chlorine generators are more convenient since they process sodium chloride which is cost-efficient since owners don’t have to purchase chlorine in the form of tablets. Common salt is cheaper than chlorine tablets, In addition to this, the chlorine produced by these chlorine generators is less potent than the one that the user has to prepare manually.

Each series of Hayward chlorine generator comes with specific features. The features on every type of chlorine generator determine the intensity of work after is been connected in the system. Some may require that an owner seeks the help of a professional. Hayward chlorine generators are convenient due to the inbuilt mechanisms that allow them to reuse any residuals of sodium chloride. When using this device, it does not require the use of other chemicals. Perhaps, a pool owner should only be concerned about the condition of water due to spilling over. Hayward chlorine generators are the most recommendable pool sanitizers for those looking to have a fabulous summer by the pool.

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