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The 3 best Pentair pool heaters To buy in 2019

How do we rate the best Pentair pool heater

Cooler temperatures should not be the reason you don’t get to enjoy a relaxing time in the pool. To help you and your friends or family free to jump into the pool at any time, Pentair has an impressive line-up of pool heaters. As a company, Pentair produces some of the best water system solutions and distributes them around the world. With so many options, however, it can be difficult to pick just one, so here is a guide to help you identify the best fit for your home.

Pool heaters can use different power sources to operate, but Pentair focused on natural gas and propane. Both of these power sources can be costly, but the company strived to improve efficiency and make the heaters affordable to everyone. Besides, relying on alternative power sources like solar means you might be confined indoors in the winter months and not enjoy your pool all year round.

1.Pentair 460736 MasterTemp natural gas heater

This is the top-rated natural gas pool heater on Amazon right now, and for good reasons. The Pentair MasterTemp heater produces 400,000 BTU (British thermal units) capable of heating even the largest pools. This kind of power is enough to raise pool water temperatures in a short time and delivering the heat you need on demand. For example, a typical 20,000-gallon pool measuring about 16 feet by 34 feet with about 167,000 pounds of water can be raised in temperature by 2 degrees in an hour.

All that power might give you pause until you realize that this pool heater is incredibly energy-efficient. This is because of the MasterTemp heater by Pentair a standard copper heat exchanger that has 84% efficiency. That means that the Pentair MasterTemp heater will be more durable and last longer without compromising on energy costs regardless of the intensity of use, pH values or high water flow.

Neither does it make any noise that might interrupt your time by the pool. In fact, you will hardly notice its presence because of its size and design. Standing at 29.9 x 36.1 x 22.8 inches in dimensions, it is small enough to go unnoticed in your backyard or garden. Even when you turn it off and put it back to its storage space, it’s small enough to fit without having to rearrange things.

And it comes in neutral colors that don’t stand out and draw attention, instead quietly doing its thing in the corner. Durability is not only internal, though, because even the exterior is made to last as long as the heat exchanger. The exterior is resistant to rust and tough to endure harsh conditions and even the minor dings it’s bound to receive. To operate the Pentair MasterTemp heater, a digital display is easily accessible thanks to its ability to rotate. Even outdoors in the sun, the display is easy to read from any angle.

For your safety, it is certified to produce low nitrogen oxide emissions to meet air quality standards and has a bunch of safety features. These include sensors that protect from overheating by sensing when the pump is running as well as other switches that automatically switch the pump off either when water temperatures rise too high or water pressure exceeds the predetermined limit.

This heater is currently priced at about $4,330 on Amazon, and it’s well worth it. Customers who have bought the product have all been impressed by the heating properties of the heater, often remarking about its ability to heat up pool water very fast. Many customers were also happy with the durability, meaning that this is certainly the pool heater you want to use in your home for years to come.

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2. Pentair 460737 MasterTemp propane gas heater

For those who prefer propane gas over natural gas, the Pentair 460737 MasterTemp pool heater is the best option. It features most of the features of the MasterTemp 460736 so you know you’re getting a great pool heater. Nothing sucks more than those first few moments after jumping into cold water that leaves you breathless, so Pentair helps you fix that. Most of the verified customers who bought this pool heater on Amazon have been happy with their purchase, and you can join them too.

This pool heater has as much power as its natural gas companion at 400,000 BTU that can heat up a large pool within a few hours. That means you hop into your pool or spa whenever you need to and enjoy a warm dip even in the coldest weather and location. That it uses propane means that your home does not have to be connected to the gas lines. All you would need is a propane gas tank and connect it to the Pentair MasterTemp heater.

Also just like its natural gas counterpart, the Pentair 460737 pool heater is also small enough to go unnoticed in your backyard or garden. Measuring just 36 x 25 x 30 inches, this pool heater can blend into any space without getting in the way. When it’s not in use, storage isn’t a problem either and the unit can fit alongside other equipment without taking up too much space.

The MasterTemp propane gas heater is also a champ in quietness and you probably won’t even notice it’s running. Even while whirring away at a quiet pitch, you still get every bang for your buck because it is incredibly efficient. It makes use of a copper heat exchanger that is very energy efficient without wasting any of the heat produced. It is also certified to produce low nitrous oxide emissions so you can be confident of the air quality.

All this wouldn’t mean a thing if the heater could only last you a few months, so Pentair has made it out of long-lasting, durable materials both internally and externally. It’s strong enough on the inside to handle high heat demands on extended periods while being strong on the outside to withstand anything you can throw at it.

This heater costs about $2,400 on Amazon and it is one of the bestselling pool heaters on the website. Other customers have been impressed by the speed and efficiency at which it heats up the water. Besides, it’s high power output of 400k BTU means that it can be used on any pool size while still getting a quick rise in temperature.

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3. Pentair 460792 MasterTemp stainless steel heater

Not everyone needs a lot of power for their pool, especially if it’s a smaller size. The Pentair 460792 pool heater is meant for the individual who requires less power but the same efficiency of an industrial-grade pool heater. Pentair came through with this heater by combining all the features a person may need to keep their pool heated without compromising on safety or environmental considerations.

The Pentair 460792 produces 175k BTU from your natural gas supply, but it does so in an energy-efficient system that won’t raise your gas bills too much. To operate at full power, it makes use of 164 gallons of natural gas per hour. This is a remarkable feat because it’s the same (if not less) amount of natural gas you would need for a household water heater. To generate heat, the natural gas is ignited and the heat directed at the cold water over a copper heat exchanger. Copper, being an excellent conductor of heat ensures efficient transmission of heat to the water without any wastage.

While all this is going, the heater still remains quiet enough to allow you to host a poolside party or whichever event without bothering anyone. You’re also free to adjust the temperature you desire accordingly as it comes with its own thermostat so that things are always as you want them to be. It is also certified for producing low nitrous oxide emissions and even exceeds industry standards in terms of air quality.

There are many reasons why this particular model from Pentair is tanked in the top 10 among pool heaters, but the main reason is its ease of use. It’s not enough to have a super-efficient heater if no one can operate it. So Pentair made it easy to use through an easy-to-view display from where you can quickly adjust the temperature and other aspects of the heater. It is also safe to use through myriad safety features included such as the manual gas shut-off and several more gauges that automatically switch off the heater when water pressure becomes too high or it becomes overheated.

Many customers are happy with their purchase on Amazon as the product reviews show, and it is for these and more reasons. As the product is targeted at homeowners, you will be glad to know that despite all the features and power, this pool heater from Pentair costs just $1,749 on Amazon and can be shipped to you within a few days. It’s silver/almond exterior look also makes it fit easily into the outdoor décor without drawing too much attention.

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All these pool heaters from Pentair have been in high demand on Amazon and are often featured on the bestseller list. This is because of their energy efficiency, durability, and convenience. You too can start enjoying your pool even when the temperatures outside are harsh and uninviting without having to spend too much. Never let the weather bar you from enjoying a relaxing time in the pool. As a form of exercise, swimming has been proven to be very effective too, even for recovering from injuries. This is even more reason not to go out in the cold while still maintaining your health.

Many customers have already been happy with their purchase, and you can be one as well. Simply order either of these 3 pool heaters depending on your requirements and needs and you will be set. Amazon even provides deals on particular occasions and situations, so you might even end up paying less for a product you will be using for years to come.

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