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The 3 Best Pentair Superflo To Buy in 2019

What is the Pentair Superflo?

If you are looking for a new reliable, efficient and relatively quiet single speed pool pump for your in-ground pool, then the Pentair SuperFlo pool pump series might just be the right selection for you. This super-flow series system is designed to effectively circulate the water in any in-ground pool. In this review, we are going to look at a few selections from this particular pool pump series including its self-priming, winterization, voltage plus its feature that perhaps can help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.

The Pentair SuperFlo pool pump series collections are a reasonable purchase especially because their installation process is quite easy. They feature very effective function which is enhanced by the 1-1/2 HP motors. The pumps are equipped with a 56 square flange motor with thick-walled body parts. This means that when it comes to quality, these pumps are well covered. They are also very durable and accessorized with large capacity debris baskets. They also have the capacity to handle a large volume at a go, a feature that reduces their running time conveniently. Let us review some of the highest-rated models from the series

1.      Pentair 342001 Superflo VS

pentair superflo vs

This is a very good choice especially because of its easy installation process. I don’t think there is any other model in this category that can match the ease of installation reflected by this one. It runs on a 230v power meaning that there is no rewind that is ever needed. Its suction performance is also very excellent so that you don’t have to worry about any drips. If you have a type of pool that requires a 1.5 horsepower, then this pump from Pentair’s superflo series is the right buy. However, it would be important to mention that this is not a very quiet model when in operation. But this should not be an issue considering the efficiency presented by this model. It however all depends on your preference and taste.


  • Features a good suction process for better and quicker results
  • It does not need any adjustments to prevent dripping
  • There is no need for pricey wiring for it to function


  • Can be a little bit loud
  • Expensive

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2.      Pentair 340039 SuperFlo Pool pump

Pentair 340039 SuperFlo

This model is engineered with single speed pool pump lovers who would like an affordable unit. It sources its power from the 1-1/2 horsepower motor, making one of the most efficient single speed units available in the market. The pump features a 56 square flange motor that is accessorized with thick and convenient wall body parts. This is good news for the users because they are guaranteed that they will not have any issues to do with the quality of the unit. It is designed to last. In addition to its quality guarantee, the unit is fitted with a very large strainer basket that minimizes the performance time needed, which will save you a considerable amount of money. Although everything about this unit may be quite catchy, keep in mind that it is a single-speed pool pump, which means that running the unit can be expensive. Therefore this might not be the right choice for individuals looking for energy-efficient units.


  • Comes with a heavy-duty motor that guarantees an excellent performance
  • Fitted with an oversized strainer basket that has a capacity to hold large amounts of the debris before the need of emptying
  • Designed to be a self-priming pump for a faster operation


  • It is not energy efficient

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3.      Pentair 340038 Superflo pool pump

This is another model from the Pentair Superflo series that features a powerful function, thanks to the 1Horsepower motor fitted in the unit. Amazingly, the unit features a powerful motor as well as a quiet operation. This is made possible by the internal flow design of the pump. For an easy startup, the pump comes with a self-priming capability, enhancing its performance further. Maintaining this unit is made easy by the large strainer basket accessory that has a large capacity to hold debris, reducing the number of times required to empty it. Although the heavy-duty motor of the Pentair 340038 model moves a higher volume of water and hence completing the work in double the time, it is worth mentioning that this model is not the most energy-efficient, compared to the variable speed counterparts.


  • Has a 1 horsepower motor that is very quick at moving water
  • Has a special internal design that ensures a very quiet operation
  • The oversized strainer basket prevents frequent cleaning, hence saving a considerable amount of time


  • When it comes to the energy sufficiency of the unit, the pump is not very impressive.

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Tip to selecting a high-quality pool pump

When selecting a pool pump, always consider the type of pool you own, plus the size. If your pool is a small above ground type, then you can easily get away with a medium simple pool pump. On the other hand, an in-ground pool will require a robust and powerful pool pump for the best results. Additionally, if you are thinking of using your pool for a limited time, depending on the seasons, you will do just fine opting for a basic model pool pump. If you own a heated pool, however, that can be used any time of the year, you should invest in a high-end pool pump, preferably a variable speed type.

Additionally, consider investing your money in a self-priming unit, preferably one fitted with a filter in case you are concerned about the life longevity of the pump. You might also want to consider getting a pump that can withstand saltwater, especially if you use salt to disinfect your pool.

Before finalizing your decision, consider the noise level of the pump while in operation. This is especially crucial if you are thinking of installing your pump close to the pool. You should also be keen on the filter to ensure that it is compatible with the total flow rate of the pump you want to purchase, both in the minimum and the maximum. This applies to all kinds of filters, be it cartridge filters or sand filters.

Tips to take care of your pool

Below are some tips that you could practice to increase the lifetime of your pool

The Self-Priming technology of the Pentair super flow pool pump

Well, for this, you are required to remove the lid and the clamp, before filling the strainer basket with water. Replace the lid and switch on the switch. Observe the air release valve to see whether the water comes out of it. If it does, close the valve because the system is then ready to function. You will notice that the system is completely free of bubbles, which outlines the priming process. Remember that the pup should never be run when completely dry because this will cause damage to the pump case, the seal or the impeller.

The Winterization process

The limited warranty of this pool pump series does not cover weather-related damages. When the weatherman reports of possible freezing conditions, you might want to winterize your pool. In case the weather predictions state that the freezing weather won’t last long, then you can simply run the pump throughout the entire period to prevent it from freezing. But is the cold weather is expected to last for an extended period of time, then turn off the power source and drain all the water from the pump. This is simply done by removing the two drain plugs that are strategically located at the housing of the unit. After emptying the pump, you should cover the motor to protect it against damage caused by freezing. When the weather is conducive again, immediately remove the cover from the motor to avoid interfering with its operations further.   

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