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The 3 Best Pentair Whisperflo For Your Pool

How to Pick the best Pentair Whisperflo for your pool

With more than 100 years in the food, energy, industrial and water industry, Pentair has gradually come to be recognized as one of the highest-ranked brands famed for the production of edge-cutting technology and great customer service. The main drive behind each one of Pentair’s creation is innovation and fulfillment of the desires of their customers. Their product lines actually work as solutions that focus on the consumer’s pain points. The brand prides itself on knowing exactly what its consumers need and delivering on the needs in the best way possible. Looking at the water industry specifically, Pentair has produced the best pool pumps, water heaters and pool filter gadgets available in the market today. Each of their products presents innovative and unique features making most owners seek out products from Pentair as the solution to their immediate pool requirements.

A pool pump is the heart of the circulation system of your pool. It functions by pulling water from the pool through the main drain and the skimmer, then through the main returns, the pump pushes the water through a filter and returns it back to the pool. The excess water passes through the cooling vents located at the bottom of the housing unit. It also has an impeller that is connected at the end of the motor shaft. When this impeller turns, the already circulated water is passed through a lint and a hair trap located near the end of the pump. The water is finally pushed through a pipe that leads it to the filter at the top of the pump. In this article, we are going to look at some of the bestselling Pentair pumps from the whisperflo series.

1.      Pentair 011512 ¾  HP Whisperflo model

This ¾ horsepower model is specially designed for pool and spa combinations. With superior performance, this little pump is capable of easily outperforming any 1 horsepower pool pump and probably does a better job than larger sized pool pumps. It uses the formula of less electricity consumption and more power output. With an ability to run on 115v,208v, and 230v, at full load, this means that you do not have to change the electrical supply of the pool pump housing when you at=re installing the Pentair 011512 pool pump model. It is designed for efficiency and durability, making it a worthy investment for any user who is looking for an affordable and convenient solution for their pool.

It is equipped with a thermoplastic housing that will resist excess heating and any form of corrosion. It is also fitted with a stainless steel motor shaft in the commercial-grade motor giving it efficient protection against rust and sealed bearings that eliminated the need for any lubrication. This pump is designed in such a way that the user will incur literally no cost for the purposes of maintenance unless they would like to upgrade any of the systems, although this is not entirely necessary.


  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compatible with all cleaning systems jet action spas and filters
  • Comes in a small, lightweight and compatible size that facilitates movements
  • Utilizes an advanced hydraulic technique which improves its performance
  • Energy efficient
  • Very little noise during operation


  • The installation has to be carried out by a professional otherwise the warranty becomes invalid
  • It may incur some running costs

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2.      Pentair 011513  HP whisperflo pool pump

This is another powerful model listed among the Whisperflo unit. It utilizes the same technology and features the same design as the smaller model, therefore offering a great power while at the same time featuring very quiet operation. It is capable of comfortably accomplishing the same tasks as 11/4  to 11/2 horsepower pumps. Just like its smaller sister, the pump runs on 115v, 208v, and 230v. It also features similarly housing unit as the ¾ pool pump model although if you look at its specification on some of the online stores, there is a slight difference of about half an inch in some of their dimensions. This model also utilizes a unique hydraulic design which improves its performance while at the same time reducing the amount of energy consumed with a similar reduction in the operational motor noise.

This is made possible by the Funnel-Flo diffuser which is unique only to the whisperflo design and an ingenious design on the impeller. It is also fitted with an oversize debris basket meaning that you do not have to frequently empty it. Easy inspection is facilitated by the transparent lid featuring a cam and ramp whose design is engineered with ease of use features so that cleaning of the strainer basket is quick and easy and seals back perfectly without being overtightened by the thread or lining.


  • Fitted with an oversized strainer basket for less emptying intervals
  • Fairy quiet while in operation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Can accomplish a job done by other larger and more powerful pumps
  • Maintenance and inspection is made easy by the transparent lid
  • Comes in a convenient and compatible size


  • Just like its smaller sister, if the installation is not done by a professional, the 1-year warranty automatically becomes void
  • The unit is a bit expensive

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3.      Pentair 011515 2HP Whisperflo model

This model is one step above the previous model but basically features the same functionality and design. The only difference is that the amp increases so that this model in particular runs on 11A for 208v and 10.2A for 230v. It is a single unit whose installation is quick and easy and fits comfortably into any pump housing, thanks to its compatible size and design. It will probably take even less space than your average pool pump. It is designed in such a way that it can easily replace your ordinary pool pump and perform the same functions if not better. It is also compatible with a number of other units including the jet spas, filters, and cleaning systems. It is engineered to offer a lifetime of minimal maintenance and easy operation and maximum performance at an extremely low cost. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty and should only be installed by a professional.


  • It has a funnel-flow diffuser that allows for maximum water flow and easy circulation
  • Fitted with a special hydraulic technology that makes it very quiet while in operation
  • It is compatible with any cleaning system


  • The filter basket is a bit narrow at the end making it hard to clear all the dirt from inside the strainer basket.
  • The warranty becomes invalid if the installation is not done by a professional

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When should you run your pool pump?

There are two factors that determine when running your pump is most necessary. The cost of energy and chemical demand. The ultraviolet light from the sun weakens the chlorine in the water, Day time especially during sunny days therefore, is the most appropriate time to run your pump. Most chlorinating methods, however, require the pump to be running in order to appropriately furnish the correct amount, it is best to run your pump during daytime as opposed to night time although this is mostly the best time for chlorination. On the other hand, the cost of electricity tends to be more during daytime hours, therefore this is another factor that you should weigh in. If your power bill does not necessarily fluctuate during daytime hours, then the base case scenario for you is to run your pump from sunrise to sunset.

Running the pump at night is an effective way to keep your power utility bills under check but for this, you will need to be keen on the chlorine levels to ensure that they are always adequate or more than 3.0ppm throughout the daytime hours when the pool is mostly used.

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