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The 4 Best Pool Filters to Buy in 2019

How to Pick the Best Pool Filters

The importance of a pool filter to your pool can only be compared to the importance of kidneys to the body. Although there are sanitizers like chlorine which are meant to eliminate contaminants and bacteria, a pool filter is the device that actually removes the debris from the water. Without it, you would notice the water in your pool turning cloudy with debris, which is an automatic turn off for swimmers. Choosing the right filter for your pool does not entirely depend on the cost of the unit, although the price is certainly one of the factors you should consider. It is also important to go for a filter that is durable, easy to clean, use and maintain, and that will trap all the contaminants inside your pool. To make sure that you get the right filter for your pool, it is important to get a handle of all your options first.

Below is a list of reviews of some of the best selling pool filters.

1.      Hayward S270T Pro Series 27-inch Pool Sand filter

In the classification of in-ground pool filters, this is one of the best pool filters with the best ratings and reviews from customers. There is a reason why this is one of the most sought after pool filters including the fact that this gadget is corrosion proof, adverse weatherproof and designed using a polymeric construction material that is sturdy and enhanced with a patented six-piston multiport valve. The valve is very easy to use and convenient. The machine operates through backwashing technology to ensure that the water in your pool stays crystal clear at all times. The deal is further sweetened by the user-friendliness of the gadget, affordability and the low maintenance feature of the filter.


  • The pool filter is constructed using durable weather-resistant and corrosion-free materials that are meant to withstand any type of contaminants or harsh weather conditions
  • It is equipped with a high capacity pressure drain for either water or sand which features speedy operation
  • The backwashing process is a simple task and works to ensure that your pool water is always crystal clear
  • The whole system is energy efficient and goes a long way in saving you some energy bills.
  • Requires minimal maintenance and features ease of use
  • Very reasonably priced despite being a high technology system
  • The system is from a great pro-active customer service brand.


  • The packaging of the product is not very pleasant because it is shipped with oversize cardboard with the product freely moving around inside.
  • Has only one year warranty
  • Quite heavy considering its relatively small size.

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2.      Pentair 160301

This is a very innovative cartridge filter that comes with a well-sized filtration area that allows for the most precise dirt and impurities trapping. The filtration area is the best selling point of this filtration cartridge with a 420 square feet worth of filtration area. In addition, the filter features an impressive flow rate of up to 150 gallons every minute. The system flow rate can, however, be adjusted depending on the components of the overall system and the plumbing size. The system also features a speedy operation that can turn any filthy pool into a crystal clear pleasant and inviting pool within no time. The system is however not corrosion-proof, but corrosion-resistant, but very durable generally.


  • The system is NSF listed, with an adequate filtration area for better capacity and a drain out clean port.
  • Has both internal and manual high flow air relief valves
  • The 420 square feet filtration area promotes instant action enhanced further by a flow rate of 150 gallons of water per minute.
  • Constructed with sturdy materials which promote the durability of the system
  • Works perfectly of very large pools


  • ┬áDepending on the frequency of use, the Pentair 160301 cartridge requires to be cleaned or replaced every year, just like any other regularly used cartridges.
  • The whole system is comparatively prices
  • It has a warranty of only one year.

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3.      Hayward C5030 525 square foot swim clear cartridge filter

The Hayward brand is famed for the manufacture of sand filters, but they have recently revolutionized their single dimension persona with the production of the C5030 cartridge filter. This filter features an innovative cartridge technology accessorized with a cluster of 4 different recyclable elements for an immense capacity of up to 425 square feet and additional extended filter cycles.

Apart from the 4 cluster cartridge elements offering an impressive filtration area, which has a capacity to hold extra-large amounts of impurities, the system has a number of other brilliant features that make it ideal for any private or public pool. These features include a large tamper proof clamp meant to precisely hold together the two-piece unit and offer easy access to the innards of the system. This simplifies the repairs and maintenance task, whenever they are needed. The diversity of the system is further enhanced by the CPVC union that connects it to both 2 and 2.5-inch piping units. This connection offers extreme performance with a 2-inch internal flow piping.


  • Has a 2.5 inbuilt drain that enhances a fast cleanout
  • The system is built in a quirky design that allows the user to easily dismantle the elements of the cartridge
  • This sturdy system is capable of withstanding high heat, thanks to the Noryl bulkhead
  • Compared to sand filters, this system required very little maintenance, and sometimes, none at all
  • The unit is perfect for water preservation


  • Some customers have complained about having issues with the manifold of the system
  • The cartridge is a bit expensive
  • It needs to be replaced

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4.      Hayward DE4820 Pro-Grid Vertical DE Pool filter

This is a vertical grid filter from the Hayward brand designed for spas and various types and sizes of in-ground pools. From the name of the unit, this is a DE filter that functions by pushing unpurified water into the filtration elements before evenly distributing the DE elements. The model is designed with a one-piece heavy-duty clamp that fits the tank and the bottom bit of the filter together. This improves convenience and makes the system easy to use and easy to reach to the innards.

Hayward DE4820


  • It is constructed using durable non-corrosive materials that guarantee a hassle-free performance and maintenance
  • Available in different sizes
  • Constructed using Perma Glass, which further improves the durability of the filter
  • The filter is equipped with a high impact and air relief grid elements with additional pressure and cleaning gauge indicator


  • The package does not include a user manual
  • The pictures displayed on the online stores do not match with the real equipment
  • The package is not very appealing considering the price tag of the unit.

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Buying Guide

When looking for the right pool filter to purchase, always bear in mind that there the one-size-fits-all formula does not apply to these units. In other words, the right filter will depend on your budget and the size of your pool. However, the general performance of your pool filter will be determined by the size of the unit, which is the key factor and some other minute factors. Guessing the overall size of your pool with result in choosing the wrong type of a filter. Below are some tips that can help you to correctly determine the size of your pool

a)      Calculate the total volume of your pool. You can get a plumber to do this for you so that you are assured of preciseness.

b)      Convert your pool capacity into gallons

c)      Calculate the exact water flow rate

d)      Get the filter that is ideal for the measurements above

e)      Always go for a filter that is at least a size bigger

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