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The 3 Best Hayward Pool Pumps To Buy in 2019

How to Pick the Best Hayward Pool Pump

Pool pumps are at the heart of every swimming pool’s circulation system. This vital equipment is tasked with pulling the water from the pool and running it through the filtration system and the heater before it pushes the water back into the pool again. This basically means that if your pool pump is not working correctly or if it isn’t working at all, then the water in your pool will never be filtered effectively. This is not just dangerous for your health but it is also going to damage your pool’s systems rendering the pool unusable. If you’ve already made an expensive investment in a swimming pool, it’s only reasonable that you go a step further and make an equally crucial investment on the right pump that will get the job done correctly.

It’s impossible to discuss swimming pool solutions without mentioning Hayward. The company has been around for close to a century now. Throughout this period, they’ve been one of the leading manufacturers of some of the best pool equipment in the market. With experience stretching to 80+ years, their vastly-advanced manufacturing sites and highly-dedicated experts set the perfect tone for the creation of arguably the best pool equipment in the market. This explains why Hayward pool equipment such as pool pumps are one of the most bought and reviewed pool equipment in the market today.

1. Hayward SP1580 PowerFlo LX 1 HP Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The Hayward SP15780 is a heavy-duty above-ground swimming pool pump designed to perform more than just the basic functions of a pump. Its durable construction makes it one of the longest-lasting pool pumps in the market which means that you will get full value for your money for a very long time. Its construction has been boosted further by the corrosion-proof housing which allows it to withstand all weather conditions.

Hayward SP1580 PowerFlo

Digging deeper into the pool pump you will come across the motors that are designed with thermal overload protection. This means that you will never have to worry so much about power fluctuations hurting your pool pump motor. The motors are also protected from the clogging of debris by an impeller. Combine this with the industrial size debris basket and you get yourself a pool pump that gives you the freedom of laying back and resting easy knowing that your pool pump will do the necessary pool maintenance tasks without close supervision.

The dual-speed Hayward SP1580 is also fitted with a drain plug which makes maintenance super easy.


  • Durable housing
  • Fitted with a drain plug for easy maintenance
  • Installation is easy
  • The high-performance motors are durable and protected from both clogging and thermal overload protection
  • You can convert the discharge orientation between horizontal and vertical through a simple push of a button


  • It quite costly

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2. Hayward SP2610X152S Super Pump 1.5 HP Pool Pump

Hayward sets a new bar in terms of durability and overall performance of pool pumps with the Hayward SP2610X152S. This pump is designed with advanced technology that allows it to save on energy consumption without compromising on its performance as far as pool maintenance goes. This technology has also been utilized in the making of the pump’s impellers. These come with a significantly higher flow rate but incredibly enough, the horsepower used is a lot less than you’d typically expect.

It’s also due to this technology that even though the pump is designed for all types and sizes of spas and in-ground pools, it will still remain cost-effective even when it is used in small and standard swimming. In the end, the pool owner is left with an advanced pump that’s more than capable of handling all the relevant pool pumps with ease while keeping the energy bills within a reasonable range.

Another thing to love with this pool pump is its premium construction. This makes it extremely durable which translates to a longer lifespan. Consequently, you can expect to spend less cash on repairs or replacements.

Hayward has also fitted the pump with a huge, corrosion-proof and durable debris bag. Therefore, the frequency of emptying the bag is reduced significantly. You’ll also never have to guess on whether the debris bag is full or not since it is transparent. The corrosion-proof PermaGlass XL combined with the heavy-duty construction makes sure that the pump is ready for the tough outdoor surroundings and pool chemicals.


  • Works very quietly
  • It’s very easy to switch between the two speeds
  • Accessing the internal components is easy thanks to the 4-bolt system
  • Removing the strainer cover is a lot easier through the included hand knobs
  • It’s very cost-effective


  • When compared to other Hayward pumps such as the one discussed above, this particular pump was linked to a number of poor quality issues. That’s one of the reasons why it came second in our list.

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3. Hayward SP15932S PowerFlo Matrix 1.5 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

This particular pump from Hayward is designed for all large pool owners with either above-ground of on-ground swimming pools. It is engineered to significantly cut on the costs associated with the maintenance of large swimming pools. Through its energy-efficient construction, you will no longer have to persevere heavy energy bills.

Since the pool pump is made for big swimming pools, it is fitted with industrial size debris basket which allows for the collection of a lot of debris before the pool owner has to empty it.

The powerful motor used here comes with an automatic thermal overload guard. There is also an impeller that is fitted to prevent the debris from blocking the motor.


  • The industrial size debris basket
  • Durable motor
  • The discharge pipe is easy to connect
  • It’s easy to change the discharge orientation through the included button
  • Setting up the pump is very easy


  • The overall build quality is not as really that incredible
  • Removing the filter basket lid can be very difficult when it’s under vertical discharge position

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Types of Pool Pumps

It will be a great injustice to you if we jumped straight into giving you the best Hayward pool pumps in the market without first giving you some information on the different types of pool pumps that exist out there.

When buying a pool pump, you’ll have a choice to make on between three key types of pool pumps:

a.    Single Speed

As the name suggests, single-speed pool pumps are designed to operate at one set speed. The speed is usually set quite high to make sure that these pumps are usable in different types of pools under different conditions. While this is very effective in circulating the water through your pool, it is very costly particularly when it comes to energy consumption. This means that owning and operating a single-speed pump is very expensive and it’s probably a poor investment for anyone who doesn’t do a lot of filtration and heating in their small or standard home pools.

While shopping for a pool pump, it’s important to know that some states do not allow the installation of single-speed pool pumps. These include Arizona and California.

b.    Dual Speed

Dual speed pool pumps come with some flexibility. With these pumps, you are given a choice between a high and low-speed setting in a single unit. This means that you can decide to operate the pump at high speed if you are doing some thorough maintenance or if the pool size is too big. You can also choose to use it at a low speed when there isn’t much maintenance to be done. Bear in mind that the choice in speed you make will also be reflected in your energy bills.

c.    Variable Speed

With variable speed pool pumps comes more freedom as far as speeds and energy consumption is concerned. These allow you to regulate the speeds of the pumps depending on your unique needs. This makes them a great buy for perhaps all pool owners out there. What’s even more incredible about them is the fact that they are long lasting and very quiet which means that you will no longer have to persevere the piercing noise that is associated with some of the single and dual speed pool pumps in the market.

Hayward has quite a number of pool pumps in the market. To make your shopping experience effortless, we did the tedious task of filtering through all the different types of Hayward pool pumps in the market. We then ended up with the following three pool pumps which tick all the boxes in every pool owner’s pool pump requirement.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right pool pump is a step in the right direction when it comes to pool maintenance and there are very few pool pumps that can match the above Hayward equipment. These will make your work a lot easier while ensuring that you do not pay a hefty price for it. It should also be noted that sometimes you may have to make a steep initial investment to get the right equipment. This means that you might have to buy a pump that’s a bit costlier than others in the market but one that’s more cost-effective to run. With such a pump, you will save more cash in the long haul as compared to buying a cheap pump that will spike your energy bills.

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