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Pentair Easy Touch Review: Pro’s & Con’s

Overview of the Pentair Easy Touch

Pool automation is not only meant for tech-savvy. Even if you write your shopping on a to-do list and feel that more than two remote controls are a bit too many, you can still pretty much enjoy the perks that come with automating your pool and spa. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fully control all the units in your pool or spa at the comfort of your couch or from miles away, just by the touch of a button? Well in these recent days of total advancement in technology, you can manage your entire life through your smartphone or any other mobile device. Pool automation is an extension of your smartphone functionalities, Pentair’s automation systems allow the users to fully control their pool’s ecosystems starting from the heating systems, pool pumps, sanitation, the water chemistry, lighting, and other water features. With a convenient mobile control that can be done from anywhere, with just a push of a button, pool convenience has never been better.

EasyTouch pool and spa control systems eliminate the need for repeated trips to and from the equipment pad, as well as memorizing the entire operating sequence, the opening and closing valves and the reset time clocks and the thermostats. It can be said that the easytouch control system family offers a new level of control to pool owners who are looking for an affordable and reliable pool and spa control system. It allows for the full control of the pool/spa systems including the advanced features such as colored lighting and intellichlor salt chlorine generator support. They are the easiest and cheapest way to feature sophistication and automation capabilities in standard pools and spas. In this review, we are going to look at a selection of systems from the Pentair EasyTouch series.

1.      Pentair EasyTouch 520540 8 Pool/Spa Control systems

As we have seen above this category of system gives the user total control of all the pool/spa features including some of the most advanced systems such as the colored lighting system and the intellichlor salt chlorine generator support. It also comes with an easy to use control panel that is built into the outdoor enclosure. It is also compatible with the ScreenLogic interface, in case the user would like full control through a computer or a mobile device. All the functions of this system are controlled from a one access button in the self-contained load center or a variety of optional controllers.

Pentair EasyTouch 520540

There is no need to memorize the operating sequence reset time clocks, opening, and closing valves on the thermostat. It also comes enhanced with an automatic verification in the display and microprocessor as well as a diagnostic screen with detectors that alert the user in case of a failure so that they can effectively troubleshoot or for other repair purposes. The whole system is generally designed to make programming easier with the LCD informing and instructing you in every step of the way.


  • All of its functions are controlled with an easy, one access button from the self-contained loading center
  • comes with optional controllers
  • Equipped with a built-in diagnostic
  • Packed with a 125 amp breaker base
  • UI and CUL approved


  • Very expensive
  • Installation may take a toll on the user
  • Not energy efficient.

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2.      Pentair 520705 EasyTouch 8PSC-IC40 single body

Although this system is not very affordable, it is very effective in automating your pool features by minimizing the repetitive trips to the equipment pad as well as accurately memorizing the entire operating system, the opening, and closing valves, and resetting the thermostat and the time clock. This model also sets the standard for operations simplicity with a push of a button technology plus intuitive and clear instructions and display. It also comes with an optional screen logic interface kit that can allow you convenience in the control of everything from your pool and spa jets to the temperature water features, lighting, and many other features, through the mobile device of your choice.

Pentair 520705

This easytouch system is also available for pool/spa combinations that share the same equipment in their functions. Additionally, you get the option to select either 4 or 8 accessory functions. The system makes scheduling and operating the pool/spa cycles easy, with extra controllers available to suit your convenience. It is also integrated with an ultra-temperature regulator and support for either 2 variable speed or 2 variable flow pool pumps. The system also integrates some resettable circuit breakers into the load center, so that you or your service professional can easily access everything from outside your house.


  • All functions are controlled from a one-button access application featured in the load center
  • Comes with a few optional controllers
  • Has an in-built diagnostic
  • Include a 12-amp breaker base that is UL and CUL approved.
  • Comes in a height of 39.3 inches and a width of 20.9 inches and a depth of 9.8 inches.


  • Very expensive
  • Expensive to maintain
  • Expensive to install because you need to involve a professional
  • Not energy efficient

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3.      Pentair 520592 EasyTouch 4PSC-IC20 Single body

First things first, in order to integrate this EasyTouch system into your pool/spa system, you have to ensure that you have an adequate internet connection, with upload and download speeds of up to 3mbpsavailable in the location of your pool pad. The heart of this automation system will be a control hub connected to your heater, pump, and other smart relays, which are used to control other devices such as the booster pumps, lights, or the chlorinators.

The system comes with a touch screen control pad that allows you to operate all your types of equipment from the pool pad even when the internet connection is slow. Although this system will make automation of your pool system easier, the installation process involves working with some basic software setup electrical appliances. The installation process may, therefore, require the active participation of an experienced professional electrician or pool technician. Aside from ensuring that your system is installed correctly, this will also serve to keep you and your system safe. Of course, you cannot control your pool or spa unless there is wiring that powers the system to the switch on the control. If you are not an electrician, the system can seem a little confusing and complicated, but the whole thing is very simple.


  • The system’s control panel makes programming easy
  • When you put the system into service mode, it can help in the system testing and troubleshooting right from the load center so that there is no need to hire a professional for simple malfunctions
  • It also has a time out option that allows you to temporarily interrupt the function of the system before resuming the operation.
  • Accessibility of the entire system is made easy by the resettable circuit breakers integrated into the load center.


  • Once again, this system is not among the most affordable choices in the market
  • Installation incurs an extra cost because there is a need for the participation of a professional
  • Maintenance also required extra expenditure

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Do you really need pool automation?

Picture this, you are just wrapping up on the most memorable dinner date and you feel that you need a swim to seal the night or even a relaxing dip in the hot tub. The problem is, you are not at home and your spa is as cold as ice, yet you want to get home and immediately head for a swim or a bath. With an automation system, all you have to do is to open an app on your smartphone from wherever you are and initiate the theme or group functions and as you drive back home with your date, your pool heater will get the water to a comfortable temperature and your landscape lights will be on by the time you get home. Amazing, isn’t it?

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