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Rheem Pool Heater Review 2021 Pro’s & Con’s

A quick intro to the Rheem Pool Heater

A Rheem pool heater is among the many items that you can count as a requirement when it comes to what you absolutely need for the maintenance, enjoyment, and benefit of your pool.  Folks these days don’t have their swimming pools put in simply for luxuriating periodically.  A lot of people are using their pools as a form of healthy exercise regimens or for therapeutic benefits as well as for the pleasure aspect.  No one wants to have that limited to certain times of the year when the water is of a temperature to make it a comfortable experience.  There are times even when the weather is hot that the water temperature takes its time to warm up. 


Rheem and Raypak are together owned by the same parent company who advises that the units are one and the same.  There is one bigger distributor of supplies for swimming pools that deems Raypak as using the Rheem brand.  Rheem/Raypak offers natural gas and propane pool heaters that are user friendly for their consumers displaying controls that are simplistic in nature, a system that is resistant to wind along with other forms of inclement weather or fallen debris as well as a cabinet that is built for sustainability and fuel efficiency that is difficult to beat. 

You can set the thermostat, which is microprocessor-controlled, specifically to how you like it with a ‘set-it and forget-it’ mindset.  Once the temperature that you are going for has been set, a digital display will alert you that it is ready.  It also lets you know when the heating process has actually initiated.  Ignition from a spark-pilot system among the most reliable in the industry is achieved using Rayback’s digital heaters.  Maximum transfer of heat is made possible by the copper-fin tubing and rust-resistant and noncorrosive benefits are provided for the internal mechanics as well as the cabinet itself. 

If you find that you are having any difficulties with the unit, there are controls that allow for self-diagnosing to troubleshoot where the faults are.  You can receive reports indicating how long the heater has been running and exactly how often it has fired all while observing as well as measuring the signal for the pilot’s flame.  If the voltage drops too low for the unit to function properly, you will be alerted.  All of the units go through thorough testing prior to their being boxed so that you are sure to obtain a top-of-the-line heater free of any faults.


The Rheem/Raypak units are designed and sold to be used strictly for residential uses.  They weigh approximately 243 pounds and are 120/240 volts. 

  • Coating made of polypus texturing.
  • Headers of the polymer.
  • Tubing that is all copper-fin
  • The tube sheet is stainless steel.
  • Water connections that are 2” CPVC.
  • Burner tray.
  • Fire tiles.

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There are always pluses and minuses to any product available on the market.  This product, however, has multiple benefits.  Without a good pool heater, using the swimming pool becomes a limited option throughout the year.  ThisRheem/Raypak pool heater is something that is no longer an option but a necessity.


  • The Rheem/Raypak system runs super quiet.  You don’t even know it’s operating.
  • The system is very simplistic, user-friendly.
  • The water is heated in record time so the pool is ready to use quickly.
  • You can maintain the temperature that you want with your pool regardless of what the weather is.
  • You are able to use your pool throughout the entire year if you choose to.
  • These units are mostly small and compact so they won’t take up a lot of space and will fit just about anywhere.


You may have difficulty getting things done inside the house because you’ll always be in the pool.


According to Amazon’s site, the general, average cost for the Rheem/Raypak unit is approximately $2200 inclusive of free shipping.  With existing gas lines, installation costs should be minimal and monthly fuel charges should only increase slightly depending on your personal pool inclinations.


The reviews for this unit equaled out to 4.2 * out of 5 *.  Everyone had a positive reaction to their experience with the Rheem/Raypak heater.  They found it to be an awesome addition to their pool maintenance. The users thought that it was a very quiet system that heated the pool water in record time.  The hookup for them was easy with minimal cost and no complex hassles to deal with.  There were some folks who praised the customer service and the delivery of the unit expressing how happy they were with the way that they were treated in every aspect from ordering all the way through to the receipt of the product.  Some of the consumers merely indicated it was a fantastic heater and they would highly recommend it to anyone interested in purchasing one for their pool.

The Rheem/Raypak heater is a simple solution to ridding yourself of the problem of having a pool with freezing cold pool water.  The pool is not going to be available for you to have recreation, perform therapy sessions or as an effective workout tool unless the water is warm enough for you to do so comfortably.  It’s much more cost-effective to buy a Rheem/Repak system that will allow you to heat the water in your own pool rather than having to travel to locations where you can utilize a pool at another facility, and you will have unlimited use.

The costs involved will simply include the one-time purchase of the heater itself followed by the charge for installation along with the monthly rates, which will vary depending on which heating source you opt for whether it be natural gas or propane, as well as the amount of time you use the pool and the temperature that you prefer to have the pool set for.  There are also costs for maintenance/servicing that would be done on a semi or annual basis.  By using a pool cover that is insulated in conjunction with the heater you can allow for better fuel efficiency and cost savings.

It is recommended by medical professionals as well as the Red Cross swim experts that the temperatures in swimming pools be stable at 78 F for leisure or sports swims and 90 F or above for particular therapy patients.  Swimming has quickly risen among the top cardiovascular regimented exercises by doctors and therapists because nearly everyone can do it without any adverse effects including elderly who are prevented from running or jogging due to arthritic or muscular conditions.

Rheem/Raypak pool heaters are among the most popular options when buying for your swimming pool and generally use natural gas or propane to heat the water and then return it back into your swimming pool.  It is inexpensive to purchase and install this heater option and there are no restrictions or limitations as far as operations are concerned.

With the competing heat pumps, the temperature outside must remain consistently above 50 degrees for the pump to operate at an efficient level.  Anything below that and the system loses the ability to run effectively.  This is never an issue or a worry with the Rheem/Raypak system.  It operates fully, efficiently and effectively regardless of the temperature or how the weather is outside.

Conclusion on the Rheem pool heater

If you have your choice among the various options on the market available for pool heaters, Rheem/Raypak seems to be the top choice with its ease of use, quiet operation, quick heat-up time, safety features, cost-effectiveness, and the positive reactions among the many consumers who have had the opportunity to try the heater out with satisfactory results.  Maintaining the pool at a constant temperature is important, particularly for folks who rely on their pool for health purposes which is becoming a more and more popular trend in the medical field. Using a pool for physical therapy is especially beneficial, but not if the water is cold.

It has reached a point now where having a pool is no longer an option for the regular person.  It is necessary to have one or at least have access to one as a health tool.  Most people are opting to install one as opposed to having to transport to one on a routine basis.  Because of this need, there is also the necessity that the pool is available for use throughout the entire year since most folks will be required to use it regularly.  The only way to do that is to have it heated and the heater needs to be of the quality that it will maintain an even, stable heat consistently.  It seems Rheem/Raypak has proven that it is able to do that with no problem.  Having this system installed and using an insulated pool cover with it will ensure that your pool is ready for use whenever you are. It won’t matter if that’s in the middle of the summer or on a cool winter day.

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