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Liquid Solar Covers: The Complete Guide in 2020

An introduction to Liquid Solar Covers

Imagine being able to enjoy your swimming pool, even when the weather has cooled off. Liquid solar covers could prove to be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The benefits of a solar pool cover are numerous. What you essentially have is a pool cover accessory that allows you to keep your pool warm, and therefore usable, during the cooler times of the year. It gives you the ability to enjoy your pool, even in the early spring or fall. However, these pool covers are also a bit on the problematic side. It is said that liquid solar covers can offer the same benefits as a traditional solar pool cover, but without the same problems.

What are those problems? Well, a traditional solar swimming pool cover can be a serious pain to put on your swimming pool. In fact, as far as the larger swimming pools are concerned, it is all but impossible. Liquid solar covers are a relative newcomer to the world of swimming pool accessories. However, they have quickly become one of the most popular accessories around. We’re going to take a closer at why they are slowly-but-surely replacing the big, bulky, and blue solar covers of the past, as far as many pool owners are concerned.

Is a liquid solar cover a good idea for your own pool? Let’s take a look at what it is, as well as how it works.

What Is A Liquid Solar Cover?

In general, solar pool covers accomplish two significant tasks. They trap heat, but they also work to keep debris and other unwanted elements from getting into your swimming pool. They have become particularly popular over the last couple of decades. The current crop of solar swimming pool covers is fairly impressive indeed. Yet they have the same issues they always have. They are too bulky, too difficult to put on your swimming pool correctly, and aren’t even particularly useful for the larger residential swimming pools on the market.

Liquid solar covers have become popular for promising to do away with all of those issues.

Basically, a liquid solar cover is a thin layer of alcohol that is established along the top of your swimming pool. How thin is this layer? It is so absolutely microscopic, one would never be able to see it with the naked eye. These products have been approved by not only the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well. It has been described as being just one single molecule thick. This aliphatic alcoholic component consists of twelve to twenty-four carbon atoms per molecule. This is combined with calcium hydroxide. The calcium hydroxide is designed to work as both a carrier and agent for proper dispersing. The amount of liquid being used here is so thin, you will not feel it while swimming. Furthermore, you will want to keep in mind that it does not cause any physical harm to swimmers whatsoever.

These are the basics of the liquid solar cover. As you can see, we are talking about an extremely straightforward product. This carries over nicely into how to use a liquid solar cover. The process takes just a few minutes.

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How To Use A Liquid Solar Cover

As you can probably imagine at this point, a liquid solar cover is going to be used differently from the traditional solar swimming pool cover. It isn’t necessarily more complicated. It is just a bit different. Let’s break down the steps involved in using your liquid solar cover:

  • Purchase your liquid solar cover. Our advice would be to get enough to last you for a couple of months. You will also certainly want to make sure you have purchased enough to at least cover your swimming pool. Obviously, larger swimming pools are going to need more. However, even where the larger swimming pools are concerned, you shouldn’t be spending more than $30 or so a month for liquid solar cover.
  • Consistency is the key to enjoying the benefits of liquid solar covers. What you will want to do is come up with an ongoing, regular monthly schedule. It is important to stick to this schedule as closely as possible. This ensures the best possible results.
  • Once you have a schedule drawn up, simply pour the correct amount into your swimming pool. After the liquid has floated to the top of the water, it will quickly disperse itself along the rest of your swimming pool.

It really is just that simple.

You can definitely start to see the advantages of choosing a liquid solar cover over the traditional version. Let’s discuss those benefits in greater detail, while also getting into some of the potential downsides of this particular type of swimming pool cover. Naturally, one of your biggest questions concerning liquid solar covers is whether or not they are truly safe for both swimmers and the pool itself.

Liquid Solar Cover Pros

The fact that liquid solar covers are safe in every imaginable way is one of the first benefits we should discuss. While we have touched on this a bit already, it is definitely worth exploring in greater detail. Not only are liquid solar covers safe for everyone, but they also biodegrade as time goes on. That means they are even safe for the environment as a whole!

It is important to understand that liquid solar covers are safe for adults, children, and even pets. Furthermore, because liquid solar covers were created specifically with swimming pools in mind, you don’t have to worry about the substance causing any issues with the functionality of your swimming pool. In other words, you don’t have to worry about the cover clogging up your pool filter, or anything else along those lines. The covers themselves are designed with swimmer safety in mind. Even as you swim in the water, separating the cover, it will in fact reform as the water settles. So, you don’t even have to worry about disrupting the functionality of the cover!

Pets and kids, as we mentioned, should be fine with the liquid solar cover in place, as well. It is not believed that even swallowing a small amount would be harmful to a child. However, naturally, you will still want to observe the same general safety rules for pets and kids. Furthermore, you don’t want your child to swallow any of the product from the container.

Beyond these benefits, you also have the benefits of a solar pool cover. The cover will keep a large amount of heat from leaving your swimming pool. As we mentioned before, this means you will be able to enjoy your pool during points of the year in which you would generally be closing up for the season. If you have a large family or use your swimming pool to entertain friends and guests, you will be able to do so for longer periods of time. This also means being able to use the pool in the early morning or evening, which is generally when the water would be too chilly.

You should also note that liquid solar covers also allow you to save water. This is due to the fact that they protect the water from evaporating more than it normally would. Yes, it also means reducing the amount of water you need to add to the pool. Your heating costs are going to go down to a significant degree, as well. Not only does that mean saving money, but it also contributes in its own humble way to reducing your carbon footprint.

Finally, liquid solar covers are easier to use than traditional solar covers in every possible way. However, traditional solar covers have one notable advantage that we will discuss below. This one factor may be enough for you to reconsider choosing liquid solar covers over the traditional version.

Liquid Solar Cover Cons

Nothing is perfect, and that thought naturally applies to the pros and cons of liquid solar covers. One thing to keep in mind is the argument that liquid solar covers are not quite as effective as the more high-end traditional solar swimming pool covers. This is something you may want to research in greater detail on your own. Many do believe this to be the case, but some nonetheless do.

Also, liquid solar covers can be a bit frustrating in certain weather conditions. The lightness of these covers is advantageous for a variety of reasons, as we’ve already covered. Unfortunately, that lightness means these covers are going to be largely useless in places that deal with high winds. If that applies to you, then our advice would be to just opt for the traditional solar swimming pool cover. While more annoying to utilize than the liquid version, the benefits of a good swimming pool solar cover still outweigh the downsides.

Also, it must be stated again that you must stick to a steady monthly schedule. Otherwise, it just isn’t going to work as well as it could.


With the information highlighted above, you should be able to decide if liquid solar covers are right for you.

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