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Polaris 360 Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this Pool Cleaner

A quick introduction to the Polaris 360

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner or Polaris 360, as it is commonly referred to, is an automatic pool cleaner made by Zodiac. Polaris Company is a specific brand and it is one of the subsidiaries of Zodiac. Polaris 360 is a bestseller right now. It is one of the highest-rated automatic pool cleaners on Amazon. Polaris 360 does not require a booster pump. It does not have one in the box either. It is the midrange variety in this class. The preceding model is Polaris 280 and the higher-end variant is Polaris 380.

Features of Polaris 360

Polaris 360 is a robot. The design of the automatic pool cleaner is not new but the product certainly is. The original design was patented nearly half a century ago. Polaris 360 has triple jets and a multifaceted cleaning mechanism. It is compatible for all types of in-ground or underground swimming pools. The size and shape of the pool do not matter. The automatic cleaner is capable of cleaning and sweeping, vacuuming and scrubbing the bottom or floor and the walls of a swimming pool. The device has a circulation pump. There is a thirty-one feet long feed hose. The cleaner has a chamber filter that traps debris. The robot comes with a standard two and a quarter inches vacuum inlet.

Polaris 360 is an incredibly powerful pool cleaner. It is more effective than the Polaris 280. The setup is easy. All the instructions are available in the manual. The kit or package has all the components. Polaris 360 has the same three-wheel design as in its preceding and succeeding models. This is an iconic design for the brand. The 360 can pressure clean. It is not only effective at getting rid of debris but also cleansing contaminants. The cleaner has maximum circulation provided comprehensive coverage. Its filter can collect leaves, acorns, and pebbles. The bag is of sufficient size to let the cleaner work throughout the pool without a user having to replace the bag or empty it. The filter actually eases the load on the pool filtration system.

According to Polaris and from official statements released by Zodiac, the design and specs of the model make it the most advanced pressure-side automatic cleaners right now for underground or in-ground swimming pools. Polaris 360 package includes one cleaner, the main hose, one chamber filter bag, and operating instructions. The cleaner is powered by advanced engineering. The operation is reliable. The construction is durable.

Polaris 360 Review

Polaris 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner can clean, sweep, vacuum and scrub the pool, whether the floor or the walls. Like in the 280, Polaris 360 comes with a backup valve. This inline valve gets activated automatically when the cleaner finds itself in a corner or gets stuck somewhere. The operation continues as the cleaner navigates its way out of a tricky situation. This is one of the main reasons why the cleaner can keep operating without any intervention of a user. Many automatic cleaners fail to owe to their inability to navigate challenging situations and operators find the pool unclean after being away for a few hours.

The dimensions of Polaris 360 are 20” x 23” x 10”. Its weight is a little more than fifteen pounds. The cleaner is easy to set up. There is no extensive installation process. One does not require a technician to handhold the first time. Most pool owners have a pressure line already. This dedicated line can be put to use. There is no need to buy a booster pump or have any separate pump. Polaris 280 requires a separate booster pump and it needs to be purchased as the product does not include one. Polaris 360 does not have such a requirement. Polaris 360 is energy efficient and hence eco-friendly.

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Polaris 360 uses three types of cleaning mechanism. It uses vacuuming like the first step. This enables the cleaner to pick up most of the debris. The second mechanism is sweeping. This extracts whatever is left after vacuuming. Then the third step is scrubbing. This is useful as not all stains can be removed through sweeping or vacuuming. The scrubbing feature is also available in Polaris 260. Polaris 360 is a smart climber. It can move up and down in the water inside the pool, along the walls and clean the entire length, breadth, and depth of the pool. Those who have a pool wider or longer than forty feet may need additional hoses. The standard hose can be used for up to thirty feet. This is wider than most pools but some people have longer swimming pools.

Polaris 360 is an effective pool cleaner. The grip of the wheels is reliable. The design is functional. All features are useful and work like the way they were intended to. It has a tail sweep feature that makes cleaning more effective. The cleaner is not only working on the part where it is vacuuming or scrubbing but the tail is also lashing out at the surface left behind, eliminating anything that may still be clinging on to the surface.

Pros and Cons of Polaris 360

Polaris 360 has several strengths. It is sturdy and durable. It is effective and works fast. It is reasonably priced given the features. Similar models carry a much higher price tag and they do not offer any better cleaning. The types of features and the way this model works are not a unique attribute as other models can do the same but they are mostly priced around a thousand dollars. Polaris 360 is a premium product within a budget. The 360 can last for years if operators are familiar with the right ways to use the cleaner. Timely servicing and maintenance should suffice to prolong life. Polaris offers prompt customer support, technical or otherwise.

There is no major shortcoming of Polaris 360. The cleaner may be slightly ineffective when it is cleaning steps or submerged stairs. Pools that do not have stairs are not an issue. Those that have many steps, especially when the slope is not a gradient but a series of steps might call for more time for the cleaner to complete the job. It should be that the robot has no problem with ascents or descents and working at varying levels. It has no issues dealing with a gentle or even a sharp slope.

Pricing of Polaris 360

Polaris 360 is selling for four hundred and thirty-two dollars. The original listed price of the product from Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. was over five hundred dollars. Discounts available would often reduce that price to less than five hundred and at times closer to four hundred and fifty. The price is now less than four hundred and fifty online.

Customer Reviews of Polaris 360

Our Polaris 360 review is largely in agreement with what most of the customers have said. The model is the number one bestseller among pressure pool cleaners on Amazon. This should say a lot about how customers are responding to the product. Customers are generally happy with several aspects of the product. One of the most common factors is the universal application of this cleaner. The robot can work in any type of pool. The material does not pose a problem. The floor and the walls of a pool may be of different materials. This too is not an issue. The shape and size of a pool do not pose any major challenge. The cleaner can actually work in any pool. If a pool is substantially larger then additional hoses are needed but this is not something any pool owner is concerned about. Everyone knows that pools larger than forty feet or so will need such add-ons.

Many people have upgraded from 280 to 360. Those who have not tried either should certainly go for the 360. In addition to the fact that it is a much superior model, there is a good chance that the Polaris 360 pool cleaner will be available at a more affordable price than the 280. This has more to do with discounts and real-time sales or popularity than anything else. Many customers have used Polaris 360 throughout the year or for most months and have vouched for its consistent performance. Timely servicing and maintenance are, of course, necessary to sustain its durability.


Polaris 360 is a midrange pool cleaner if you consider the price. It is priced at around half of the higher-end automatic pressure pool cleaners but it does an identical job. This has made this model a bestseller. Polaris is one of the most credible brands of pool cleaners. The company specializes in automatic and pressure pool cleaners. Polaris 360 is an essential investment. It is something every in-ground pool needs. Whether a pool is right under some shade and is a haven for debris or it is exposed to a lot of dust and dirt due to frequent use, the 360 is a fitting choice.

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