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The 4 Best Pool Cover Pumps To Buy in 2020

An introduction to Pool Cover Pumps

When the colder months come around, it is especially important to provide the best care possible for your pool to ensure that you save money on maintenance in the long term. The required tools and accessories that you need to maintain your pool include a pool cover pump and while some people may consider these excessive, most pool owners know how excellent they are at keeping the integrity of your pool intact, as well as how effective they are at protecting what is underneath during the winter months.

Despite the high costs associated with the majority of them, their functionality and the longevity of these accessories make them a great investment to take into consideration. Be assured that there are several brands that offer affordable options that are top performers in the industry, and the following are some of the best that are currently available on the market, working for those with a limited budget.

best pool cover pump

1. Wayne WAPC250

The Wayne WAPC250 is an option that users appreciate in that it is able to support full submersion and automatic activation thanks to its reinforced thermoplastic manufacturing. Equipped with state-of-the-art iSwitch technology, this model is able to automatically engage the process of draining once water is detected on the pool cover surface, this model is a great option to consider because it means there is no need to babysit an activated pump. Since it comes with an automatic switch, users have peace of mind knowing that the appliance shuts down once all water has been removed.

Wayne WAPC250

The power in this system is because of an oil-filled motor featuring a centrifugal impeller; this model generates not only a high flow but also at the same time keeps an energy-efficient process. It also comes with automatic freeze protection that shields against extreme temperatures during the winter, with a protective circuit, also installed near the motor that will prevent damage that could derive from a locked impeller.

Should the pump’s impeller become clogged due to debris, the whole unit will shut down automatically so that further damage is not sustained and that the motor will not overheat. The chance of the unity clogging is greatly diminished thanks in part to a specially formulated suction screen that is located at the base, keeping harmful debris far from the interior of the unit’s chamber.

The Wayne WAPC250 also comes with a 25-foot long power cord that gives users the freedom to move and operate the pump from extended distances without worrying about the tip reaching past the pool’s lip. Plus, it has a rope classified as pull-to-shore that allows for easy handling with a flow rate at 3000 GPH at the maximum, and 2350 GPH at the 5-foot mark. For its primary action, the pump uses a 1-1/4-inch hose for discharge and a 3/4-inch adapter that is specifically for garden hoses.


  • flexible discharge connection
  • unique automatic motor control
  • excellent flow speeds
  • extended cord for easy application
  • environmentally friendly


  • pump cycles on and off by automatically in water and when there is no water

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2. Superior Pump Pool Cover Pump, Edition 91330

For versatility, there are few pumps on the market that are able to collect water so steadily as the Superior Pump Pool Cover Pump, edition 91330, which filters out unwanted debris as well as other particles. As a heavy-duty model is able to deliver the power action that users will appreciate, thanks in part because of thermal protection, plus the addition of shaft seals that have been reinforced.

With a flow rate that reaches a 2400 GPH and 2040 gallons p/h at 5 feet, its action is not only highly consistent but ideal for regular applications. The pump features thermoplastic construction and a specially designed strainer protecting the parts on the inside as well as filters debris so that clogging is not an issue. The Superior Pump has also been formulated to work with floor drains that are 6 inches in length and also supports a hose connection length of 1-1/4 inch. It also comes with a float switch that collects water in a specially designed basin, a 10-foot cord length, and is a functional weight of just under 8 pounds.


  • adaptable intake
  •  flow rates that are among the most powerful on the market
  • efficient motor output
  • sturdy interior components


  • short cord

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3. Little Giant, Edition PCP550

Pool owners that are searching for a mid-tier yet sturdy option that can effectively eliminate water should consider the Little Giant, Edition PCP550. Reaching a 1-1/50 HP pumping power, it is able to provide stable action for several tasks simultaneously, including collecting water from pool covers. On its side is an intake screen that is able to sort through the debris and other particles. You can even remove the screen so that you can conduct maintenance.

Ranked in the midrange category in regards to performance the Little Giant is still able to provide a flow rate of 550 GPH and sustains 400 GPH at 3 feet. Its thermoplastic construction ensures that it is light and mobile so that users can easily pick it up and carry around the pool. A 25-foot long power cord ensures that you can use it even at further distances that are far away from your pool. But because it is so compact, it can be stored away with ease and also supports 3/4-inch garden hoses so that installation and connection is fast and secure.

This model has been specifically designed for use during the winter months, plus with a superior energy exchange rate, it is also compatible with water transfer activities.


  • superior motor power compared to other brands at this size
  • minimum efficiency loss
  • suitable for colder months
  • light, compact design for easy transport and storage


  • replacement pieces are a possible issue

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4. FibroPool Electric

For pool owners that are on a budget yet still would like a fairly powerful model, then FibroPool offers a great option that has been designed for the winter months to discharge water. Plus, it has been proven to be effective against rusting while also preventing bacteria growth.

This model is better than others for a few reasons, including its great construction so that it is sturdier and able to handle more damage, whether from the elements or water. This pump has been lauded for its ability to thrive during the winter months when temperatures can dip below freezing, and when placed near problematic water, the pump is still able to remove excess water while also filtering for rain or snowstorm debris.

It boasts a maximum flow rate of 600 GPH to provide regular draining action with only a minimum in head drop. It comes with a shut-off manual that is automatic, allowing quick disengagement should clogging becomes an issue. The 16-foot long hose allows users to easily install and hook up for use, and also means that it isn’t necessary to search for additional parts.


  • strong filtration quality
  • materials are resistant to corrosion
  • adaptable for various hoses
  • a flow rate that is steady and stable


  • durability

4. Little Giant, Edition APCP-1700

The Little Giant is able to service swimming pools that have to deal with weather conditions that are more extreme, specifically designed to address issues like large rainwater puddles, standing water, and high debris. It comes equipped with an automated shut-off system that is able to input water levels via a responsive float switch. With a pump that necessitates only 2 inches of water to automatically activate, all users have to do it place it next to a puddle and sit back and watch it do all the work.

The model boasts extensive, excellent design and features a wider underside surface than other models that allow for more grip, and a 1-inch FNPT to optimize discharge through the horizontal intake. The base has been screened to allow for a reliable filtration system once water is taken it so that users have to spend only a minimum of time cleaning your pump after each use. Due to its lightweight and compact design, this model is easy to store and carry around for any cleaning jobs.

This edition has a ¾ adapter and manufacturers recommend a 1-inch FNPT tube to ensure its full potential. With a flow rate of 500 GPH, this cover pump also has 23 feet and boasts quick removal of rainwater while on a single run.


  • automatic activation system
  • extended length power cord available with the purchase
  • improved sustainability of the head
  • 115 Volt compatible
  • submersible design


  • procuring replacement parts is a potential issue

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Finding the right model for your pool is just a matter of determining which features are the most important for you as well as your budget. A good solid pump should have great filtration and a design that ensures that it is not too bulky and is able to survive for a few seasons. At the end of the day, the best models will be able to address all of these areas and hopefully remain within your price range.

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