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The Pentair 011018 Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s of this pool pump

Introduction to the Pentair 011018

Why would you want a Pentair Intelliflo pool pump? Well, the answer is quite straight forward. This pump series has an extraordinary energy conservation feature that will drastically save you a significant amount of utility bills money. It is enhanced with 8 different speed modes which give you the optimal speed control enabling you to determine the right amount of water flow depending on your preferences. The speeds range between 400 to 3,450 RMS.

Pentair Intelliflo pool pumps brought variable speed technology into the market long before any other manufacturer did. But, a leader should never stand still, they, therefore, did not stop there, instead, they have continued to revolutionize their products making the intelliflo series better than ever before. To accomplish this, they have perfected the intellifo pumps ultra-efficient, permanent magnetic motors, just the way they are used in high-end hybrid cars. The advantages of these pool pumps include precisely matching the motor speeds to your pool’s requirements, featuring a totally enclosed fan-cooled motor that prolongs its life significantly, a built-in diagnostic protector that further extends the lifetime of the motor and a very quiet operating system. In this article, we are going to look at some of the bestselling and highest ranked intelliflo pool pumps models from the Pentair brand.

1.      Pentair Intelliflo 011018 VSF

This model leads the ways featuring a permanent magnetic motor for better performance. It also the most energy-efficient unit in the family history, fully compatible with Intellitouch, Easy Touch and Suntouch control systems, providing a wide range of options from indoor control systems to wireless controls that effectively manage the heating system of the pool, spa jets, lighting, water features among others. To get an even better control option, you can opt for an additional screen logic interface to your already automated system that allows you to control your pool from literally anywhere you are, anytime simply by using your smartphone, mobile digital device or computer. The pump also features a very easy installation process for inground pools and spas, either new ones or existing ones, all sizes and types.  


  • Offers a better efficiency thanks to the permanent magnetic motor
  • Excellent energy conservation feature
  • A proven in-field reliability of nearly a decade long
  • It comes with exclusive digital software controls that make the programming of the pump a cinch.
  • The installation process of the pump for in-ground pools, spa, and pool combos and any other area is very easy.


  • The model is quite expensive
  • The installation process although easy might be time-consuming especially for users who are new to products from Pentair.

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2.      Pentair Intelliflo VS+SVRS 011018

This pool pump is another model from Pentair’s intelliflo series that features a smart technology that automatically shuts off whenever it detects a possible drain blockage. It is also programmable to function at different speeds during different operations including heating, spa jets, filtering, cleaning, water filtering among others in order to slash the water expenditures by up to 10%. The built-in diagnostic protector prevents damage to the motor due to natural occurrences such as freezing, overheating and voltage irregularities.

Pentair Intelliflo VS+SVRS 011018

The SVRS model also features self-priming technology. Safety on this model is enhanced by the safety lockout feature that comes with password protection prevents any unauthorized person from changing the speed of the pump. It is also equipped with different speed setting that allows the user to set minimum and maximum speeds so that the unit only operates within the set ranges to ensure safety and a lond=ger lifetime of the pump. The SVRS model is fully compatible with other Pentair controls and automation and other digital gadgets that manage the heating, lighting, spa jets, and other water features.


  • Comes with a safety lockout feature that prevents unauthorized people from changing the pup settings
  • The is an LED display that shows when the SVRS mode is activated
  • It comes with different function buttons that set the speeds for various operations such as the filtration cycles, cleaners, spas, and water features
  • The unit also has an alarm status light that notifies you in case there are issues that might need urgent attention
  • It also comes with a quick cleaning button that is used for backwashing or vacuum cycles
  • The time out button allows you to interrupt the set schedule any time, for a certain period which you can also specify.


  • The unit is very expensive
  • Its operation is not totally quiet

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3.     Pentair  Intelliflo I1 and 12 011018 Variable speed pool pump

For pools that are located in areas where there is a restriction of the replacement flow rates, this intelliflo i1 pool pump might be the right pick for in-ground pools in such areas. It comes with a hydraulic system that significantly minimizes the flow rate while at the same time providing an energy-saving feature that you would expect from any Pentair valuable speed pool pump. It also has a maximum rating of 7 amps, making retrofits easier in the application and limited by the size of the existing wire gauge.

This unit is hydraulically engineered for maximum functionality on the 15 amp breaker. It is a one in all unit featuring energy efficiency, ready automation, and advancement in technology, making it the ultimate smart choice. It is also equipped with a permanent magnetic motor that runs on cool, producing fewer vibrations as compared to induction motors. It also has an inbuilt diagnostic that protects the motor against risks that might cause premature wearing, loss of prime, freezing, overheating, and any voltage irregularity giving the pump longer service life. The pump effectively improves the functions of automated chlorinators and other chemical dispensers because the internal water moves slower and for a longer period.


  • Heavy-duty and durable construction technique for a prolonged lifetime
  • Comes with an enclosed fan that protects the motor against natural weather elements
  • Has a built-in diagnostic that detects dangers that may cause the motor to malfunction
  • Significantly improves the function of automatic chlorinators and chemical dispensers
  • It comes in a versatile hydraulic design that reduces the water flow rate so that it can provide a significant energy-saving feature.
  • Its keypad can be rotated for easier accessibility with an optional wall mount kit sold separately


  • The unit is very expensive
  • Installation of the pump is very complicated
  • The motor is a bit noisy while in operation.

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What to look for when purchasing a new pool pump

It is always advisable to do a little homework before investing your money in any device, especially if you want it to serve you for a long time. There are many factors that need a lot of consideration before you start looking for a pump for your pool. These include the energy rating of the pump, the size, noise, and its functionality. Other key factors include:

  • The volume of your pool/spa: The quantity of water in your pool start at the water turnover to the length of time it takes to move all the water in your pool. This means that before settling for a certain pump model, the volume of your pool is one of the most critical measurements that you need to have at your fingertips.
  • Plumbing: You should also be aware of the layout of your pool plumbing, the distances, and other installed units.
  • The efficiency of the pump: Pumps are notorious for consuming up to 70% of the total energy cost of running the pool. Therefore, make sure to look for a pump that is energy efficient so that you can save on the energy utility bills.
  • Operational noise: This is also another factor than most people overlook. Look for a pump that runs quietly so that you run it during off-peak hours when electricity is a bit cheaper.
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