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The 3 Best Gas Water Heaters To buy in 2020

What to look for when buying the Best Gas Water Heater

Whether you are buying a new home, refurbishing or renovating an existing one, there are many things that you must keep in mind. Each and every room of the house must be looked at carefully. This includes our bathroom. We do spend a lot of time in our bathroom and therefore it should be given special attention. With winter at its peak, having a suitable heating apparatus is very important and vital. Water heaters in bathrooms are critical and an integral part of any home. However, we need to do our research and choose the right water heaters for our bathrooms.

In this article, we will have a look at three different brands of gas water heaters. This perhaps will help our readers to have some idea about the main things to be borne in mind when buying the best gas water heater. However, before going into the specifics of these three brands of gas water heaters, it would be a good idea to have a brief idea about gas water heaters apart from looking at the pros and cons of this type of heater. It will come in very handy for those who are seeking information and knowledge about the various things to be kept in mind when buying the right gas water heater.

What is A Gas Water Heater

Most of us would be aware of the definition and scope of a gas water heater. Put in simple words, gas water heaters use combustible gas as the fuel source for heating the water heater. The other two heating sources are electricity and coal. There is a growing demand for gas heaters obviously because there are some benefits associated with it. Let us try and find out the main benefits associated with the gas water heater.

Main Advantages of Gas Water Heaters

  • They are extremely easy to install and even those who do not have the right knowledge would be able to do it if they follow the instructions and act accordingly.
  • They are cheaper when compared to electric water heaters. In fact, on average you could save around 33% in fuel costs when you decide to choose the best gas water heater in place of an electric heater. However, we need to bear in mind that propane is expensive when compared to natural gas, but it still works out much cheaper than electricity operated water heaters.
  • Recovery time for gas water heaters is much faster when compared to electric water heaters. If you have heavy water to heat, the replenishment will happen much faster when you compare it with electric heaters.


If you want to go in for gas water heaters, you would do better to choose natural gas over propane. This is because the latter is quite expensive. If you do not have access to quality natural gas then you have no other option but to settle for propane gas. Though propane may be cheaper when compared to electricity, it is quite expensive and could lead to a strain on your budget.

Now that we have a reasonably good idea about the various pros and cons of gas water heaters, let us now get into the review of three different models. We are sure it will give our readers a new perspective and direction about the various things that one must take into account before buying a gas water heater.

Ventfree Gas Water Heater (Tankless)

This is a product from the company called Excel who has reasonably good knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality gas water heaters. It is extremely good looking and has an ergonomic design and appearance. It is sleek and does not take too much space in your bathroom.  Hence, if you have small homes, as is the case in metro cities, you have a few reasons to have a closer look at this particular gas water heater. We are listing down some good reasons as to why it could be a good buy and could offer value for money. It could make a big difference to your need for quality hot water at reasonable prices during the tough winter season.

Main Features

This gas water tanker as mentioned above works on LPG Propane. It comes with a unique and new exclusive low water pressure startup technology. It also has a pure copper heat exchanger of 1.6 GPM and a number of other exciting and interesting features. It is made from a unique and exclusive vent free technology and it does not require an expensive flue. It is perfectly suited for indoor use. It comes with a compact design and also has a compact size of 11.5 inches depth and a height of 16 inches. As mentioned earlier, the unique thing about this heater is that it has a low-pressure startup and it can start only with 2 PSI. This makes it quite different from many other such gas water filters that are available in the market today.


  • It weighs around 20 pounds making it quite lightweight.
  • It has a decent capacity and a flow rate of 1.6 GPM.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has a white color and an attractive design feature.
  • It is made of quality copper material.
  • On the whole, it does offer very good value for money.


  • It works on propane making it a bit expensive.
  • It is slightly expensive when compared to similar gas water heaters.

Camplux 16L  Propane Gas Water Heater – Tankless

This is a great looking and nicely performing propane gas water heater from the house of Camplux. It is a bit on the expensive side but it does have some wonderful features and functionalities that make it a candidate to be the best gas water heater. We will look at some of the main features that are interesting and worth being looked at from close quarters.

Main Features

You can expect to get 4.22 gallons of hot water output per minute making it one of the most efficient gas water heaters in the market in its price range. It also has other interesting features like the digital temperature display. Further, you also can expect to get anti-freezing protection, flame failure device and other such built-in features. You also can expect it to be quite safe because of the overheating protection mechanism that goes a long way in ensuring its safety. It also has the best of looks and designs and is sleek apart from being ergonomic in shape. It does play a big role in ensuring that you have an efficient, sleek and fully functional water heater at the right price. You can expect it to be helpful in making use of the limited space available in the bathroom.


  • It has the simplest of design attributes.
  • You also can expect a high output structure.
  • It also will come with 88.5% thermal efficiency.
  • You can be sure that you will get a continuous supply of hot water without having to wait for a long time.
  • The maximum output is around 110,000 BTU per hour.
  • It also has a CSA certified regulator apart from a quality water hose made from rubber plastic.


  • It is a bit on the expensive side.
  • Since it runs on propane you will have to spend quite a bit on fuel.

Takagi T-K4-OS-NG Outdoor Natural Gas Water Heater

Are you on the lookout for quality natural gas water that combines price, low renewable expenses and quality heating during winter months? If the answer is yes, then it makes sense for you to have a closer look at this model from Takagi. It is made from the best of materials and has a number of interesting features and functions. This model No. T-KR-OS-NG has won the respect and admiration of a number of customers because of the various interesting functionalities. Let us have a look at a few of them for the sake of information. It is smart and sleek looking making it possible to install in small spaces in the bathroom. Let us look at some of the main features that make it quite a good purchase.

Main Features

It offers an impressive 190,000 BTU of heating capacity and that is suitable for hot water requirements of a small family of four. Further, it has a good flow rate of 8.0 and this again is comparable to the best in the industry. It also does not require any venting. You also have an outlet as well as inlet thermistors and this helps in real-time and continuous temperature monitoring. You also have a built-in free protection mechanism.


  • It comes with a sleek design measuring 8.5 x 13.8 x 20.3 inches.
  • It weighs 38 inches and can be easily hung on the wall with the right fixtures and fittings.
  • It has a unique looking and attractive white color.
  • The design is also ergonomic.
  • Good value for money.


  • It requires an electric ignition mechanism.
  • It does not have a circulating pump


We are sure that the above information and the review of the three products would have given some idea as to what are the attributes of the best gas water heater solutions. However, it would be better to do some more research and then choose the right one taking into account the exact needs and requirements of the clients.

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