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Pool Skimmers: The 3 Best ones to Buy in 2020

What Is A Pool Skimmer & How To Choose The Best

There are scores of homes with swimming pools. Considered to be a luxury a few decades ago, today it is considered a necessity. As lives become more stressful, filled with anxiety and demanding, there is a need to stay rejuvenated and fresh. Whether it is summer or even mild winter, there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than having the right swimming pool in your home. While today there are many convenient options for building a swimming pool, we should also know how to maintain it properly. This is not easy considering the fact that open pools are subject to the accumulation of dust, debris, leaves, and other such things.

Many of the waste products float on the surface and therefore they need to be cleared and cleaned on a regular basis. Hence, in such situations, it would be better to look around and spend time choosing the best pool skimmer. However, there are so many options available out there and this certainly makes the task of choosing the right one tough for someone. But if you have the right information and have taken the right knowledge and information, you will not find it too difficult to choose the right pool skimmer. We will learn about a few useful tips that could help in choosing the right skimmer for your swimming pool.

Tips to Be Considered When Choosing Pool Skimmers

Type of Pools: You must be aware of the type of pool that you are dealing with. Identify what type of pool it is; whether it is in-ground or above ground.

New or Replacement: The next task is to make sure whether you are going in for a new skimmer or whether you are replacing an existing one. If you are going in for a replacement, please be sure that it is of the same configurations like the one you have used before. If the same model is not available then it would be better to go in for a skimmer that has a larger mouth. However, you should ensure that the wall of the skimmer is cut properly before installation. You should try and avoid a smaller sized skimmer because this could compromise on the wall section.

Check on the dimensions: Are you planning for a new skimmer? If yes, ensure that you check on the dimensions of the product and also have a close look at the skimmer panel. If you are looking for a skimmer for your above-ground pool, you should look for one with a big mouth. These are capable of skimming much better and more efficiently and they also come with some useful accessories like roses and returns.

Choose the right material:  When it comes to ground pools, you basically have three options to choose from, they are vinyl, fiberglass or Gunite. The face of the skimmer is the basic difference between Gunite and Fiberglass or Vinyl material. While vinyl and fiberglass skimmers require gaskets between the faceplate and the shell of the pool or the liner, the same is not required for a Gunite pool.

Pipe Size: The pipe size is another important consideration when choosing pool skimmer and the standard size varies between 1.5 inches or 2 inches. PVC pipes are recommended and are considered to be the best. When deciding on the pipe size, please ensure that the skimmer is also complementary to the size of the pipes.

Dual Port Skimmer: Though not very common, you may have to use a dual-port skimmer to be in compliance with the local rules of some states and provinces. This is as per the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. When you choose dual-pipe skimmer, it reduces the pull as far as the drain ports are concerned. It improves the safety attributes and there is very little chance of somebody being injured because of the strong suction that comes from the skimmer or from the drains. If the rules do not insist of on dual port skimmer, then, of course, you can go in for a single pipe option. Even otherwise, if you have children in your home, you should go in for dual pipe skimmers because it does increase the safety attributes quite a bit.

How many skimmers: Though in most swimming pools one skimmer would be enough, you may need more than one skimmer to extend the coverage area more effectively and get the best possible skimming and cleaning.

Now that we have a reasonably good idea about the various things to be kept in mind when choosing the best pool skimmer, let us have a look at three different makes and models of skimmers. This, we are sure, will go a long way in giving the readers the right kind of knowledge and information and also help them to make the right choice.

INTEX Surface Pool Skimmer

This is a high-quality surface pool skimmer that combines looks with performance. It is from the house of INTEX who carry with them the right knowledge and expertise when it comes to pool skimmers. This is a wall mount pool skimmer and it has a number of interesting features and functions. Let us try and have a look at a few of them for the benefit of our readers. It is quite popular and comes with the goodwill of some of the best reviews that one can think of

Main Features

This works perfectly will with an Intex filter pump with a capacity of 800 GPH rate. It needs works in conjunction with the filter pump and is suited for easy and automatic surface skimming of the best order. It can easily be mounted on the metal poolside or easy set. It comes with the required adjustable brackets and other accessories. You also get a strainer basket that makes it easy to clean and removes unwanted debris quite easily. It is capable of catching floating debris and leaves and prevents them from getting settled at the bottom of the pool. Once they settle at the bottom of the pools it would be too difficult to clean it and it would become a big problem.


  • It helps to save time and effort.
  • Capable of capturing leaves, and other debris.
  • Prevents the debris from getting into the bottom of the pool.
  • Cost-effective and sure-shot way of keeping surface water of your pool clean.
  • It comes with inbuilt safety and other attributes.
  • Not very expensive and therefore you can be sure to get value for money.


  • The bracket is not good enough and does not hold the skimming device in place.

Skipper Motion Automatic Pool Skimmer

Skipper Motion has a reasonably good track record for those who are looking for swimming pool cleaning equipment and devices. Hence, it would be interesting to have a closer look at this swimming pool skimmer. It is capable of clarifying the swimming pool and is capable of removing all debris and particles that are smaller than 1 inch from the pool surface. The good thing is that it is capable of doing all this without the need for using any chemicals or other such cleaning agents. It also has a number of other features that are worth having a look at.

Main Features

It can work parallel with your vacuum cleaner and can reach areas where not many skimmers would be able to reach. It is capable of covering the entire pool surface. It has a powerful whirlpool suction power and this is capable of removing all particles and debris. This is done before they reach or mix with other impurities in the bottom of the pool. It is certainly a compatible add on device.


  • It comes with a patented design.
  • It looks ergonomic and is also aesthetically pleasing.
  • The highest standards of quality have been built into it.
  • It does not compromise on the filtering capacity of the pool.
  • It makes use of existing suction from the vacuum cleaner.
  • No electric power is required.


  • Not working on electricity could be a problem for a few customers.

Dolphin Robotic Pool Skimmer & Cleaner

This is an impressive product that could help stand the test as the best pool skimmer. It is feature-rich and easy to use and highly effective and result-oriented. It uses a simple drop and goes functionality that is liked by many users. It also has a single button and it certainly a convenient play in-ground robotic pool skimmer. It is suitable for pools up to 50 feet. There are other important features and we are discussing a few of them.

Main Features

Is has powerful functionalities and comes with dual scrubbing brushing. It is capable of attacking debris and dirt that is tough. It leaves the swimming pool surface, and floor and waterline totally clean in around three hours. It also has multiple filter options that help in the optimal cleaning of the pool. It has three filter options, and they are ultra-fine cartridge filtering, bottom load cartridge filters, and oversized fine filter bags.


  • It has been designed to make cleaning very convenient.
  • It is capable of scrubbing tile, waterline, and floor.
  • It has one robot with four media types.
  • The twin DC motors are efficient and sturdy.
  • On the whole a good buy.


  • Not the most impressive service standards.


In conclusion, we would like to mention that choosing the best pool skimmer is important. However, it cannot be done without having the right information and knowledge and that is what we have tried to offer in this article.

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