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The 4 Best Solar Pool Covers To Buy in 2020

An overview of Solar Pool Covers

Swimming pools are a great addition to a home that can provide many hours of fun, relaxation, and entertainment during the warmer seasons. Of course, cold water can be fun to play around in, but how would you feel about being able to use your swimming pool in the winter season too?

It’s not just a novel idea, however, since you actually can keep your pool water warm if you invest a bit of money into a solar pool cover. With a solar pool cover, it is not necessary to pay for electricity or gas consumption since all you have to do is adjust the cover in a pool full of water and they act by warming the water for an extended amount of time. Now that you have been given a primer, we will recommend the best solar pool covers available on the market.

What is a Pool Cover?

Pool covers not only keep debris out of your pool but they warm up your pool too, serving double duty and keeping your cleaning costs down at the same time. Typically, pool covers are made from polyethylene or vinyl, with the material usually transparent or opaque. The following solar pool covers have been vetted and are considered some of the best that the market has to offer.

Swimming pools can lose energy in many ways, but the biggest energy loss by far is evaporation. In order for water to evaporate, a considerable amount of water must evaporate, with the evaporation rate based on the pool’s temperature, humidity, air temperature, and the wind speed that is at the surface of the pool. For an optimal evaporation rate, the pool temperature and wind speed should be higher and the humidity lower. In areas that are windy, it is advised to add trees, shrubs, or a fence as a windbreak that can reduce evaporation. The windbreak should ideally be higher and close enough to the pool so that no turbulence is created over the pool as this leads to increased evaporation. Another important note is not to shade the pool as this takes heating properties away.

Even indoor pools, which don’t have to deal with the elements, can still suffer from energy loss because of evaporation. Indoor pools require room ventilation that controls indoor humidity that is caused by large evaporation amounts. Energy costs are affected by the ventilated air that must be conditioned. For users that want to invest in a solar pool cover, these products are able to minimize evaporation in both outdoor and indoor pools. The most effective way to reduce pool heating costs is to keep it covered when not in use. When covered and secured, users can expect to save between 50% to 70%. For consumers that have an indoor pool, a pool cover can reduce evaporation, but it is necessary to ventilate the indoor air and replace it with outdoor air that is unconditioned. Another way to save energy with an indoor pool is to shut off any exhaust fans when the solar pool cover is used.

1. Sun2Solar Blue 1600 Series

Sun2Solar is considered one of the best brands on the market, offering a range of affordable pool heaters that have been specifically designed for use on rectangular swimming pools that are above ground. The best part about these solar pool covers is that they are able to get the water in the swimming pool warm enough to enjoy even on the coldest of nights.

Previous buyers love that they are easy to maneuver, with 6-pack grommets included that allow the water to escape when you want to remove the cover when you want to swim or even take a bath. Sun2Solar also is a great cover that prevents water evaporation so that no matter how intense the sunlight may be on any day, the pool won’t initiate evaporation and the water remains heated for an even longer time. The company has included thousands of solar bubbles to their solar pool covers that maintain the heat of the water while simultaneously warming it. This way, users can enjoy a great swimming or bathing experience, even during the winter season. Last but certainly not least, their pool covers are easily trimmable so that users can mold the adjustment of the cover in relation to the shape of their swimming pools to protect the environment.


  • suitable to use on rectangular pools
  • it includes thousands of solar bubbles that allow water to retain heat
  • durable construction
  • no evaporation of water
  • easy to maneuver
  • a pool cover cannot be trimmed


not as affordable as other brands

In the final analysis, the Sun2Solar pool cover is ideal for people that have above ground swimming pools that they want to stay warm for longer periods of time and is definitely worth the investment.

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2. Blue Wave NS520

For those that want an excellent bathing experience and offer amazing relaxation, look no further than the Blue Wave NS520, a solar pool cover that has been designed for rectangular pools. Although it is not made for round swimming pools, if you do have a rectangular pool, the price tag that comes with it is quite competitive.

The Blue Wave solar blanket is able to conserve way more energy compared to other brands, plus keep pools quite warm. Even by rough estimates, this solar pool cover can heat the water in the swimming pool up to about 15 degrees Fahrenheit. What many consumers love about the Blue Wave solar pool cover is that it keeps more heat in the water compared to other pool covers on the market. There are special thermal heat bubbles inside that help retain heat thanks to insulating properties. It has been specially created to withstand the elements, including ultraviolet rays that can be especially harmful. That means that as an investment you can expect to use it for years to come with no hassles. Those that buy this solar pool cover get a 6-year warranty which makes it a great investment for those that are in the market for a great product that is long-lasting.


  • designed for rectangular pools
  • provides thermal insulation
  • increases the heat of swimming pool water
  • very durable and long-lasting
  • conserves energy
  • comes with a 6-year warranty


  • this model cannot be trimmed
  • not made for round pools

Although this model cannot be trimmed for certain pools, at the end of the day, it has a great warranty and provides excellent coverage for the price. There are few brands on the market that offer this many great features at such a competitive price, making it a hit with consumers that have previously purchased it. 

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3. Sun2Solar Clear for In-Ground and Above Ground Pools

Boasting excellent heating technology and other great features, Sun2Solar Clear’s solar pool covers that have been created for in and above ground pools come with thousands of thermal bubbles that provide maximum heat production via direct sunlight. It is a rectangular solar pool cover and can be trimmed to custom fit inside pools and comes with an affordable price tag that users love. Users also don’t have to worry about evaporation of the water in the swimming pool and this product is great at keeping pools heated for swimming and also bathing. This solar pool cover in their series also comes with a trimming option, with spaces left between the bubbles to allow you to cut the cover for a custom fit.


  • made to fit across rectangular swimming pools
  • easy to maneuverability
  • made with thousands of small bubbles that assist in heating
  • is easy to trimming
  • durable and long-lasting 


  • Not made for round pools
  • Limited to 16 x 32-foot pools only.
  • Sun2Solar Clear provides great value to its customers and is a perfect addition to swimming pools as they warm water in colder weather with precision.

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4. Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Swimming Pools

These solar pool covers are made specifically for round pools and are able to provide great warmth of the water in the swimming pool thanks to its Intex solar cover. The cover features a lightweight construction and is able to conserve sunlight and convert it effectively into heat. Users that have purchased this solar pool cover note that the price tag attached to this brand is much lower than other brands and is a viable option for those that are on the budget.

Intex Solar Cover for 12ft Diameter Swimming Pools


  • made for round pools
  • no water accumulation on the top surface
  • floats on the surface of the water
  • heat conserving bubbles are presenting
  • very affordable 


  • not for use in rectangular pools
  • cannot be trimmed  For people that have a round pool with a 12-foot diameter, the Intex solar pool cover enables users to enjoy heated water for long periods of time.

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Final Considerations

For those that are not able to invest in pool heaters, the best alternative solution is to opt for a solar pool cover that can increase the temperature of the swimming pool gradually.

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