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The Best Doheny Pool Pump To Buy in 2019

How to pick the Best Doheny Pool Pump

Finding the best pump for your above ground pool might be hard. This is because most of the available pumps in the market have similar attributes, therefore at first glance, you might not be able to decide the most appropriate product for your pool. This is why reviews like this one, and a buyer’s guide, are very important in helping you come to an informed decision. Amidst the many available pool pump options, there is the Doheny brand which has a number of their products, including pumps, competing at par with some of the bestselling brands. The models from Doheny are all equipped with premium features that put the brand among the quality and durability of big leagues. The enhanced functionality of most pool pumps from Doheny’s has earned them a spot among the highest rated products. In this post, we are going to review some of the highest rated pool pumps from Doheny.

1.      Doheny’s 1.5 HP Above ground pool pump review

The most outstanding feature in the Doheny’s 1.5Hp pool pump is the high flow rate of the pump which gives you a quicker pool fill up. In every minute, this pool pump is capable of delivering 83 gallons of water, meaning that within an hour, the pool pump can comfortably fill up a pool with a capacity of up to 4,980gallons of water. Another feature from this replacement pool pump is the compatibility with pools of a depth of up to 40 feet. For durability and resistance to rust, the pool pump is designed almost entirely using stainless steel materials. This feature enhances the pump’s corrosion resistance giving it the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. For effective cooling after a sunny day, the pool is accessorized with a waterproof polymer, which features an integrated air inlet. Being constructed out of a thermoplastic material, the pool pump has guaranteed durability and effective resistance to corrosion.


  • Very affordable
  • Made to last
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Ideal for using in a kid’s pool
  • Is not very noisy during operation
  • Comes in a compact convenient size that makes it easy to carry around


  • Has a limited use only to pools that have metallic sides
  • Can only be used in above ground pool
  • Does not ship to some countries

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2.      Doheny’s Deluxe 1.5HP SPL 1PH 115v Above Ground Pool Pump

This deluxe 1.5HP pool pump is a 2-variable speed, above ground pool pump designed to meet all the CSA and ETL requirements. It is equipped with a see-through strainer cover and a drain plug that makes it very easy to clean and maintain. It is also accessorized with a large holding basket with a convenient capacity which effectively saves time by reducing the frequency of emptying. It comes with some mechanical seals which are made from carborundum and graphite materials which significantly increase its durability and enhances its corrosion resistance. The pump system also boasts a programmable 24-hour controller and very quiet operation. It also comes with a very neat package and a user manual for easy installation and within 10 minutes, you can have it up and running. The motor is quite strong and durable further complementing the amazing design of the entire system.


  • Deficient noises while in operation
  • A stainless steel body construction that enhances the durability of the system
  • Come with a large, easy to clean filter basket that has a convenient capacity to reduce the number of emptying required.
  • Just like any other product from Doheny, it is quite affordable compared to other pool pumps in this category
  • Offers dependable performance and excellent results
  • Designed to meet all the CSA and ETL standards
  • Made from Corrosion-proof materials


  • Not for use with storable pools
  • Not for use for pools with non-metallic sides

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3.      Doheny’s 115-230v, 1HP In-ground Pool Pump

This is another bestselling above ground pool pump from Doheny’s, which mainly gets its high ranking from exceptional features and durability. Being a replacement pump, this system is capable of outperforming all the other pump systems in its category. It comes in a stainless steel construction which is further coupled with some integrated safety features that make it durable guaranteeing a long lifetime while in use.

The price of the unit is meager, putting it among the best quality products that come at an affordable rate. The installation process is straightforward and does not require a long tedious and complicated process to master. Its motor has a capacity to generate a relatively powerful flow rate which fits the requisites of any above ground pool perfectly. This is the best match for anybody looking for a high quality, durable, and reliable unit that delivers outstanding performance and comes at a fraction of the price among the big name brands. With heavy-duty construction and advanced engineering, the unit is capable of providing high efficiency and very quiet operation.


  • With a 304-grade stainless steel motor shaft, this unit has a very reliable performance
  • Comes with a strainer basket whose capacity is convenient enough to minimize the number of times required to empty it
  • Its strainer cover is transparent allowing the user to check the system easily
  • Easy maintenance and installation process
  • Comes with a convenient strainer housing ring that eases the cover removal process
  • Enhanced with graphite mechanical seals, components designed to be corrosion proof with a reinforced thermoplastic material construction
  • The drain plug is convenient making maintenance easy


  • Does not ship to states like Canada
  • A bit noisy when in operation

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4.      Doheny’s 1HP in-ground pool pump

This is a self-priming heavy-duty in-ground pool pump from Doheny’s brand that delivers outstanding reliability and performance. It comes at a very competitive price compared to other brands that offer the same or less level of results. It is constructed and engineered with a high level of care to maximize its efficiency and minimize its noise. It comes with a corrosion-free, a stainless motor shaft that is constructed with a stainless steel thermoplastic material to maximize its durability. This 1HP model is prewired with 115v of non-reversible connection. However, it is made ready for a 230v hardwire connection that is convertible to a 115v connection. It is also enhanced with a 2-inch union connection that makes suction easy with strategically fitted discharge ports


  • Comes at a great price
  • Heavy duty and high efficiency
  • Its connection sizes are 2 inches external and 1.5 internal respectively
  • Corrosion-free motor shaft


  • Prewired for 115 volts non-reversible connection only
  • No customer service

Buyers Guide

When purchasing a new pool pump, your most important considerations should be the strength of the pump and the amount of energy consumed by your pump while in operation. The bigger the pool, the faster the turnover rate and hence the stronger the pool pump needed. There are local regulations that specify the minimum turnover rate to ensure safe and clean water. However, most people opt to exceed these turnover rates and go for a turnover rate of 8 to 10 hours. Energy-efficient pool pumps are the best pick for either in-ground or above ground pools because most of them adhere to the standard environmental requirements. Energy-efficient recommendation is to purchase a two speed or variable speed pool pump, large enough to effectively circulate all the water in your pool at least two times a day.

Additionally, there are three essential criteria that should be considered when working out exactly what you need for your pool pump. These include:

  • The maximum flow that the pump is capable of producing
  • Quality and reliability of the construction materials
  • The noise level

Finally, always keep in mind that your choice will be determined by the format and size of your pool.

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