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Hayward Navigator Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this Pool Cleaner

An overview of the Hayward Navigator

You have probably had enough of calling pool maintenance crew every time you need your pool cleaned. This can turn out to be quite expensive in the long run. Using those irksome wands does not help either because it is time and energy-consuming. Finally, you figure out that the time for change has come. Having done proper research, you decide to settle for one solution, the suction pool cleaners. This might be a worthy solution but with so many pools suction cleaners available in the market today, it can be quite overwhelming deciding on which one is the right choice for your pool. Obviously, you would want the one with the most benefits, a time saver and with the ability to work on its own so that you can have enough time to attend to other chores. It should also be able to get to every nook and cranny of your pool, no matter how murky or swampy your pool is. The result should be a meticulous spic and span pool once the unit is done with the cleaning process. Excellent, in this post, we are going to give you some insights of precisely what you are looking for, a review of the top three best-selling suction pool cleaners and buyers guide for good measure.

1.      Hayward Navigator pro 925ADV pool cleaner

Cleaning your pool can be quite a chore such=king up most of your precious time. Hayward has come up with a new breed of suction pool cleaners that make the work easier for you. Unlike the robotic cleaners, suction cleaner utilizes the available water flow generated by the filtration system of your pool to get power used to effectively remove debris and dirt. This unit also comes with the advantage of requiring no additional energy to function, making it a very cost and energy effective investment. Rather than the typical suction cleaners that move about your pool, which in the real sense, only serves to leave a lot of dead spots and a slow functionality, the Hayward Navigator Pro is pre-programmed to move in a strategic way using an alternative sequence of right to left movements which are designed for a quick operation that covers every spot of your pool. Actually, with this SmartDrive steering system, the unit can complete cleaning a large pool in just around 4 hours. Additionally, the installation of the cleaner is quite easy and within a few minutes, the unit is off clearing out leaves, sticks, pollen dirt, and other common pool litter. All that is needed of you is to set the system, then sit back and relax or attend to other chores. Hayward brand has, for several years now, been in the front line of innovative pool maintenance tools and based on most customers reviews, the Hayward Navigator pro 925ADV is a 5-star addition to the product line


  • Perfectly designed for all in-ground pools
  • An easy installation process that can be completed in under 10 minutes
  • Comes with SmartDrive programmed steering which uses the flow of water through the filtration system to drive the cleaner
  • The unit can is capable of cleaning any large pool in under 4 hours
  • It also features a very quiet operation
  • Very little possibility to miss out on dirty spots in your pool

–          It has a vacuum that is available in three different designs including fiberglass, vinyl, and gunite.


  • The system is quite expensive
  • Maintenance is not cheap either

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2.      Hayward navigator pro 925ADC suction pool cleaner

This is another model from the navigator pro specifically designed for cleaning in-ground pools and other residential swimming pools. It shares a similar basic turbine as the 925AdV model. It gets its vacuum power from the pool’s filtration pump system. This means that the cleaner can only function when the filter pump is running although it does not need a booster pump to function. It comes with a similar cleaner head model as the 925ADV but in different feet materials which are strategically fitted to suit the different pool surface materials. The installation process of this navigator pro is not very difficult, however, you might want to prepare the pool adequately before installing the cleaner so that it is completely free from very large debris and algae. You would also need to backwash the pool filter and check the chemistry level of your pool’s water before installing the cleaner. The unit comes with nine connector hoses and one ladder hose which is enough hose for approximately 20 by 40 feet swimming pools. In case your in-ground pool is larger than 40 feet, you will require to purchase extra hose. The pool cleaner hose should be connected to the skimmer or a functional suction port. If you are connecting it to a skimmer, ensure that the skimmer has a VO93C cone adapter. Alternatively, you can install a Hayward Vac lock in order to connect the cleaner hose to the functional suction line.


  • Easily picks up debris
  • Cleans uneven surfaces perfectly
  • Suited for cleaning the entire pool including the walls
  • Durable, effective and features a state of the art technology
  • Great customer service


  • Very expensive
  • Can only function if the filter pump is running
  • The flaps, shoes, and wings need regular maintenance.

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3.      Hayward navigator pro poolvergnuegen suction pool cleaner

Unlike the other navigator models, this pool cleaner is designed for relatively smaller pools but that does not make it any less effective. It has a self-adjusting turbine that maximizes the power source from the pool water flow generated from the filter pump. Its technology enables it to move freely in the pool cleaning even uneven surfaces, it has some folding vanes that allow the suction of large debris from the pool and an internal programmable steering system that makes the negotiation of corners quite easy.

It changes directions by reversing its left wheel so that it covers every spot on the surface of the pool. The wheels are strategically fitted with humps to facilitate the cleaner’s movement up the pool’s stairs for thorough cleaning. The facts that maintain a very powerful suction even when there is an obstacle is a character that should not go unmentioned. However, if the obstacle is too large enough to completely block the cleaners’ suction opening, the unit gets stuck until you manually move it.


  • Low maintenance and easy to install
  • Totally silent operation
  • Covers the entire pool perfectly
  • Has a self-adjusting turbine that maximizes power from the pool’s filter pump


  • Occasionally gets stuck on large obstacles
  •  Beyond certain heights, the unit is not able to reach especially in fiberglass pools

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Buying guide

Knowing what type of a suction pool cleaner to go for will narrow down your options but it does not help you measure the nuances that make or break a quality pool cleaner. Let us look at the main criteria of factors that you should consider before purchasing a suction pool cleaner.

1.      Is the suction cleaner suitable for your pool size?

Before settling for a certain type of a pool cleaner, always ensure its suitability for the size of the pool you intend on keeping clean. If you have a small pool, you might do just fine with a manual option but if you have a medium or large permanent pool, you are best suited for an automatic cleaner.

2.      How fast does the cleaner function and how effective is it

Efficiency is the basic feature that makes up a worthy pool cleaner, you want a suction cleaner that moves fast and has enough suction power to climb walls to other hard to reach areas. Also, ensure that the design of the cleaner is made such that it does not get stuck in the corners of the pool.

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