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The 3 Best Battery Backup Sump Pumps To Buy in 2020

Tips on how to buy Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

There is no doubt that sump pumps are regularly used. They are installed in sump pits that are specially constructed for this purpose. The water flows through drains into the sump pit. It also happens through natural water irrigation through the soil. The main job of a sump pump is to pump water out of the pit and push it away from the building. This takes care of the basement or crawlspace and makes sure that it stays dry at all points in time. A basement that is flooded is certainly a big nightmare for any homeowner. When you do your research and then choose the best battery backup sump up you can be sure that you will be able to drain out water from the basement and other low-lying areas. The sump pumps come in handy during floods, storms and other natural events. Without these devices, it is possible that such events could leave behind devastation and could cost you quite a bit in repair and renewals. However, you have to do your research and then choose the right sump pump after taking into account your specific needs and requirements.

With so many options and choices available, you certainly have to your research and be sure that you are able to get the best value for money. To make this possible you must know as to how it works. We will spend some time getting to know how it works and also will also have a look at three different makes and models of battery backup sump pumps. It will certainly be of great help to those who are keen on getting the right information on the subject matter.

Some Basic Information About Its Functioning

As mentioned above, the sump pump pushes water from the basement and ensure that it goes out of the home. The sump is a naturally constructed pit. It is made as a whole and it is carved just below the main surface of the basement floor. The pump is housed in the pit which also is known as a basin. The pump comes equipped with valves that are able to find out escalating water levels or water pressure. When the water levels go beyond the threshold levels, the sump pumps automatically start working and the excess water is pumped out of the basement. It is taken away from the property with the help of a discharge line. This line also is referred to as effluent and it connects the pump to a specific and designated drainage area.

Where Should The Water Be Drained Out

The sump pump water is discharged to a specific area and it could be a dry well, pond or creek and in many cases, it also could be a neighborhood drain. However, you must be careful to ensure that you do not set the drain point in such a place that water will return to your home. The best solution is to keep the drain point at least 10 to 20 feet away from the home. There are also some building codes that could determine as to the place where the drain points should be kept. Hence, it makes much better sense to check with the local government and then move further in the matter.

Types of Submersible Sump Pumps

There are different types of submersible sump pumps and we are sharing the list of a few of them. We need to understand that submersible pumps contain both the motor and the pump in one unit. They are concealed and sit inside the basin of the basement. They are quieter in operation because they are fully submerged in the water basin. However, because they remain submerged underwater for their entire life span, they may not be as durable as other pumps. However, when it comes to handling flood-like situations, they are the best.

The different types are pedestal sump pumps, battery operated backup sump pumps, water-powered backup sump pumps, amongst other types. You have to choose the right sump pump taking into account specific needs and also after factoring the flooding risks and concerned. For example, if you are facing serious flooding problems, then you may have to go in for a sump pump with a capacity of 13000 GPH because it will be able to take care of the saturation.

Now that we have been able to give some reasonably good information about sump pumps, let us look at some of the options that could be considered as the best battery backup sump pump solutions in the market. We will look at three of them for the benefit of our readers.

1. Wayne Sump Pump With Battery Backup

This model no. ESP25 is a wonderful sump pump from Wayne. Wayne has a proven track record and therefore there are many who believe that this could be a good buy for those who are looking for quality sump pumps. This model comes with many features and also has an upgraded 12-Volt battery backup system. It is black in color. It has some of the best features and we are happy to share a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

Main Features

Let us look at some main features as far as this backup sump pump is concerned. As mentioned above, the biggest takeaway is the upgraded 12-volt battery backup system. It is made from a high-quality epoxy steel body with a cast iron base. It does not have plastic and to that extent it is eco-friendly. It has a capacity of 2900 GPH at zero feet and therefore you can expect additional protection for your main Sump Pump.


  • It is assembled in the USA.
  • You can expect trouble-free performance for many years.
  • It has audible alarms sounds ensuring that you are aware when the system is active.
  • It works on 75 amp hour battery.
  • Reliable when you have a flood-like situation.
  • Offers very good value for money


  • A few instances of chronic mal-functioning of the battery have been reported.

2. Basement Watchdog Sump Pump

There is no doubt that this model # BW1050 from Basement Watchdog has stood the test of time. It is quite popular amongst dozens of customers because of some obvious features and functions. We will spend some time looking at a few of them.

Main Features

It comes with a number of interesting features and it is worthwhile having a look at a few of them. To begin with, it comes with a unique dual float switch that is fortified with a protective cage. It is made to meet industrial standards and therefore it can be continuously operated as a heavy-duty pump. It is built to last and therefore you will be happy with its durability and longevity.  It also comes with a generous 10 feet power cord and can work smoothly in a water temperature ranging from 104 degree F or around 40 degree centigrade. It is also unique because it comes with a vertical discharge facility.  This provides a very narrow footprint to accommodate sump pits that are as small as around 7 inches in diameter.


  • Perfectly suited for basement uses.
  • It can come in very handy during floods.
  • The pump is made from sturdy materials.
  • It is a tough workhorse and can be operated for a long period of time.
  • On the whole, there are reasons to believe that it offers good value for money.


  • Battery life is not as good as it is supposed to be.

3.  Zoeller 508-0006 Battery Back Up Sump Pump

This is a quality product from the house of Zoeller. Model # 508-0006 is perhaps a good quality device and it could also be in line with the best battery backup sump pump in the market today. It has a number of interesting features and it certainly something that Zoeller would be proud of. We will have a look at the main features that perhaps makes it quite different from many other such brands in the market today. It is a high quality, pre-assembled and ready to use a sump pump.

Main Features

This is an all-inclusive 115-volt pump. This model comes with a backup power system along with the pump, float switch and piping and check valve. It further, has a plumbed in and ready to use 1.1/2 inch 40 PVC pipe. It also comes fully assembled and is ready to install. It can be installed in a clear water sump. The backup battery is of high quality and should work efficiently it the AC Pump fails because of power shortages. Further, it also comes with a fully solid-state controller and 10A charger. It is fully automatic in its operation and comes complete with light indicators and other such things. It has the best customer support services amongst other things.


  • Top class sump cleaner
  • Heavy duty and capable of working in different conditions.
  • Comes with light indicator and other such things.
  • The battery backup is of the highest quality.
  • Long life and durability
  • You can be sure that you will get value for money


  • Transit damages are quite a few.


We are sure that the above articles, would have given our customers and readers a reasonably good idea about the attributes of best battery backup sump pumps. The three models that have been discussed above are also very good in their respective areas.

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