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Pentair MasterTemp 400 Review: Is this pool heater really that good?

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a bestselling pool heater. It is one of the best-rated pool heaters available in the market right now. Pentair is a market leader among all brands of pool heaters. The MasterTemp 400 is powerful and efficient. It has a few fierce competitors from other manufacturers but has managed to hold its ground over time.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a heavy-duty natural gas pool heater. It is capable of heating a standard swimming pool in a very short span of time. There is no unanimity or even consensus and there cannot be one when it comes to isolating one model of any brand as the best pool heater. But if you were to compile a list of the best swimming pool heaters available today, then this one will easily find its rightful place in the top three. Pentair makes other related products as well such as pool pumps, cleaners, filters, lights, and automation systems. There is a whole range of quintessential products or systems and accessories. This makes it ideal for shoppers who want to rely on one brand for their varied needs.

Features of Pentair MasterTemp 400

Pentair MasterTemp 400 has three models or variants. The 460736 is the standard model with a copper heat exchanger. The 460805 is a heavy-duty model with a copper & nickel exchanger. This enables the heater to withstand extreme applications, such as exposure to water with very low pH and heavy flow or use. Pentair 460775 is a MasterTemp as accredited with and certified by ASME. This model is much more durable and resistant. It has metal headers.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 comes with an easy layout for the control panel. This makes it convenient for users. The heater is energy efficient, reliable, and can last for a really long time without much need for maintenance. The control panel has a digital display that can be rotated. The user-friendly layout makes operation including monitoring an effortless experience. The heater is quiet. The display has five lights to provide system status. The water temperature is neatly displayed. There is a sign indicating the heater needs to be serviced. The heater can work with other control systems made by different companies.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is made of cupronickel or copper & nickel alloy. This makes the product durable, more than what standard copper offers. Nickel makes the alloy more resistant to corrosion and stronger. Copper ensures the alloy does not lose its ductility. This type of allowing is used in many marine applications. They can withstand exposure to seawater or saltwater. Freshwater, chlorinated water, and saltwater cause different types of corrosion in metals and alloys as well as in modified resins or plastics. The heavy-duty model is even better in this regard but it is pricier.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 is a relatively lightweight heater. Those who have a saltwater system should choose the heavy-duty variant, otherwise, the standard model is fine. The pool heater has several buttons with different functionalities. The pool on the button provides temperature control. The spa on the button does the same but for a spa. There is a switch-off button for the heater. Temperature up and temperature down buttons do the obvious.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 can prep the pool water and make it warm enough very quickly. Energy efficiency is widely considered to be the best in class. There is a manual shut off feature to make servicing easier. The MasterTemp exceeds the industry standards for eco-friendliness and emissions. The digital display can be rotated so viewing is easier. The exterior handles are rustproof and they can endure extreme weather, including heat. The weight may vary from a hundred and twenty to a hundred and thirty pounds depending on the specific model you choose. The heater comes with a premixed system containing gas and air that readies it quickly and the pool heats up fast.

Pentair MasterTemp 400 has digital controls, push-button, and hot surface ignition. There are a few safety features. The water pressure switch can sense that the pump is functioning so overheating is prevented. The switches for high limit can safely shut the heater off whenever temperatures exceed or are about to breach the preset factory settings. The manual shut off valve is handy. The stack flue sensor provides further protection against overheating. The heater can be installed on surfaces that are known to be combustible. At thirty-six inches by twenty-five inches and thirty inches, the heater is certainly a sleeker design in its class.


The first thing that ought to be mentioned in our Pentair MasterTemp 400 review is its price. The model is certainly not among the most inexpensive heating systems you can get for a pool, whether saltwater or otherwise. The heavy-duty variant is costlier and the most premium variant for this model costs even more. Many customers might feel the need to go for the heavy-duty model straightaway. The materials are more durable. No one invests or wants to consider a new pool heater every now and then. It is a long term investment that is expected to pay off over many years. Pentair is known for such durable models and all three variants of the MasterTemp are worthwhile but the heavy-duty is better than the standard.

The type of pool one has, its size and the water system will determine or at least influence the choice of the heater. The heater should be installed properly to function optimally. Those who are not familiar with the installation of pool heaters should not attempt to do it themselves. Getting a professional installer is the safest option. MasterTemp performs best when water chemistry is proper. The lifespan of the heater and pump, as well as the filter, can be prolonged if the pool water is maintained properly. Pentair 460736 MasterTemp 400 is efficient, fast, and durable. The heavy-duty variant is more effective and requires fewer servicing sessions down the line.

Pentair has a pool volume calculator. Pool owners should use this to find out which model is appropriate for their prized installation. This can do away with the need for guesswork. Do not just go by the size of the pool. Calculate the volume of water. The package comes with all important documents, including a manual and installation guide, a brochure, an installation checklist, the bypass access plug kit a dimensions diagram. Customers should be aware of water chemistry to extract the best performance over the longest period of time from any of the three MasterTemp 400 models.

Pros and Cons of Pentair MasterTemp 400

The pool heater is efficient and effective. It is not among the largest or the heaviest pool heaters. The three variants provide enough options. The installation is not complicated but a technician may be better at it. All relevant information is made available. There is no need for speculation. The product is durable and it does the job in a considerably eco-friendly way. The materials are of premium quality. Pool owners who understand the water and are familiar with such equipment will not have a hard time dealing with the product or maintaining it to last a decade and longer. If there is a con, then it might be the price for some. Pentair MasterTemp 400 is somewhat expensive but that is unavoidable when you want to buy a premium product.

The standard model, Pentair MasterTemp 460736, is priced at just over twenty-three hundred dollars. Free shipping is available. The 400-BTU is the highest model from Pentair. The entry-level model is 175-BTU that is priced at nineteen hundred dollars.

Customer Reviews of Pentair MasterTemp 400

Most customers are happy with the Pentair MasterTemp 400. With the few exceptions where customers have had issues with sellers in particular and packaging, customers have been generally content with the whole process of buying, installing and using the product. Some customers are unhappy with the performance but most such cases have been due to water chemistry and misplaced expectations. Pentair has clearly stated in its manual and elsewhere that the water system or how acidic the water is will influence the functioning of the heater. The heat exchanger will get damaged in acidic water. Customers who ignore this are not too satisfied.

A typical Pentair MasterTemp 400 review from customers is that it can work really fast but some have highlighted the need for a separate power source for the control panel. The heater can raise the temperature of a fifteen thousand gallon pool by as much as three degrees in sixty minutes. This is a considerably commendable performance. Smaller pools can be heated up much faster. The external or ambient temperature also plays a role here.


Buy the Pentair MasterTemp 400 if you want a quality pool heater. Go for the heavy-duty variant if you want impeccable performance, better durability, and less dependence on servicing or maintenance.

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