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The Best Jandy Pool Heater To Buy in 2019

Jandy Pool Heater Review

The Jandy pool heater review explains how the Jandy pool heater gives you the perfect water temperature for your pool keeping it consistent and stable throughout your summer experience, or even all year long if that is your choice.  If you have a heated pool, you can use your pool no matter how cool it may be outside.  Pool water is at its best when it is neither too hot nor too cold and would be considered just right being set between 70 to 85 degrees for the optimal experience. This will allow for recreational sports purposes, doctor-ordered exercise and therapeutic routine, or leisure with comfort.

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A Zodiac Jandy pool heater is specifically designed to provide extraordinary quality and durability along with energy efficiency in order that you are able to enjoy your pool for more than just an occasional experience as it was meant to be.  The variety of pool systems that Jandy offers promotes faster heating times yet allows a much more efficient heating capacity compared to the competition. 

Jandy’s specialty is gas pool heaters powered by natural and propane gas and they maintain that their systems are environmentally friendly despite the use of fossil fuels through the use of low NOx.  Gas-type pool heaters are the most in-demand for consumers on the market and are the most cost-effective as well.  Not only is installation fast and easy but, with a gas pool heater, the water heats quickly allowing for you to have use of your pool in record time.

Picking a pool heater is difficult, particularly when you’re not sure what to look for.  Unfortunately, folks end up with systems that don’t deliver what they were hoping for.  With Jandy, they offer a multitude of options for their customers each with different features so that picking one to meet your needs is made easy.  In this Jandy pool heater review, we look at all of the systems.

Jandy JXi series

This is considered the smallest and lightest weight system of natural gas/propane in 200k to 399k BTU models.  It offers superior installation simplicity.  The unit has 83% thermal efficiency and is low NOx compliant.  Additional savings of up to 20% can be attained with the Veraflow Integration which ultimately will reduce plumbing costs.  Warning:  Even though this unit may appear to be easy to install, customers indicate that the warranty will not be recognized by Jandy if the unit is not installed by a professional.


  • Ventilation for this system is exceptional
  • User-friendly, maintain with no problem
  • Energy-efficient upwards of 80% keeping emissions and costs down
  • Weight of only 126 pounds
  • Among the smallest and most compact units on the market.
  • Copper-heat exchanges


 The price for the JXi series ranges from $2000 to upwards of $2800.

Jandy LXi series

This series is recommended for folks with tighter NOx emission standards.  There are 16 different natural gas/propane models ranging 250K to 400K BTU offering fantastic reliability and a temperature that is kept stable using ‘maintain temp’ function. Excellent heating capacity is offered and use is made easier with the Aqualink Control System and a quality interface.


  • User-friendly; The control panel is LCD with a menu that is very straightforward.
  • NOx is greatly decreased, combustion is fan-assisted.
  • The pool is heated longer via automation features.
  • – It is highly efficient despite the fast heat capacity.
  • The build is durable and reliable.
  • Compact and Light-weight design.


– The price for the LXi series is in the $4072 range.

Jandy Hi-E2 Series

This is among the oldest of the Jandy pool heater as well as the most efficient with a rating at 95% with 33% less footprint and BTU at 399k for the natural gas/propane unit. This is made of the highest quality, most durable and reliable materials beginning with the cabinet all the way to ignition making it virtually maintenance-free.


  • The compact design allows for easy installation along with transport.
  • Durability allowing use for up to 20 years on a consistent basis.
  • Operation costs less by up to 30% or more.
  • One of the smallest of those systems available on the market.


The cost for the Hi-E2 series range up to $7150

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Jandy Legacy Series

This Jandy pool heater legacy series is economical and also very easy to install. Another gas power heater with 250k, 325k or 400k BTU inputs and 19 models available on the market with natural/propane gas as well as electronic ignition or a millivolt standing pilot.  Some of the units come available with cupro-nickel heat exchangers as opposed to the standard copper. 


  • User-friendly digital control system.
  • Temp setting made easier with mechanical thermo function.
  • Superior efficiency is provided through the exceptional copper heat exchange.
  • Heat transfer is improved with Flow-thru tech for efficient heating.
  • The ceramic fiber combustion chamber heats up faster.
  • Aqualink self-diagnosing system allows the system to perform reliably.


The cost for the Legacy series ranges from approximately $1500 to upwards of $4000.


Having a pool heater allows you to take advantage of having a pool in a greater capacity than you would be able to without it.  Having a Jandy pool heater allows you to do so in the most efficient manner with a quality, reliable unit that will last you for a longer period of time than your typical pool heater. The Jandy pool heater review looks at all of the pros and cons of the pool heater.


  • Very effective for heating pool water at a much faster rate than a standard pool heat pump.
  • The temperature levels that are obtained are great and consistent.
  • The temp is steady and can be maintained for a longer period of time.
  • The units are durable and reliable.
  • Systems are extremely user-friendly.
  • Regardless of the cool temperatures outside, you can still utilize the pool.
  • There are multiple units to choose from allowing you to be sure to get a system that will meet all of your needs.
  • The majority of the units are small, compact and lightweight making placement easy and keeping them from out of sight.
  • Maintenance is simplistic and servicing is only required semi or annually.
  • The units last for many years making them cost-effective.


The units are very easy to install making the customers want to put them in themselves.  It is highly recommended that you not do this allowing professionals to install the unit instead.  Installing yourself will void your warranty.


The consensus for the Jandy pool heater review from the customers is that it is an outstanding unit.  There were mostly positive reviews with folks reporting that the units are a little bit on the pricey side but, after purchasing, they end up being less costly than the heaters they had previously due to the efficiency that they provide and the number of years that they end up lasting.  One customer reported having theirs for over fourteen years and still going.  The consumers are impressed with the speed at which the Jandy is able to heat their pools. 

A lot of people claimed to be very happy with the systems’ reliability, quality, and how they perform.  They indicated that they would highly recommend them to everyone looking for pool heaters. Consumers feel dealing with Jandy is overall a great experience and the product is every bit what they represent it to be.  Customer service is readily available, knowledgeable and willing to help with questions, inquiries and any complaints that the consumers seemed to have called in with them.


The Jandy pool heater is available to its customers in such a variety of models there is definitely going to be one that will suit the needs that you have.  Jandy is especially known for its gas heaters and lesser-known for their heat pump.  The heat pump is less popular because the heat pump is dependent on the temperature outside in order to heat the pool.  The temperature outside needs to maintain at a solid 50 degrees or higher in order to warm the pool efficiently.  If it drops below 50 degrees outside, the heat pump is not effective. 

With their gas pool heaters, Jandy is able to heat their customers’ pools in record time and maintain the temperatures consistently for longer periods of time allowing for consumers to be able to use their pools throughout the regular season as well as into the cooler weather if they would like to.  There’s nothing like warm pool water on a cool outside day.  The heating capacity is not only greater but the efficiency is amazing with the Jandy pool heater, and they have made the systems so they are environmentally friendly keeping the NOx levels low.

The Jandy Hi-E2 is the oldest of the product lines and is still going strong.  It has the capability of standing strong for 20 years and beyond.  Jandy seems to be really strong for durability, reliability, dependability with all of their units.  It appears that there would be no inclination to have to worry about a lot of maintenance or issues with faults or downtime for problems. Yearly or semi-annual maintenance service would be basically all that you would need.

The Jandy pool heater seems to be the ideal system for keeping your pool ready any time you want to use it.

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