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The 3 Best Raypak Pool Heaters To Buy in 2019

A quick intro to the 3 Best Raypak Pool Heaters

For a number of years now, the Raypak company has been responsible for producing top-notch pool heating technology.

Each and every new model they rollout is a further improvement upon the high standards they have already established, with each piece of pool heating technology pushing the industry further and further into the future with new features, new safety mechanisms, and new ways to deliver even more efficient heating at a friendly cost.

Depending on the specific set up of your pool, the type of fuel you’d like your pool heater to use, and a handful of other specific details that are unique to your situation one Raypak pool heater may be better suited than another.

Below we highlight our three favorite Raypak pool heaters, the three best Raypak pool heaters available on the market today. You can’t go wrong with either one of our top options highlighted in this quick guide!

1.Raypak 406,000 BTU Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater

This is very much the flagship model from the folks at Raypak, featuring all of their latest and greatest technological advancements as well as a heating system designed to inexpensively get your entire pool up to your ideal temperature – and then maintain that temperature with zero extra effort whatsoever.

Raypak 406,000 BTU

Thanks to the technology in this model, you can expect this unit to deliver 83% efficiency and higher. This is light years ahead of competing products on the market today, and when you add in the fact that it can also maintain temperatures higher than 105°F – all while exceeding state and federal efficiency standards – you see why this is such a special set up.


Only the highest quality nickel thin tube elements are used throughout the actual heating system itself, allowing this platform to stand up to even the harshest chemical situations – including low pH levels, high flow levels, and heavy use levels.

On top of that, a digital control LCD module not only gives you instant real-time feedback about the temperature of your swimming pool but it also allows you to dial in (with a fine degree of control) all of your individual pool settings as well.

As if all of that wasn’t enough of a reason to move forward with this particular option, resin headers also guarantee that this critical component will not rust and destroy your pool the way that some of the other heating options on the market may.


  • Effortless installation with plumbing already set up
  • The intelligent microprocessor handles diagnostic issues with ease
  • Set it and forget it style usage from this top-flight piece of technology


Obviously a little on the pricier side of things compared to other heating units


Because this is the flagship model from the folks at Raypak – and one of the best Raypak pool heaters ever made – the price for this particular unit is a little bit higher than some of the competing options from other manufacturers. However, when you factor in the longevity, efficiency, and reliability of this unit the price of ownership over the lifetime of this system comes down significantly.

Customer Reviews

“I was able to install this heating unit all on my own in a single afternoon with no extra tools and no real experience”

“It uses natural gas which definitely helps to keep down its cost of ownership while delivering an efficient, even heat throughout my swimming pool”

“I don’t think I’ll ever have to purchase another swimming pool heater for the rest of my life, that’s how good this system is”

Final Verdict

If you want a real set it and forget it style natural gas pool heater that works almost right out of the box, a system designed to evenly and efficiently heat your entire swimming pool all year round, this is where you’re going to want to invest your money.

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2. Raypak 266,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Pool Heater

A slightly smaller unit compared to our top option, this works better for slightly smaller swimming pools or those that may not want hot tub style temperatures throughout their swimming pool all the time.

This system also takes advantage of natural gas as the fuel source, a source that is inexpensive, safe, and easy to take advantage of while providing even and efficient heat throughout the entirety of your swimming pool.

Raypak 266000 BTU

A lot of the same advanced features are built right into this Raypak model, giving you a fantastic bang for your buck and a lot of value that you might not have been able to get out of similar units from other manufacturers.


The intelligent microprocessor in this model works as the “brain” of the operation, controlling absolutely everything in regards to how your system heats your pool evenly and efficiently. You’ll be able to fine-tune all of the settings to your exact specifications, but once you lock in the settings the microprocessor handles the rest of the heavy lifting for you.

From top to bottom the construction materials used throughout this system are made out of 100% noncorrosive and rust-resistant materials guaranteed to provide a lifetime of service. This is super dependable and the kind of system that you can count on for years and years to come – really helping to keep the overall cost of ownership down.


  • Built-in plumbing connections make this an absolute cinch to install all on your own, even without a lot of experience
  • The microprocessor-controlled thermostat is a true set it and forget it kind of system
  • The copper fin tube heat exchanger is ridiculously efficient


It’ll take about an afternoon to get this system set up and running all on your own


Slightly less expensive than the other Raypak model we highlighted above (and slightly more expensive than some of the other Raypak models available for sale), this particular pool heater sits right in the “Goldilocks Zone” as far as pricing is concerned.

This is definitely one of the top options on the market today and certainly, one of the best Raypak pool heaters money can buy.

Customer Reviews

“I was blown away by just how quiet this natural gas pool heater was during normal operation. I didn’t think it would be this silent”

“Believe it or not, it only took four hours to heat my 28-foot aboveground pool from 75°F to 85°F!”

“The built-in hookups making installing this system all on your own as simple and as straightforward as it could possibly be”

Final Verdict

In the fleet of Raypak pool heaters, there are a lot of options to pick and choose from, but this model is definitely one of our favorites for aboveground and inground pools of medium-size.

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3. Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Pool Heater

Advertised as a real “plug and play” kind of pool heater that works almost right out of the box, you’ll be amazed at just how simple the installation process is for this digital electric ignition natural gas pool heater from the folks at Raypak.

Designed to accommodate medium size to large size swimming pools (of both the aboveground and inground variety), the BTU output from this model is certainly more than enough to get your entire swimming pool up to indoor and spot temperatures with absolutely zero trouble whatsoever – even if you are running this heater outdoors in the dead of winter.

Raypak 336000 BTU


Like all other modern Raypak pool heaters, this contender takes advantage of a microprocessor-controlled digital thermostat system that is as simple to use as it could possibly get. You’ll be able to fine-tune your temperature controls to your exact specifications with the easy to manipulate control scheme, and as soon as you have everything dialed in the microprocessor handles everything else – and maintains those temperatures for you with zero trouble at all.

From top to bottom, the entire unit is made out of noncorrosive, rust-resistant, and nonreactive materials that can withstand everything from low pH balance water to saltwater and everything in between. Yes, this unit can be used to keep a saltwater pool at perfect temperatures as well.


  • Intelligently designed internals allow you to maintain temperatures effortlessly in every condition
  • Can be used with swimming pools that have been set up for saltwater
  • Effortless installation made possible with stainless steel tube sheet, 2-inch CPVC water connections, and more


Bulky cabinet style water heater


Only slightly more expensive than the Raypak water heater we highlighted above, this is a fantastic option for pools that are slightly larger than your traditional medium-sized pool – but it works wonders with larger pools as well. This is a great value compared to the rest of the competition.

Customer Reviews

“I ordered this to replace a 15-year-old Raypak water heater, and only did that to take advantage of new technology. I expect this to last at least 15 years as well!”

“From the moment I opened the box I knew that this was a top-quality piece of pool heating technology. Everything feels top-tier, and I love the LCD display and easy control system”

“Installation was legitimately plugged and play. I handled everything even though I didn’t have a whole lot of experience setting these kinds of pool heaters up beforehand.

Final Verdict

Another great pool heater from the folks at Raypak, you will not be disappointed should you choose to get your hands on this particular model for the right sized pool. It has all the bells and whistles you could hope for!

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Closing Thoughts on the best Raypak pool heater

Each and every one of the models we highlighted above could easily be considered one of the three best Raypak pool heaters available on the market today.

They have the advanced technology, high-quality build materials, and other top-tier features you are looking for at a price point that guarantees the long-term cost of ownership is never exorbitant or outrageous. These are the kinds of systems you’ll be able to rely on for at least a decade – if not even longer than that!

The only difficult decision you’ll have is figuring out which of the Raypak models works best for your specific situation!

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