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The 3 Best Pool Heaters to Buy in 2019

How to pick the Best Pool Heater in 2019

For a proper sizing and analyzing of the appropriate pool heater for your pool, you will require a trained pool professional to perform a proper sizing for you and give you the exact size of the pool heater you should get. Getting the appropriate pool heater involves various factors which include determining the surface area of the pool and the difference between the average surrounding air temperature in comparison with the normal temperature of the pool. There are also other outdoor factors that might affect the heating load of your heater which includes the level of humidity, wind exposure and the temperatures of cool nights. Therefore if you live in an area with wind speeds that are higher than average, cool nights and low humidity, you might want to consider getting a large heater for your pool.

Rating pool heaters are done by looking at the horsepower and BTU output. The standard sizes in the market are 3.5hp for 75,000 horsepower, 5hp for a 100,000 btu and 6hp for a 125,000 btu. Below is a review of some of the highest-rated pool heaters.

1.      Pentair 460736 MasterTemp

In terms of heating efficiency, the Pentair 460736 is a pacesetter among the pool heaters being manufactured in the modern-day. It harnesses the healing power of natural gas with an output production of up to 400,000 BTU. It has a capacity to heat up pools with a capacity of 40,000 gallons of water. This makes this system the best choice for any in-ground pool or users who are liking for a comfortable quick dip in the pool. In addition to its unique heating capability, this Pentair heating system also features a rotating digital display that is user-friendly, complete with digital control accessories. Other accessories include a water pressure switch, an electronic ignition, a stack flue sensor and a high limit switch which keeps it running for as much as it is required.


  • Is capable of heating even the largest pools within a very short time
  • Comes with user-friendly digital controls
  • Its exterior is corrosion resistant
  • An excellent choice for energy conservation


  •  Although it is energy-efficient, it is very costly to maintain
  • High maintenance system

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2.      Hayward HP50TA Titanium Residential Heater

This Titanium heater from Hayward may have a shortcoming in its BTU feature but it makes up for it by having a very high water holding capacity of up to 15,000 gallons at each service. It is super efficient especially in energy-saving although it costs slightly more than the standard electric heater. It comes with an 84% energy saving efficiency rate that will go a long way in saving you a considerable amount of utility bill money. It defied the big and bulky design of other ordinary pool heaters featuring a small built design that adds up to its user-friendliness. It comes with a gold-coated evaporator coil, a titanium heat exchanger that is resistant to corrosion, and an LED digital control system that will give you total control over the system with just a click of a button. It is also very quiet while in operation, making it ideal for heating a pool at any time. It also features a durable polypropylene exterior, adding to its life longevity.


  • A compact and lightweight feature making the system easy to handle
  • Comes with a high-end titanium heat exchanger
  • It’s resistant to corrosion
  • Its equipped with modern LED digital controls
  • Energy efficient
  • It is very quiet while in operation.


  •  Costly considering its low BTU output

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3.      RayPak 001640 Electric Spa Heater

As far as electric pool and spa heaters are concerned, this is one of the highest-rated products, although not very popular with pool owners due to its label that presents it as a spa heater. It is designed to provide high-efficiency performance making it the perfect choice for heating relatively small above ground pools. As much as this device does not meet the standard NOX requirements, it, however, designed with a corrosion-free made to last a lifetime with an efficiency rating of 80%, earning it a place in the high durability and quality category.

With an output of 38,000 BTU and a power capacity of 11kw, this heater is not recommended for large pools. It, however, comes with heavy-duty heating qualities, a high level of temperature regulation control, power switches that control the pressure and a high-efficiency thermostat. Its performance cannot be questioned especially in small above ground pools and spas.


  • A low-cost small pool heating solution
  • Designed beautifully and constructed to last
  • Has an easy installation


  • Not recommended for large pools
  • Does not meet the NOx none-mission standards

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4.      Hayward H150FDN Universal H-Series Pool and Spa Heater

This universal H-series pool heater is another model that shows the dedication of the Hayward brand in producing top quality and best selling products. This series specifically boasts energy-efficient and unique hydraulic performance. In just one hour, this H-series pool heater is able to heat up to 800 gallons pool by 30 degrees. It features a technology that reduces the overall pump circulation which means you can use it anytime in any season without much of a difference in your utility bill. Just like its counterparts from Hayward brand, this system is enhanced with a hydraulic performance that presents the highest quality thermal operations.

For energy-conscious pool owners, this unit stands out in the line of modern best-performing heaters, especially since it has been accessorized with cupro-nickel combustion chambers. A polymer header, corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, dual thermostat, LED digital control system, and electronic ignition, all meant to give this system that extra advantage over the others in this category. The manufacturer has also specially designed this unit with versatility in mind and with the cupro-nickel combustion chambers, this unit can be used in either saltwater and chlorinated pools without fear of corrosion. It also comes with ports on either side to give the user an easy installation process and a pleasant connection to an electricity source.


  • Heats pool water very quickly
  • Easy to install, connect and use
  • Energy efficient
  • Fairly priced considering all the perks that come with this system


  • It is noisy when in operation

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Buyers Guide

It is not a pleasant experience not having to enjoy your pool in a few specific months of the year due to seasonal changes and bad weather. A pool heater is an investment that you will find worthwhile having, whether you own an above ground or an in-ground pool. Choosing the right pool heater is not rocket science although it may involve a bit of planning and considerations. From most reviews, you will find that most customers are recommending a certain model of pool heaters, without stressing the importance of getting the correct size for your pool. Swimming pools are located in different places, each with a different climate. Therefore, when choosing the right pool heater, you will be required to do some basic math that involves calculating the temperature difference and the surface area of your pool. Heaters usually come with a sizing chart that will help you compare your math with the dimensions of the heater’s chart.

Other factors that you should consider include energy efficiency, brand recognition, your budget and the ease of installation and use. Each heater will have a coefficient of performance number labeled on it. This is the unit used to measure the efficiency of the heater, therefore, the higher the number, the more efficient you would expect the heater to be. There are pool heaters who will, however, operate depending on the temperature of the surrounding area. This is what determines their coefficient of performance. Additionally, the installation of your heater will further optimize its efficiency. It is therefore advisable to have a pool technician present during the installation process.

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