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14 Methods to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool : The Complete Guide

How to keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

Owning a swimming pool can feel like a full-time job at times however, but if you stay on top of regular maintenance, you can keep your pool free from frogs and other unwanted pests. In this article, we are going to provide you with a few tips on how you can rid your pool of frogs and other creatures that might have an adverse effect on the overall health of your swimming pool.


One thing you need to be fully aware of regarding frogs in your swimming pool is that they can invite other dangerous germs to your pool. One thing you should really be afraid of when it comes to frogs is salmonella. It is vital that you monitor the chemical levels in your pool to ensure that they are high enough to eradicate harmful bacteria from your swimming pool. Frogs can also encourage algae growth too therefore; it is a good idea to keep frogs out of your swimming pool altogether.

If you do not solve a frog problem quickly enough, they can take over your whole pool by laying eggs in the water, these will eventually become tadpoles, they will then encourage algae to grow in your pool, this is great for natural ponds or lakes however, for an outdoor swimming pool that humans swim in, this is not a good thing at all.

If you have pets, you should be very careful of frogs congregating in your swimming pool because some toads and frogs can be poisonous. If frogs are in your pool, they will most likely be in your backyard as well which is not a good thing for pets.
Here is a list of the steps that you can take to keep frogs out of your swimming pool.

1. Utlilize Frog Logs

This step will not stop frogs from entering your pool or yard however, they will facilitate the process of them leaving the pool. A frog log is like a special step to help frogs get around. If you have them near your pool, it will make it easier for them to get out.

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2. Switch Off the Lights

Fancy lights look attractive at night and make your pool look nice however, did you know that frogs and other creatures are attracted to bright lights? Therefore, at night instead of leaving your lights on, switch them off to ward off insects and other creatures. One thing to remember, frogs eat bugs therefore, if bugs populate your pool area, frogs will most certainly come there to eat.

3. Utililize a Swimming Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers are not just for the winter or fall season, you can use them all year round to reduce the amount of dirt, debris and falling leaves that enter your pool. They will also keep frogs out of the pool too. Aside from keeping frogs out, swimming pool covers are a necessary safety measure especially if you have children or pets.

4. Fence Your Pool

Construct a fence, a strong uninviting fence to deter frogs coming close to your swimming pool. In fact, a good quality fence should deter other creatures from coming close to your pool too. The fence needs to be sturdy and with no openings or gaps for them to get through.

5. Trim Your Lawn

Overgrowing, long grass will actually attract frogs and other unwanted creatures therefore, it is best to always keep your grass cut. Do not keep large plants or weeds around your pool area because frogs like this kind of environment. Therefore, if you want to prevent frogs from entering your pool, the best thing to do is to create an unfavorable environment for them.

6. Consider a Natural Solution

There are plenty of natural solutions that you can consider to either remove or deter frogs from coming near your swimming pool. The good thing about natural remedies is that they are safe, they will not have a detrimental effect on animals or kids. Here are a few natural remedies that you can try. Most of the things on this list can be found in your home.

7. Vinegar

Frogs do not like vinegar at all, it affects their skin and they generally don’t like it. To deter frogs, get an empty, clean spray bottle and fill it up with vinegar, white or brown vinegar is fine to use. Spray the pure vinegar around the pool or in areas where they would usually sit. You can do this every night to deter them.

8. Coffee

Frogs do not like coffee either therefore, whenever you make your coffee, don’t throw away the coffee grounds. Keep them and distribute them in the grass and close to plants near your swimming pool. Once you have done this, they really should stay away. Coffee is a really effective natural remedy because it contains nitrates which is one of the components found in plant fertilizers. It acts as a nutritious food for plants therefore, even if the coffee does not deter the frogs from coming, at least your plants will be well fed.

9. Citric Acid

Citric acid is actually toxic for frogs therefore, it is not good idea to spray them with it. However, if you spray it near your pool, it should keep them away. If you don’t have citric acid, you can mix pure lemon juice with water in a spray bottle and spray it near the pool area.

10. Bleach

Frogs don’t like bleach either, it can actually kill them though so it is best not to spray bleach directly on to frogs. The best thing to do is mix bleach with water and spray the bleach around your pool. Remember that bleach can have a detrimental effect on your vegetation and plants therefore, try not to get the bleach directly on the plants.

11. Salt

Frogs simply cannot stand salt; you can use the spray bottle method by putting a few tablespoons of salt into a spray bottle of water. Spray the salt mixture near the pool. Do not spray it directly on to plants because it can damage the plants.

12. Clean Up Your Backyard

Get rid of unwanted items in your backyard, remove debris and things that frogs can hide in or under. Frogs prefer to find places to hide, a clean minimal yard is not the most favorable environment for frogs or other uninvited guests.

13. Utilize Frog Traps

This really should be a last resort, because they trap frogs and they can kill them sometimes. Therefore, you should only really use them if have tried everything else and nothing seems to be working.

14. Keep the Water Flowing

Small creatures and bugs like still water and since frogs like to eat bugs, they will follow bugs wherever they go. If you want to deter bugs, make sure your water is constantly on the move. The best way of doing this is to set up the pump timer, you can keep it on through the night or set it to switch off and on through the night or day. Frogs tend to come out at night, especially when there are lights on so the best time to put the pump on is at night.
You can also consider getting something like a flowing stream feature or water fountain to scare the bugs away, once the bugs stay away from the water, the frogs should certainly stay away from the water too.

To Conclude

A frog-free pool is not just about keeping the pool clean and sanitized. It also an issue of keeping the pool and backyard safe for your kids and domestic animals. Frogs often carry germs and disease such as salmonella and they encourage algae growth. It is best to prevent frogs from entering your pool as opposed to trying to get rid of them when they arrive. At times you might just find one or two around your pool despite all the effort that you have put in to prevent them from coming. They might just come anyway, if that does happen, just continue monitoring and maintaining your pool on a regular basis.
Keep your pool clean by brushing it often and skimming the surface whenever you get the chance. Also, shock your pool once a week to sanitize and cleanse the water. If you use a sand or DE filter, backwash the filter often. Keeping your pool and your pool area clean is one of the best ways of preventing frogs from entering your pool. Also, use some of the natural remedy tips mentioned such as the salt water spray or the vinegar spray, these should prevent frogs from entering your pool or pool area.  
If you are living in an area that is hot and humid then you will need to put more effort into preventing frogs from coming. Frogs seem to congregate in warm areas that are densely packed with plants and vegetation.
One thing you need to be aware of, when you remove dead frogs from your swimming pool, it is necessary to search for eggs they may have laid. If you neglect this step, they might just hatch and you will have a whole new problem on your hands. Therefore, get rid of the eggs too as quickly as you can.


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