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Kreepy Krauly Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this Pool Cleaner

A quick intro to Kreepy Krauly

Kreepy Krauly is a brand of pool cleaners from Pentair. It is a suction side in-ground swimming pool cleaner. There are three models on sale right now. These are 360040, 360042 and 360048. These models have replaced the Kreepy Krauly Classic, model number K70405. The classic variant was very popular but it has paved the way for more contemporary variants, in the context of design, function, and reliability. The latest Kreepy Krauly cleaners are more efficient and effective. They are also made of better quality materials to be universally applicable for different types of pool surfaces.

The latest Kreepy Krauly models are automatic pool cleaners. There is no need for any additional booster pump for the cleaner to operate. The suction power is obtained from the pump and the cleaner can suck up debris and dirt. These are trapped by the filter. There is no filter bag in these models. Since there are three different models, it is necessary to understand the type of pool surface they are compatible with. The major difference among these models is the kind of seal they have. The seal is at the bottom. It serves as the footpad.

The Kreepy Krauly 360040, which can be classified as the entry-level model right now, comes with a flat seal. This is compatible with pools that have a gunite or shotcrete surface. Gunite or shotcrete is sprayed concrete. Mortar is also used with concrete. The other type of surface 360040 is suitable for is concrete. Kreepy Krauly 360042 comes with a pleated seal. This model is universally compatible. It can be used in any type of pool, regardless of the surface material. Kreepy Krauly 360048 also comes with a universal pleated seal, making it suitable for all pool surfaces or materials.

A Kreepy Krauly box comes with the cleaner, one female-female hose section, eleven male-female hose sections, bumper assembly, automatic regulator valve, hose protector, eyeball diverter, outer ring, the seal which could be flat or pleated and universal, threaded compression adapter, valve cap, two hose weights, left and right wings. There is no leaf trap or canister inside the box. This should be purchased separately. Pentair has more than one compatible clear leaf trap. You can get the R211084K. It works with automatic pool cleaners. Using a trap or canister is essential so the leaves can be prevented from reaching the basket in the pool pump.

Features of Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

The Kreepy Krauly 360042 uses a dive float directional system. This guides the cleaner throughout the pool, all the way from the surface of the water to the bottom. The cleaning coverage is comprehensive. There is an automatic valve that can regulate the flow of water so the cleaner can travel at an ideal speed. There is a roller strap that enables the cleaner to maneuver ladders and steps. The wings can channel debris, dirt, and leaves towards the filter. There are no gears or wheels and only one moving part. This makes the cleaner more dependable as there are fewer parts to service or maintain, repair or replace.

The cleaner is forty-two inches long, sixteen and a half inches wide and seven and a half inches high. The new Kreepy Krauly models are redesigned. Pentair has retained the best attributes of the classic model but enhanced the range, thus providing greater coverage and more effective cleaning. The suction is more powerful in these models than the ability of the classic model. The cleaner can deal with small and large debris. There are no diaphragms so users don’t have to worry about frequent repairs or replacements. The cleaner can be installed in a few minutes without any tool. There is no booster pump that can otherwise increase the price and also consume more energy. The cleaner is more reasonably priced and energy-efficient.

Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner is durable owing to the sturdy construction. It has a long service life. The cleaning efficiency and effectiveness of the models are reliable. Due to the simple and neat design of the cleaner with only one moving part, there is much less hassle and operating any of the three models is a cakewalk.

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Why Kreepy Krauly?

Pentair has sold its pool products to more than three million customers around the world. Kreepy Krauly is one of its most trusted brands of pool related products. Pentair is one of the three top brands in this niche, including pool pumps and heaters. It is easily one of the most trusted brands when it comes to pool cleaners. This cleaner comes in different packs. Most will need one pack.

Kreepy Krauly is a wise choice for most pool owners

Every hose in the pack is around one meter in length. There are forty feet or twelve meters of hoses in the box. These make the cleaner relevant for pools measuring up to forty feet. Most in-ground pools are either sixteen by thirty-two feet or eighteen by thirty-four feet. Customers can also get extra hose sections from Pentair but it is not necessary unless the pool is longer or wider than forty feet.

Kreepy Krauly is just as useful to clean the floor or bottom of the pool as it is effective at cleaning the walls

However, the suction power must be balanced properly for the cleaner to be effective with the walls. Too little or excessive suction can cause an imbalance and the cleaner will be ineffective for the walls. The cleaner does just fine with slopes. Pools with slopes varying from three feet to eight feet can be easily cleaned by any of the three models, provided the surface is compatible with the seal.

Kreepy Krauly is a suitable cleaner for residential and commercial pools

It comes with all the components in the box. The cleaner is light enough for a single individual to handle it and then set it on its automatic cleaning journey. Customers can get a vacuum line if needed. This is not included but Pentair has enough options.

Pros and Cons of Kreepy Krauly

Kreepy Krauly works well on its own. The pleated seal model is good for all types of surfaces. Those who have a concrete or gunite surface can get the flat seal and save some money. The cleaning is thorough, albeit a leaf trap or debris collector would have been handier but it would have increased its size and weight. The cleaning is steady and effective. The suction must be balanced when it is cleaning the walls, so this is up to the operator. 

Pricing of Kreepy Krauly

The model with a flat seal for gunite or concrete surface costs three hundred and ten dollars. This is the 360040 model. The universal cleaner with the pleated seal costs less. The 360042 models are now selling for two hundred and seventy dollars. The third model 360048 is selling for almost three hundred and eighty dollars. All come with free shipping.

Customer Reviews of Kreepy Krauly

Most customers are happy with the performance of the Kreepy Krauly pool cleaner. Some have reported that the cleaner gets stuck at the corners or on steps. Whenever the cleaner is cornered, it does not perform efficiently and it might leave some spots effectively unclean. This is a solvable problem. Technicians and more experienced users have reported that adjusting the hose weights can remedy this issue. The position of hose weights and quantum of suction may solve the problem partly. Ladder guards can also fix the issue.

Many customers are content with the price and the cleaning ability of the product. The fact that it does not have too many parts which may have to be repaired or replaced in the near future is widely appreciated. One of the common problems with such cleaners is the sets of gears and wheels that go kaput sooner than expected. The package has all the materials needed. Whatever add-on is required is easily available from Pentair. None of the accessories particularly cost much so the whole investment remains reasonable. The product is durable enough to last years, if not a decade.


There are some tips and tricks users should learn in due course of time. The hoses must be stored flat and straight. They should not be just piled up or stacked somewhere. The hoses will coil up. Coiled hoses may end up becoming permanently bent. If the hoses are not stored properly then their utility or efficacy will get affected. This will have an adverse effect on the cleaning potential of the machine.

Many users are not too concerned about such stuff but this is also the primary reason why some customers are more content than others. Some customers manage to extract many more years out of such pool cleaners than other users, mostly due to how they operate. Our Kreepy Krauly review highlights the price, which is clearly in favor of customers. The ease of use is appreciable. The product is durable and desirably effective.

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