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The 5 Best Waterless Urinals You Should Consider Buying

The complete guide to Waterless Urinals

With a waterless urinal, you can save as much as 40,000 gallons of water annually! Now, imagine the impact this would have if more people in the community adopted waterless urinals? This is one of the main reasons why you’d want to upgrade from your traditional urinal to this new and advanced waterless equipment.

But, there’s still a lot of information that remains unknown about waterless urinals. For instance, some people seem to believe that keeping a waterless urinal odorless must be a nightmare. But that’s not the case. These urinals are designed in such a manner that they can save your water bill and sewage costs but without polluting your air in the process. You’ll never smell any foul odors from them. Of course, they’ll need maintenance to remain that way, but so do other urinals.

best waterless urinals

Here is the thing, the initial upfront cost of acquiring and setting a waterless urinal is usually high. You can easily end up spending over $500 on these urinals. This cost often discourages some people, yet that should not be the case. Ask yourself this, would you rather spend slightly more upfront and save more cash down the road with a waterless urinal, or save the upfront cost and spend even more money throughout the lifespan of the regular urinal?

It’s for that reason that we recommend waterless urinals, and not just any waterless urinal but the best ones.

Top 5 Waterless Urinals of 2020

1. Sloan WES-4000 Waterless Urinal

Sloan WES-4000 is perhaps the best waterless urinal you can buy at the moment. What makes this urinal so incredible is that it doesn’t just save you a lot of water and sewage costs, but it also makes sure that nothing is taken away from your experience. It is perfectly designed to keep away the foul odor, thus making your restroom very friendly.

This waterless urinal features a patented cartridge that is rated at approximately 7000 uses. This makes the urinal a decent option for residential use. You will also find replacing the cartridge super easy, which means you don’t have to replace the whole unit when the cartridge is worn out. How this urinal work is that the urine will get into the cartridge through drain holes and via a biodegradable sealant. The simple role of the sealant is to prevent the smell of urine from escaping the cartridge, and it does so remarkably well.

Setting up the Sloan WES-4000 is super easy and inexpensive. For one, you will not need water supply lines to install it. It also has a discharge tube that you can connect to your sewer system. The tube is included in the package.


  • The cartridge is rated at 7000 uses
  • Eliminates odor
  • Touch-free operation


  • Replacing the cartridges can be expensive

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2. Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal

The 2104 Baja Urinal is designed for easy and familiar installation as it fits into the standard 2″ drain lines that are also used by flushed urinals. Therefore, if you have installed a flushed urinal before then, you will find this one even easier to set up. And, don’t worry if you have never done this before because the manufacturer has included an instruction guide to help you through the whole process. The flange and gasket should make your work a lot easier.

Upon unboxing the urinal, you will notice that it has a closed bottom. This saves you the cost of having to buy bottom covers separately. It also means that your urinal remains secured in place at all times.

The Waterless 2104 Baja Urinal comes with a cartridge and 2 Ecotrap inserts. The urine moves into the cartridge using gravity. There are no mechanical or moving parts here. The presence of the two eco trap inserts also means that an o-ring gasket is not necessary. There is a BlueSeal liquid sealant that helps in trapping the smell of urine. The urine will then drain into your sewer through the 2-inches drain line.

Cleaning and maintaining this waterless urinal is effortless. Accessing the drain line is very easy in case it gets clogged. You’ll need to replace the EcoTrap cartridges about 2-4 times per year. Meanwhile, the BlueSeal Liquid Sealant supports up to 1500 uses.


  • ADA compliant
  • Replacement cartridges are cheap
  • Comes with two cartridges
  • The liquid sealant does a great job
  • Easy installation


  • The cartridges need to be replaced frequently

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3. American Standard 6154.100.020 Flowise Waterless Urinal

This particular waterless urinal from American Standard is ideal for commercial use. All the waterless urinals discussed above have a limited cartridge rating, which makes them better suited for residential uses. However, this urinal supports up to 15,000 uses, and that’s why it is the urinal to buy for your small office. That doesn’t mean that it is any less suitable for your home. In fact, if you were to use the urinal at home and say you use it twice per day, it will take you almost two years before you are forced to replace the sealant.

Other than the high rating, you will also love this urinal for its sleek design, which prevents splashing and reduces maintenance costs significantly.

The liquid sealant in the urinal makes sure your bathroom air is free from odor and urine fumes at all times. All you have to do is maintain it properly, and it will serve you for a long time.


  • Sleek design
  • Reduces splashing
  • The liquid sealant prevents fumes from sneaking out to the restroom


  • It needs to be cleaned regularly

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Kohler K-4918-0 Steward Waterless Urinal

The Kohler K49180 Steward Waterless Urinal is economic not just because it saves you thousands of gallons of water but also for the simple fact that it is easy to maintain. This urinal features an elegant design with a splash-resistant bottom. This will save you a lot in terms of maintenance, plus it makes the urinal more hygienic.

Setting up the urinal is also very easy. You should be able to do it as a simple DIY project. All the hardware required for installation is included. It comes with an outlet spud, universal mounting bracket, removable strainer, and some samples of sealing liquid from Kohler. You will also find a manual on how to install it.


  • Splash-free surface
  • Seals odor from escaping to the bathroom
  • Cartridge-free trapway
  • Maintainance costs are low


  • Removing the strainer can be a challenge

Zurn Z5795 Large Waterless Urinal

The Zurn Z5795 is an incredible waterless urinal that’s covered with a 3-year warranty. The manufacturer will fix any issue that may develop within this period free of charge. This makes it stand out from other waterless urinals that have a limited or no warranty at all.

The urinal’s performance is also quite impressive. Instead of using cartridges, the urinal takes advantage of liquid sealant to trap urine fumes. The sealant liquid – Zurn’s AquaGreen Sealant – goes into the trap during installation. Speaking of which, setting up this urinal is a breeze. Most people get the job done without the help of a professional.

The urinal is also designed with a 14-inch rim to prevent splashing. This goes further to reduce maintenance costs and boost the hygiene of your urinal and the restroom as a whole.


  • Cartridge-free operation
  • Covered with a 3-year warranty


  • The sealant needs to be replaced regularly

How Waterless Urinals Work

Pitch someone the idea of a waterless urinal, and the first thing that will come to their mind is – they must be smelly.  And you can’t blame them for thinking so. However, the concept behind the waterless urinals is very simple. Once you understand it, it becomes easier to know why it is possible to use these urinals without having to endure foul odors.

What you need to know is these urinals are always designed with a trap covered by a one-way valve. Inside the trap is a liquid that functions as a sealant. There are many different types of these liquid sealants. Most waterless urinal manufacturers make their own sealants, but they all work the same way. The liquid will always be lighter than urine. So, when the urine is moving in, it will sink below the liquid sealant. This sealant will prevent the fumes from the urine from sneaking outside the trap chamber. This is how the urinals manage to maintain an odorless restroom.

You should know that all liquid sealants can only remain effective up to a certain point. Some will require replacement as soon as after 1500 uses, while others may remain operational even after more than 10,000 uses. This is something you want to consider when purchasing your waterless urinal, as it directly affects the maintenance costs. Also, flooding the urinal with lots of water during cleaning is not advisable as it can push the liquid sealant out of the trap chamber and into the sewer.

Final Thoughts

The concept of a waterless urinal is brilliant. Other than saving money, it can actually make a huge environmental impact if more people can embrace it. The above items are the best waterless urinals at the moment. They help owners save a lot of cash, yet the user experience is not affected at all. In fact, you will find that they are better at keeping your restroom odorless than some of the flushed urinals out there.

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