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The 3 Best Upflush Toilet To buy in 2020

Best Upflush Toilet – Getting To Know More About It

There are different types of toilet and as technology improves and moves ahead, we can expect a few more to come into the list in the none-too-distant future. However, in this article, we will try and get to know something more about upflush toilets. We also will look at the various features and attributes that could help us in choosing the best upflush toilet. Additionally, we also will have a reasonably good understanding of upflush toilet and try and learn more about the reasons as to why they are becoming so very popular. There is not much knowledge amongst many of us when it comes to upflush toilets Hence, we are sure that the next few lines will be useful in helping us to get some much need clarity as far as these type of toilet is concerned.

While understanding the meaning of upflush toilets is vital, we need to also understand that an average person spends around 30 to 60 minutes in a bathroom. Hence, bathroom renovations are considered to be very important and they also lead to value for money. It also can go a long way in making the home user-friendly and functional amongst other things. However, renovating your bathroom in general and toilets, in particular, is expensive and in many cases, it could run up to $25,000 and even more. The biggest expense is perhaps adding new pipes and making extensive changes to the existing plumbing works. In many cases, it may have to be dismantled to make way for a new one. It is here that upflush toilets could come in very handy.

What Are These Toilets?

These toilets are also referred to as macerating toilets. They are not new technology and European countries have been using them for a year. The first version of upflush toilets was perhaps used in 1958. They are designed to help give solutions for those who have limited space. It also allows installing them below lines that may be pre-existing. It is installed by using an extension pipe and this hides the pump that already exists behind a wall. It has become quite popular in North America over the last 10 to 15 years. It is being commonly sought after by those who are keen on making the best use of space available to them. It is easy to use DIY methods to install it though you also could take the help or professionals to do the job for you. It works the same way as any standard toilet. The waste goes inside and it is flushed out of the bowl and it is done using strong water pressure.

The big difference is the way in which waste is handled once it has been flushed. In standard toilets, the waste gravitates towards the sewer piping and it gets carried away to the main waste disposal network of the municipality. However, in the case of an upflush toilet, the waste is discharged outback of the toilet. It is then sent into a macerator with the help of a pump. The waste is the ground up and it is then pumped up the PVC piping and then it gets moved to the existing stack. It could be described as a streamlined solution.

Hence it is able to make better use of water and more importantly, it does not require extensive and complicated plumbing and piping network to do the job. It handles waste more efficiently and many consider it to be an environment-friendly solution in more ways than one. They are popular because they come with the right things in the right places. It is more or less the same as a conventional flush toilet but with some changes here and there.

Let us now try and get to know more about the three different makes and models of upflush toilet so that our readers are able to get some idea about it.

Saniflo Saniaccess Upflush Toilet

There is no denying the fact that this could be considered as one of the best upflush toilet options in the country today. It has a number of interesting features and it would be worth having a closer look at it. This is a product that comes from the house of Saniflo and this model has a number of good features about it. This is basically a 1/2 HP pump that is good enough for a half bathroom and can work up to 15 feet below the sewer line. It also can be made to work up to 150 feet away from the soil stack.

Main Features

It comes with a unique macerating system. The system is capable of handling human waste and also toilet paper in residential applications. The blade that macerates are made from hardened stainless steel material and therefore there is no need for any servicing or replacement. Apart from the above it also occupies little space and is suited best for homes and bathrooms where space is a big constraint. It is easy to install, and also has a good and ergonomic look and appearance.


  • It helps in coming out with an environment friend solution.
  • It is easy to install and takes little time.
  • It is easy to maintain.
  • The macerating blade is of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The blade has a full lifetime and does not require any replacements.
  • Good value for money.


  • If the installation is wrong, it could create problems and mess things up.

Silent Venus Macerating Toilet

This is a quality upflush toilet from Silent Venus that has the best of macerating functions and other features. The good thing about this device is that the macerator is built into the base of the toilet making it easy to construct and use. It is extremely good looking and comes with the ergonomic and good looking design. It offers value for money and is long-lasting and durable. Let us also look at a few other features that are worth mention.

Main Features

This is a good looking, modern shaped and self-contained a toilet and it has several purposes in mind. It does not require any construction. It will not cause any structural damages to your property. The toilet can be installed in a basement and even at the bottom of a slope or any other place you want. It comes with a 164 feet horizontal and 16 feet vertical discharge. That ensures you get the required distances from the soil stake to the sewer line when compared to any other such products in the market. It is easy to install, easy to maintain and is suitable for heavy-duty use. It also comes with an attractive warranty and other attributes that helps to build confidence in the minds of the customers.


  • it comes with one year warranty
  • It also is ROHS and CE certified.
  • The warranty is good both for the product, installation and manufacturing procedure, and process.
  • It is easy to install and DIY installation is very much possible.
  • It is extremely good looking and offers value for money.
  • It helps to make your bathroom environment-friendly and saves water.


  • A few cases of malfunctioning has been reported.
  • Installation is a problem in many cases.

Nature’s Head Upflush Toilet

This is a suitable choice for all those who are looking for the best upflush toilet. It is from Nature’s Head and the product has won many good reviews and feedback. It does have a number of attractive and worth mentioning features. It is considered to be a self-contained and self-composting toilet with the best of macerating technologies built into it. It also comes with a number of features including the much talked about Close Quarters Spider Handle Design. It is made from the USA and therefore, suited to the local soil, climatic and other conditions. There are also a number of other features and we are happy to share a few of them for the benefit of our readers.

Main Features

It is one of the few upflush toilets that have a composting feature that is self-contained. It is made from all stainless hardware. It is totally free against rust and corrosion. The bowl and seat are full-sized with elongated seat and this offers very good seating comfort. If you want to empty it, the same can be done within a few seconds. It also comes with fan and vent hose. It is perfectly suited for homes and bathrooms where space is a big constraint. You can be sure about getting good value for money amongst other things. It is built by two sailors who understood the need for something that is easy to use and something that does not eat up too much of space. It still maintains the rugged marine use designs and this goes a long way in increasing the life span of the entire toilet.


  • It will make the entire environment smell much better.
  • It does not have the foul orders that often are a part of tank holding systems.
  • It is efficient, with the best or ergonomics clearly visible.
  • It does offer very good value for money.


  • A few instances of malfunctioning have been reported.


To sum up things, we can easily say that the above three models are good enough to be considered in the race for the best upflush toilet. Further, they are also made using the best materials that ensure long life and durability.

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