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The 3 Best Intex Saltwater Systems Reviewed- Pro’s & Con’s

Introduction to the Best Intex Saltwater System

Saltwater pools are increasing in popularity but there is a majority of people who wonder whether a saltwater system is really necessary for their pools. It does not matter whether you are planning on building a new pool or converting your old one into a salt system, this article will take you through the importance of a saltwater system, some reviews of the highest rated models and a little information about one of the top-ranked saltwater system brands. Let’s start with the definition of a saltwater system

A saltwater system is a unit that uses electrolysis in the form of dissolved salts (NaCl) to form hypochlorous acid (HCIO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaCIO) which are the most commonly used sanitizing agents in most swimming pools. In modern swimming pools, chlorine generators are not a new thing, in fact, a chlorine generator can be considered to be the backbone of a saltwater pool or the unit that facilitates the functionality of the pool. Chlorine generators break the chemical bonds of the familiar salt molecules in the water as a way to sanitize water in the pool, a process that frees the chlorine molecules which in turn creates chlorine that sanitizes the pool water.

Why would you need a saltwater Chlorinator?

Saltwater swimming pools eliminate the need for purchasing, handling, transporting or storing dangerous chlorine products. Most people prefer saltwater pools because they are said to leave the skin feeling silky and smooth, unlike the irritating feeling that comes after a chemical bath. The chlorine generators carry out all the functions including managing, handling and storing chlorine for your pool’s requirements. The generators produce chlorine continually in your pool making it easier to maintain and manage proper sanitation in your pool. They also keep your pool free of algae and pathogens. Let us look at some of the bestselling saltwater systems from one of the leading brands.

1.      Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System with E.C.O

This saltwater chlorinator model features a unique two-stage advanced technology to sanitize your pool water. It provides an optimal sanitation method for cleaning your pool’s water while at the same time replacing the dangerous packaged chlorine with alternative safe natural pure salt. A very small amount of all-natural swimmer-safe chlorine is produced when natural salt is added to the pool water which then passes through a unique filtration process to produce fresh, soft and clean water that is less of all the harsh chemicals that would have otherwise been present.

Through the filtration process, the water molecules are split to form very powerful oxidants that are used to effectively destroy the present contaminants such as algae and bacteria. Therefore, looking at the function of the Intex E.C.O saltwater system, it is correct to say that its combination of chlorine with other strong oxidants results in the safest and purest pool water that you can ever experience. The E.C.O process is so effective that the amount of chlorine needed and produced by the system is reduced by up to 60%.


  • It comes with a 24-hour clock cycle
  • The installation process is quite easy
  • The integration of the salt and water is a one time process that does not have to be repeated


  • For the system to function properly, you need to have an Intex saltwater system with a capacity flow rate of between 2,650 and 11,355 liters per hour.

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2.      Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater System CG-28669 110-120v with GCFI

This Intex saltwater system also combines a two-stage technology to sanitize the pool water. Firstly, an undetectable level of naturally occurring swimmer-safe chlorine is produced when you add natural salt to the pool. Ather this, the water is passed through a titanium electrolytic cell which is carried out during the filtration process. Once again, the result of this process is soft, pure and clean water that does not have the potential harsh side effects as seen with the use of packages pool sanitizing chemicals. Secondly, the water molecules are slip during the electrocatalytic oxidation process, making the molecules very powerful oxidants that completely destroy bacteria and algae and other contaminants.

Another process that is unique to the Intex saltwater system is the provision of a unique benefit to the consumers that highlight an E.C.O process that is so effective that the amount of chlorine needed by the system is significantly reduced up to 60%. This Intex saltwater system is one of the most innovative units available in the market today. It is a reasonable investment considering the benefits it presents and its relatively affordable price as compared to the prices and features of other systems in the same category.


  • Cost-effective even when in operation
  •  Features an innovative technology
  • Easy to install and operate


  • It can only be used by above ground pools as it has a maximum capacity of 15,000 gallons of water.

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3.      Intex Krystal Clear 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System with E.C.O

This is another leading intex saltwater system from the Intex brand featuring E.C.O. it is a very versatile Intex saltwater system that can be used in pools with a water capacity ranging between 2,600 gallons to 8,500 gallons. To facilitate an easy installation process, please note that the system runs on a 110v-120v power supply which is standard in most systems, as you will realize. The system also has very well developed safety features with an additional 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty. This shows that even the manufacturer has great faith in this Intex saltwater system meaning that there is a lot of engineering and time invested in intex saltwater system to ensure safety, reliability, effectiveness, and durability. It also comes with an instructional DVD besides the user manual to further simplify the installation process. The package also includes everything that you will need during installation so that it is done and ready for use within a short time.

Intex Krystal Clear 1500 GPH Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater system with E.C.O


  • Comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Comes with everything you need to facilitate the installation process
  • Keeps your pool clean and pleasant to use


  • Can only function is it has pool sand.

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Things to consider when choosing the best saltwater system

Choosing a saltwater system or a chlorinator should be done with a lot of keenness to ensure that you enjoy your swimming time in clear, hygienic and safe water all year round. The following are some of the factors that should be utmost considered before purchasing one

The cost: This goes without saying. Your budget is the primary determinant of the quality of the system you will get. This applies to every product not only chlorinators.

The size: My personal recommendation on this factor is that you get a system that is rated slightly larger than your pool size requirement. The reason for this is if you get an exact match or one that is smaller, it will be forced to overwork in order to produce an adequate amount of chlorine for your pool especially for pools that service a lot of people regularly. But if you were to get a larger system, all you have to do is to back dial a little bit to get the desired rate of performance and it cannot malfunction due to overworking.

The Reverse polarity

This means that as one side is producing chlorine, the other side is being cleaned and after a little while, the roles switch so that both sides are used and cleaned at equal intervals. Although this should be a consideration while you are purchasing your system, this does not overwrite the need to regularly clean your system. Cleaning should be done normally, just not as often.

The manual test: If you would like to know the salinity of the water in your pool, there are three tests that you should carry out. A system test, a manual test and taking a sample of your pool water to the local pool store for a proper analysis. These three tests are mandatory before purchasing a new saltwater system so that you do not get a defective unit.

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